Girl and Kitty Best Friends for Almost 20 Years

This kitty and his human have been best friends for over 20 years. They are the same age. The cat has watched his human grow from a small baby into a young lady.


cute baby girl kisses cat best friend

cute girl and her best kitty friend in a bag


girl all grown up and her best kitty friendship

Photos by clickingfilmgeek via Reddit.

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51 Responses to “Girl and Kitty Best Friends for Almost 20 Years”

  1. Maysoun says:


  2. Linda says:

    Best friends furrever! :-)

  3. Purrito Purrpants says:

    Made me smile.

  4. Druscilla says:

    Nothing like human/animal friendship <3

  5. Rene S says:

    I love stories like this.

  6. Staal says:

    May you have many more with your best friend! I have a little old kitten that’s 22 now…every day I have her is a blessing.

  7. LeoMoon says:

    Wow, I did not know cats live that long! What a loving history.

  8. pumbie says:

    Congrat., my kitty is about to turn 19!!and still lift weights!!.

  9. Peggy says:

    Happy Birthday to you and your wonderful, furry friend! May you enjoy many more years of friendship and love.

  10. Shelly Lyon says:

    That is just precious.

  11. C says:

    I just LOVE that last picture with the contented look on kitty’s face! Yay for them to be together for so long!!!!

  12. katie k says:

    Happy birthday to both of you, such a touching story!!

  13. Wendy says:

    Aw..that is so sweet and heartwarming..I’m getting up there, there comes a time when one wonders if one will live as long as one’s best friend/kitty..smiling…..

  14. pyung says:

    Oh…this is wonderful…such a good bond <3

  15. lindal says:

    a great story! blessings to you both!!

  16. Koala says:

    This is just sweet! Thank you for sharing :)

  17. Sarah says:

    My best cat friend was with me from the time I was 3 years old until I was 22 or 23. :) She was the best cat in the world.

  18. Nana says:

    So sweet!!! I really hope my cat will live up to 20 or even longer too!!!

  19. Stephen Lamphear says:

    My first kitty (Boots) was born on my bed when I was 10. He was my best/only friend for 22 years. 30 years later, I still miss him so much.

    • Anna says:

      Whiskey was with me for 25 years and passed away in my arms. I still miss her dearly. However, after mourning her for many months, I wandered into an SPCA and was introduced to a tiny, black fuzzy ball who promptly snuggled up to my neck. ShotsZee and I have been together for four years now. We are joined by three other fosters, Apollo, Athena (both black kitties) and Zeus (black and white). Black kitties give you so much love and seem to work harder at winning your heart. If you haven’t found another furry friend, perhaps a shelter kitty is waiting for you to come rescue him/her. Blessings.

  20. Leanna says:

    What wonderful memories!

  21. kacee says:

    This is very sweet and precious. Thanks for sharing!!

  22. jule1 says:

    I want to cry, it’s so precious. That’s just pure love!

  23. Noelegy says:

    Not only a sweet and wonderful story, but what a beautifully and unusually colored Meezer. May you have many more years with him!

  24. ursulina says:

    What a wonderful thing to share. Thank you so much!

  25. Susan Blackman says:

    This is truly a beautifilul story. You are both gorgeous. Thank you.

  26. Anne McQuiston says:

    I myself had a cat that was alive for almost 20 years old when she passed away. I got my calico cat Tabitha in Sept. 1980 and I had to have her put down in April 2000. She was very small also. I got her when I was 28 years old. That is so nice that you had or have your cat for 20 years like I did.

  27. Moheem says:

    wow!! this is amazing!! congrats to both of u!!

  28. scooterdoodle says:

    A forever friendship. <3

  29. meowmanor says:

    AWESOME!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!! =)

  30. Sheridan says:

    This is the way it should be. Loving and caring for your 4-pawed friends all their lives.

  31. Mary says:

    this is amazing! the attachment you both have is so cute.

  32. Avril says:

    Very sweet! Nice story! :)

  33. Lynnette Ross says:

    That is a blessing. Our cats are our family.

  34. Starla says:

    Happy birthday to you both!

  35. Petra says:

    Awwww, I love this!! <3 What a sweet friendship!

  36. Evz says:

    old timey kitty looks verrrry happy. so cute!!! happy bday to both :)

  37. Ana says:

    Awwww you two are beautiful! I wish you many more years of love and furriendship! My two eldest kitties are 14 now; I hope they all get to live more than 20 years too :)

  38. Nanci says:

    Congrats and Happy Birthday to you both!!! I think it’s more than amazing and really wonderful!! :-)

  39. carmela says:

    wonder what you all feed your cats that live that long? must be good stuff!!! i wish i knew.!!

  40. Mooly says:

    This is so sweet; cats really are part of the family. There’s so much love in those pictures :)

  41. Donna says:

    I have heard of cats living into their 30’s, so here’s to another decade :)

  42. Kimberly says:

    Love this! I’ve been with my cat for 16 years…nothing like kitty loving!

  43. Deb says:

    So happy you’ve had your kitty for so much of your life. May you always have the love of cats in your future.

  44. Claudia says:

    OH! Lovely couple of friends. I wish my cat could live 20 or more.

  45. rhandi says:


  46. Iffat says:

    Wonderful that they have shared their entire life together.

  47. nnua says:

    Beautiful! Neither kitty nor hooman looks their age! I wish all our beloved companions are longer lived

  48. Christy says:

    I love stories like this.

  49. Reza says:

    i hope you two get more healthy and long life and happiness… :)

  50. sabi says:

    The cat looks very well for being 20 years!

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