Teeny Tuxedo Bundle of Cute

After a full bottle of food, teeny tuxedo kitten is getting really really sweepy… He is falling asleep on a comfy white towel in his hooman’s hands.

Sweet little ball of cute:

cute teeny tuxedo bottle kitten wrapped

Photo by ©Andrea Ferenchik (flickr:ClickrLady).

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14 Responses to “Teeny Tuxedo Bundle of Cute”

  1. Lori says:

    aawww who could not resist commenting on this sweetie. I just want to put my lips between those tiny little ears and gently smooch ‘em up

  2. Purrito Purrpants says:

    Awww baby kitteh!

  3. Jessica DeHoyos says:

    too cute for words!

  4. Melissa says:

    I love the fuzzy-fluff on his head! So sweet.

  5. katie says:

    Hard to keep that head up, too funny!!

  6. Trine says:

    OMG I’m melting of cuteness :)
    soooo Adorable !!!!!! Awwwww

  7. Lee says:

    What a sweet little bundle of cuteness!!

  8. Shelly Lyon says:

    Aww, how precious!

  9. Elise says:


  10. Ashley says:

    Awwwwwwwww!!! What a beautiful baby kitten!! SO glad when orphaned babies like this one get loving forever homes & grow up to be big & strong!! :D

  11. Janet says:

    baby…so cute.

  12. BBMarie says:

    aww his wittle piddy paws

  13. Potato says:

    I wanna rub the pads of his paws

  14. Maremma says:

    i want to snuggle that little fella all up!

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