A ginger and a tortie wiggled their way into a loving home.

“Somebody had left a box of newborn kittens outside an animal store with a note that said their mother had passed away and they had no one to care for them now. Zoe fell in love with the orange one because she was so sweet. I liked the [tortie] one because she had so much energy,” said Mark S.

They were so tiny that Mark had to nurse and clean them every day round the clock, and did all the work that a mother cat would do. “They can just barely walk, when they shake their head they lose their balance and fall over. They’re just the tiniest little things I’ve even had to take care of,” Mark wrote.

When they made their debut in their forever loving home:

cute rescue kittens snuggling adopted

They were smaller than the camera:

cute rescue adopted kittens playing with nikon camera

All grown up today:

cute ginger cat planking
cute tortie cat all grown up

Photos by ©Mark Starr.