Kitten Found in the Rain: Hold My Paw

“Found her in the middle of the street in the pouring rain,” said garrow10. “First few hours she cried but now she hops around like a rabbit.”

Warming up after being found in the rain

cute kitten rescued from the rain snuggling with new dad

Hold my paw

cute kitten rescued from the rain snuggling with new dad

“I’m never gonna move my hand,” said kitty’s dad.

cute kitten rescued from the rain snuggling with new dad

They named her Butter. “After taking Butter to the vet, she is a completely healthy kitten,” said garrow10.

Photos by garrow10 via Reddit.

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50 Responses to “Kitten Found in the Rain: Hold My Paw”

  1. Ophie says:

    Aww….Butter found a heaven home <3

  2. Maria says:

    She is so precious! Thank you so much for taking her into your home!

  3. Cindy says:

    AWESOME !!!

  4. Linda Weiland says:

    Now I have to find my kittens (8 months old) and squeeze them!!

  5. Sylvia says:

    TwT shoooo awesomee~ luff chu kitty’s daddy, oso the kitten~~~

  6. @bassgoddess says:

    She is so adorable!! You are so nice to adopt her :-)

  7. Evs says:

    omg she is so ROUND and CUTE. and so happy to have a home!!! who knows what would have happened to her out in the street :(

  8. she is damm cute and sweet ///…. thnx for taking her at home…:-)

  9. maria lorenzana says:

    God bless you for rescuing this innocent lovable kitty. =^..=^

  10. Christina says:

    Thank you for taking in and loving this precious little girl! I just went and got my precious 3-year-old smudge who we got as a rescue kitten and hugged him close in Butter’s honor. What a sweetie!

  11. Julee says:

    Oh my goodness, she is one very lucky kitten. You are her daddy now!

  12. Dana says:

    So adorable, God bless the person that found her!!!!

  13. Audrey says:

    She is beyond adorable. Bless you for taking her in and giving her a loving home. May you all have many happy years together.

  14. C says:

    She is so perfect!! Thanks for giving her a home. I look for lost kittens when I’m driving in case I can save a little life myself; it would be hard for me to keep it since I already have five! But I would definitely try to keep it since I love cats so much.

  15. katie k says:

    Such a tiny baby, who needs lots of love, glad she was found and getting the love she deserves!!

  16. pumbie says:

    Incredible sweet and and purrfect!, I just want to die after seeing it!, thanks for taking care of her, she’ll be very happy!.

  17. Sherry says:

    Such a sweet baby. Bless you for caring and giving her a loving home.

  18. Susan Blackman says:

    We will never know how little Butter (cute name) got caught in the middle of the road & in the rain but she obviously has a wonderful home now. Thank you Garrow10. I hope you have many years together.

  19. Breener says:

    My heart just melted like butter! What a precious little one.

  20. Starla says:

    What a sweet baby and wonderful daddy!

  21. Dawn says:

    Who is luckier, kitty or human??? Blessings to both kitty and family that rescued her.

  22. Marie says:

    What a precious little sweetie!!! I wish I could hold her! You can do that for me. Lucky!

  23. Rebecca says:

    So sweet and beautiful!

  24. Mary says:

    Butter, you just melted my heart

  25. monica says:

    OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She is just soooo cute I can’t believe it!! I always am looking on the road when I am out to see if I can offer any assistance to an animal in need. When I’m out at the store or gas station and I see strays out in the lot looking for food by the trash can, I always go back in the store and buy some food to leave for them. I even started carrying a bag of food in my truck!!!!

  26. sue says:

    so lucky you found butter what an adorable kitten

  27. Iffat says:

    Oh my, Butter is so tiny & adorable. Thank you for saving her.

  28. Lynnette Ross says:

    Butter is very pretty and thank God for her new owner!

  29. Deb says:

    Another lucky be’be’. Thank goodness for good humans.

  30. Linda says:

    Whenever I see pictures of these lucky little rescue kittens it makes me want kittens in the house again. What a lucky little baby!

  31. Maysoun says:

    how lovely

  32. Hanna says:

    Bless you! I’m so glad there are people who care for animals in need. I love your kitten’s name, she looks like she appreciates your helping her.

  33. Kitty says:

    very touching

  34. Dorothy says:

    Absolutely beautiful

  35. Cindy says:

    Please always keep a blanket, soft cat carrier, dry & wet cat food, bowls, bottle of water, & a leash just in your car just in case u come across a cat/dog lost & starving in the street as u are driving.
    I’ve saved many animals by doing this. Once I stopped at a roadside picknic area in the middle of no where in Texas & came across a loving mama dog & all her puppy’s. It was summer & very hot.
    It was SO secluded that if I had not pulled into the area I would have never seen them. I left them with all the dog/cat food
    I had, plenty of water, & I lef the Sheriff know they were there.
    When I came back the same way later, they were all gone. I pray someone found them.

  36. Karin says:

    Wonderful! Thank you for being kind to that little fuzzball…

  37. Potato says:

    I found my beloved Black Cat in the rain. Most wonderful cat I’ve had the pleasure of accompanying. Died just days ago…

    • Noelegy says:

      Potato, I’m so sorry for your loss. Black cats are wonderful creatures, aren’t they?

  38. Rene S says:

    I would never move my hand either. How sweet.

  39. millieJo says:

    There is a place in heaven for you. Rescuing that baby kitty showed true compassion.

  40. Holly says:

    dear little one she is now safe xo

  41. scooterdoodle says:

    What a cutie-pie! ^^ She’s found a forever home now!

  42. Anna says:

    Cuuuute! What a lovely little face.

  43. Francine says:

    Bless your heart! Thanks for saving this adorable baby!

  44. Shayla says:

    My cat Cheyann came to us in the middle of a horrible storm with thunder, lightning, and pouring rain. She was only a kitten, and she came up to our frount door meowing to be let in to the comfort of our home :)She was wet so we warmed her up and fed her and she cuddled on my lap for the rest of the night. She was my first ever cat

  45. Emma says:

    Im so happy that people are taking there time to find pets and not letting them be stranded in the cold or be homeless and have them suffer through all that god bless :) <3

  46. nnua says:

    so so pretty ‘& cute. she has a great home now!!!!!

  47. Tina1649 says:

    So happy for little Butter!!!!!

  48. Tina says:

    Thank you for rescuing that adorable little girl!

  49. Barbara says:

    Aw she’s absolutely adorable.

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