Paw in Paw

Little baby tuxedo is happy for having a furiend who has big paws for him to hold onto any time of the day.

“Hold my paw and sleep tight!”

cute tuxedo kitten holds doggie's paw

cute tuxedo kitten holds doggie's paw

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7 Responses to “Paw in Paw”

  1. Katherine says:

    So sweet!! Tiny paw on big one :D

  2. Liza says:

    I agree with the above post, this is really sweet. :-)

  3. pumbie says:

    I like the spread little white paws of the kitty just trying to “grasp” his friend’s paws.

  4. Shelly Lyon says:

    Awww, buddies!

  5. carole says:

    thanks for sharing

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