Island Cats from Fukuoka Japan

When there are fishermen on an island in Japan, they always seem to have a group of loyal feline followers. Like the Cat Island in Tashirojima, cats are treated with love and respect by the fishermen in Fukuoka prefecture, situated on the northern shore of the island of Kyushu in Japan.

The cats are welcome into fishermen’s boats, homes as if they are the ones that truly run the shore. Cats are often coddled like part of the fishermen’s families. They feed them daily and play with them whenever the cats demand play time. These island cats seem to have created such a bond with their human friends. It’s amazing to see them fishing together by the shore or just hanging out on the door steps playing with children.

cute island mama cat and kittens on fukuoka shore

Love between mama and kittens

cute island cat resting by the sea in fukuoka

Waiting for the fishermen to return

cute island mama cat nursing caring for kittens on fukuoka shore

Fuzzy family

cute island cat hanging out with fisherman in fukuoka

Kitty lazing by the shore with his favorite hooman friend

More photos of Fukuoka island cats:

cute island kittens playing on fukuoka shore

Island kittens play fighting

fisherman feeding island cats on fukuoka shore

Feeding time! Island cats gather around for food

cute island ginger kittens snuggles on fukuoka shore

Tiny island kittens

cute island cat smiles stand by store door fukuoka shore

Island cat visiting a store

cute island ginger cat mama kisses kitten on fukuoka

Love and kisses

cute island white cat from fukuoka japan

cute island cats curious peeking through windows in fukuoka japan

Checking out what's going on inside the house. Fish?

cute island cat hold my paw

Hold my paw!

cute island kittens playing in fukuoka japan


island ginger cat catches fish on fukuoka shore

The fish is MINE!

cute island cat jumps off a fishing boat on fukuoka shore japan

cute island mama cat grooms kitten in fukuoka shore

Photos by ©Fubirari, who has documented these cats lives on Fukuoka shore.

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46 Responses to “Island Cats from Fukuoka Japan”

  1. nnua says:

    These are fantastic photos of these gorgeous island cats!!! The photographer is very talented to capture these wonderful moments!

  2. Potato says:

    Such lovely pictures. The cats there need to get fixed though. Overpopulation might be a problem.

  3. Jim says:

    Heaven on earth has finally been discovered ;)

  4. Angelique says:

    I definitely need to visit there soon!! Seems soooo AWESOME.

    This makes me feel really happy :)

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