Teeny Calico Curls Up for a Cat Nap

It’s moments like this makes all the hard work of raising a kitten worth while.

Itty bitty calico curls up into a fuzzball for a cat nap:

cute calico kitten having a sweet dream

cute calico kitten having a sweet dream

Photo by ©Kestas Balciunas.

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14 Responses to “Teeny Calico Curls Up for a Cat Nap”

  1. Nic says:

    precious :)

  2. Barbarella says:

    That´s deadly. Absolutely. Deadly. *squeeeeeeee*

  3. Nani says:

    Oh my God, I can’t stand it!!!

  4. Rick says:

    Bless the little kitten!

  5. Ellen says:

    So precious! She resembles my calico kitten, Callie. <3

  6. pumbie says:

    I’d like to have that “medallion”!

  7. katie says:

    That is the sweetest picture I have seen all year. Simply ADORABLE!!

  8. carole says:

    what an adorable picture

  9. Kacee says:

    oh my gosh, what a little cute fuzzball!!

  10. Teri says:

    There is nothing cuter in the world than a sleeping kitten!

  11. notemily says:

    Sometimes raising kittens IS hard! Sometimes it’s exhausting being a foster mom. But then when a kitten really comes to trust me and curls up on me for some purrs and petting–then it is all worth it.

  12. Nana says:

    Soo cute!! I want one!

  13. azazazaz says:


  14. KateM says:

    Wow, I think this picture should be filed under “Illegally Cute.”

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