When 2 Hearts Become One Big Furry Heart

When 2 hearts become one big furry heart, this is love.

Smudj and Butter as kittens plopped themselves into a heart shape in a nap.

cute kitty best friends snuggling in heart shape

All grown up. 2 adorable lovebugs:

cute cats all grown up kisses snuggles

Photos by ©Michelle (flickr: shoozles). A tribute to Smudj ♥

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6 Responses to “When 2 Hearts Become One Big Furry Heart”

  1. Sarah says:

    This is so adorable! <3

  2. Shelly Lyon says:

    I love the intense bonds that cats form with one another. Humans have nothin’ on the kittehs!

  3. katie says:

    That is so sweet!!

  4. kacee says:

    Aww, they are so cute! :))

  5. pumbie says:

    Me too, I know two cats-one ginger and the other a tabby-, around eight years now, that love each other inmensily; they are like brothers. One couldn’t think of separatng them. Son “hermanitos”.

  6. jude says:

    I always hoped for an intense bond between cats but it’s never happened with any cats I’ve owned. The best I’ve my cats have done is indifference to each other!

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