Sleep Hugging is the New Trend

Kitty hugs are contagious. These fuzzy ones are from two different families, but they have one thing in common.

Mymlan cuddling with her favorite toy:

cute lap kitten hugging rat toy

Sully hugging his mousy while snoozing:

cute lap kitten hugging rat toy

Photos by calj13, Kaoset via reddit

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12 Responses to “Sleep Hugging is the New Trend”

  1. jude says:

    too cute for words

  2. Maysoun says:


  3. katie says:

    Oh my, how adorable they are!!

  4. C says:

    Those precious little kittens!

  5. ganes says:

    die inside~

  6. Shelly Lyon says:

    They look so very content:)

  7. Summer says:

    AHH my heart melted! so precious!

  8. Linda N says:

    Precious Cuties. :-)

  9. Janet says:


  10. Anca says:

    funny and sweet

  11. Debra Olsen says:

    The look of contentment on the faces of happy, well cared for cats says it all. IF only All of them could be so fortunate!

  12. nnua says:

    complete cutzies!!!!

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