This tiny ginger was found in an old tree log, shaking like a leaf. “I was exploring the woods behind my apartment, and looked over and spotted this little girl…. My first thought was to save it. My second thought was to take a pic and message my husband to prepare for kitty by the time I got back,” said ynez via reddit.

They took her to the vet today and found out the ginger is in fact a girl. “Also no worms, no parasites, no eye chlamydia or anything horrible. She’s about 4 weeks and is getting shots in 2.5 weeks. Now I need a name,” ynez added.

cute rescue ginger kitten finds comfort
Where she was spotted…

cute ginger kitten found in a tree log
A long night of feeding and caring

cute rescue ginger kitten gets bottle fed
“Thank you for saving me!”

cute ginger rescue kitten thankful holding finger hand

She’s found her forever loving home.

Photos by ynez.