Kitties and Their Bunny Cat-sitter

Wicket and Willow, two little foster kitties got a new cat sitter with long ears and hops when he walks. They even snuggle under his coat for that extra lovin’.

“Mr. Giggles the bunny tries to hatch a couple of kittens.”

cute foster kittens and rabbit friend

Wicket thinks Mr. Giggles is her mom:

cute foster kittens and rabbit friend

Photos courtesy of ©Kimberly Jennery. More Kimberly’s fosters at her blog.

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8 Responses to “Kitties and Their Bunny Cat-sitter”

  1. dollycat says:

    So adorable, so sweet are these furry peeps. xxoo

  2. katie says:

    What a great picture, so sweet!!

  3. Tracy Wilson-Scarbrough says:


  4. Maysoun says:


  5. Delyne says:

    Look at that sweet little spotted belly! This is just adorable!! <3

  6. Alex Catgirl says:

    ~~Meows~~ at kittens and bunnehs =(^.^)=

  7. Séana says:

    lovin’ that bunny’s fur!

  8. Oolong says:

    So cute! What kind of bunny is Mr. Giggles?

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