Kitty’s Squishy Monkey Friend, Then and Now

This tabby got her monkey Dr. Livingston as a kitten. Now eight months later, she still cuddles it to sleep.


cute kitten and cat toy cuddling


cute tabby and cat toy now

Photos by redditor.

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19 Responses to “Kitty’s Squishy Monkey Friend, Then and Now”

  1. Rene S says:

    I just love these before and after photos! So sweet.

  2. siew eng says:

    soooo purrty!

  3. Liza says:

    Love the photos!

  4. Dan Ackermann says:


  5. Kat says:

    Isn’t it adorable how kittens love cuddling stuffed animals? My cat used to carry her little beanie baby around until she got fixed :X

  6. Audrey says:

    Beautiful kitty! She reminds me of my beloved Pookie who lived 19 very pampered years.

  7. Gareth says:

    My maxwell has his cuddly dragon hes had since he was a kitten and he still cuddles it :-)

  8. Dorothy says:


  9. I have a friend who has a male cat whose only toy was a stuffed alligator. He still has it and I belive that he is about 8 years old.

  10. Druscilla says:

    How sweet :D kittens, and baby animals in general, are really just like human babies. They need lots of love, attention and toys :D

  11. Maysoun says:

    beautiful tabby…had one just like it

  12. katie says:

    Beautiful kitty and also beautiful cat!!

  13. Noelegy says:

    Happy, healthy, and loved…everything I wish for all kitties everywhere. She’s beautiful. I love brown tabbies (I’m owned by one).

  14. pumbie says:

    I’m Dr Stanley, looking for Dr. Livingstone!; Yes, she’s beautiful!.

  15. Tucker says:



  16. sharon stringer says:

    TOO cute!!Love this it made me smile,of course kitty still loves Dr Livingstone:)

  17. Sarah says:

    so very cute

  18. Roman says:

    So adorable!

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