Oreo the tuxedo was rescued and brought to a new home where he met Sydney the dog who is also a rescue herself. Even though they are of two different species, they bonded with each other since day one. Sydney loves to give Oreo the motherly love that she thinks he deserves. Oreo enjoys Sydney’s company, snuggling up to her like a son to a mother.

“Oreo was born sometime last May. Given to us after a friend’s son rescued him. Sydney is 6 yrs old. She rescued us. That is a story of life after death, our late daughters, and the cemetery where we found her,” said Beth C.

Oreo and Sydney are still together today.

cute tuxedo kitty gets bath from dog friend
Sydney gives Oreo a bath
cute tuxedo kitten gives doggie pat on the nose

Photos courtesy of ©Beth Crocker. Oreo the happy kitty:

cute rescue tuxedo happy smile
I have a happy!