A teeny little tuxedo kitty found a new mom, a big Siberian husky who raised her and nursed her as her own.

Mushu the kitty was born to a stray cat and later rescued by her human when she was only 8 weeks old. They had a dog named Luna who accepted Mushu as soon as she laid eyes on the poor little tux. Mushu also chose Luna to be her surrogate mom. They have been inseparable since.

Mushu was born to a stray cat and rescued when she was 8 weeks old.

mushu the kitten

She found a new mom, a canine mama:

cute dog cuddles tiny kitten

Luna the dog is very protective of Mushu.

cute dog snuggles with tiny baby kitten

 She watched her grow.

Siberian husky dog adopts rescue tuxedo kitten

Mushu all grown up now!

mushu the cat all grown up

Photos by ©Bea Sanchez via Good Morning Kitten.