Toto the Tornado Kitty Has Come a Long Way

“On June 2nd, 2011, about 24 hours into the tornado recovery efforts, an unknown tree worker brought little Toto to the Brimfield Fire Station, where Jonathan was on duty with Brimfield Ambulance. After a brief conversation with the tree worker, it was obvious that Toto was found alone in an area of storm damaged trees in Brimfield,” written on Toto’s website.

Toto only weighed six ounces at the time, and needed immediate veterminary care. Workers from the Animal Rescue League of Boston took him in and nursed him back to health.

2 months after Toto’s rescue, “Jonathan’s wife, Amy, surprised him and adopted Toto from the ARL. It was a joyous reunion. Toto had returned to Brimfield, where he belonged.”

Toto rescued by a tree worker after a violent tornado, was nursed back to health:

cute rescue tornado kitten toto

Rescue workers trying to feed Toto on the day of rescue:

cute rescue tornado kitten toto getting food

Toto and his human dad Jonathan Hall:

cute tornado rescue kitten and new home dad

10 months after the rescue, Toto all grown up:

cute tornado rescue kitten toto and new book

Today Toto continues to inspire others with his story. A children’s book “Toto the Tornado Kitten” was written by Jonathan Hall, where the proceeds will be donated to the Animal Rescue League.

Photos by Toto the Tornado Kitten, more updates on Toto at his facebook page.

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32 Responses to “Toto the Tornado Kitty Has Come a Long Way”

  1. Patsy says:

    That’s what makes it all worthwhile.

  2. stephanie says:

    This is so precious <3

  3. Maysoun says:

    heart warming

  4. pumbie says:

    Toto has turned into a precious cat: best whishes!!.

  5. LeoMoon says:

    What a wonderful animal/humanistic story. Thanks for sharing. Toto looks precious and happy.

  6. Tabbie says:

    how wonderful! I would like to purchase this book!

  7. Deb says:

    It’s so great when the outcome is happy – makes it easier to get up in the morning.

  8. mina says:

    Great story, thank you for sharing…

  9. Peggy says:

    Yippee! I want to buy the book! Three cheers for all the rescue kitties and their wonderful rescuers!

  10. Shelly Lyon says:

    So glad kitty was saved!

  11. katie says:

    Such a great story, glad your wife adopted Toto he belongs with your family!!

  12. beckyl says:

    yay! love it! :-)

  13. Summer says:

    aww I’m so happy TOTO is healthy and has a human-daddy to take good care of him :)

  14. Cindy says:

    AWESOME !!! glad his wife adopted that sweet baby

  15. Mary says:

    I used to have a neighbour whose nickname was “toto”. This is an inspiring story. Well done Jonathan

  16. david says:

    Well named,Just wondering if he’ll meet the
    wizard of Oz and dorothy.
    Great story!

  17. Janet says:

    What a baby! So darling! OMG!!!!!! love this kitty!

  18. Jessii says:

    that is one lucky kitty <3 :)

  19. Lisa says:

    Wonderful people all round, and amazing cat!

  20. Danie says:

    This is amazing! :> Makes me happy to hear that such a wonderful story could come out of disaster.

  21. lindal says:

    wonderful story! and where can i get the book?

  22. Starla says:

    Such a wonderful story! I hope his family made it safely out of the tornado too. :’-)

  23. Linda says:

    Love the Toto story and the book.

  24. Iffat says:

    How wonderful that Toto’s daddy used their experience to benefit other animals in need with his book.

  25. evs says:

    awwww that cover!! paws out in the wind!! makes me melt.

  26. Claudia says:

    It´s so nice to hear such histories! Thank God that our planet still has lovely people on it, who care about the animals! Toto is so cute

  27. Kitty says:

    Animal moms and dads come in all different people with warm, loving hearts. Thank you Jonathan!

  28. pyung says:

    Thank you for sharing this amazing story….

  29. scooterdoodle says:

    Great story! :)

  30. Fernanda says:

    aaaaw he even wrote a book! X)

  31. Chaz says:

    Beautiful story. What a wonderful surprise–I want a wife like that! Your book cover is superb. Excellent drawing, design, typography (I’m a book designer). I will order a copy or two. Thanks for rescuing Toto.

  32. Caroline says:

    I’m going to order a couple of copies of that book for Christmas presents! Thanks Jonathan for rescuing Toto!

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