Hold My Paw!

Would you take me with you?

cute kitten holding hand to finger

Photo by littleredot.

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13 Responses to “Hold My Paw!”

  1. Kacee says:

    Too cute!!

  2. Honey, I’d take you home in a heartbeat.

  3. carole says:

    what a beautiful little face

  4. Shelly Lyon says:

    I would never want to leave!

  5. eva says:

    What a sweetheart. yes, you will find a home soon!

  6. Dan Ackermann says:

    I’m afraid if I saw that sweet little thing, I would have to take him/her home!

  7. pumbie says:

    And God created Cat…Yes, I’d like to take you with me!.

  8. oneblankspace says:

    Such pretty gold eyes.

  9. Katherine says:

    That looks like a munchkin… such short little paws…

  10. Edda says:

    yes,yes!! everywhere :3

  11. Iffat says:

    such an adorable face!

  12. Iffat says:

    I love torties. What an adorable kitten! What a sweet face!

  13. nnua says:

    awww awww awww so completely adorable!!!!

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