Nom Nom Ear Means Love

Sometimes A little nibble on the ear and the head means love. Tiny grey foster gives the tux a big kiss and a hug.

I nom your ear!

cute kitten nom nom tuxedo's ears kiss hugs

I hug you!

cute kitten nom nom tuxedo's ears

Love attack!

cute kitten nom nom tuxedo's ears kiss hugs

Photos and story courtesy of Lindsey. You can follow the kitties’ progress at her lovely blog.

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19 Responses to “Nom Nom Ear Means Love”

  1. Maysoun says:

    so sweet

  2. Lesley says:

    I love the last picture! It looks like the lil’ tux kitty is yelling “Leave me alone!” So cute!

  3. Ronisha says:

    D’aaawww super duper cuuute!!!

  4. oneblankspace says:

    And the grey kitty is a tuxedo too.

  5. carole says:

    looks like it is time to let go

  6. Summer says:

    Last photo caption: OUCH! YOU”RE BITING TOO HARD!

  7. Eve says:

    So very *squeeee* :D The blog is adorable!

  8. Trine says:

    cuteness overload!!!! :)

  9. Noelegy says:

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between love and teething. :)

  10. Sol says:

    Kitten1: Nomnomnom
    Kitten2: Mrrrrmm >_o
    Kitten1: Nomnomnomnomnomnom
    Kitten2: Mmmmmmm -_-
    Kitten2: Mooooommm! He’s touching me, make him stop! >_<

  11. Janet says:

    So cute, and cuddly!

  12. Catherine says:

    How lovely! True affection. xxx

  13. Linda says:

    Love those tiny ears and paws!

  14. Franklin says:

    They’re so adorable!!

  15. Vinny says:

    My kitty does it too to my puppy. Some times even me!

  16. Janet Brown says:


  17. winston says:

    awesome. this is cute

  18. nnua says:

    Grin, I am amused by the comments above on the Nom nom noming of ear = love?? ^-^

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