Spider Cat Lurking Under the Bed

No monsters under the bed, just one seriously cute spider cat. Walking upside down under the bed is a trend now.

Spider cat, spider cat!

cute spider cat crawling under bed

cute spider cat crawling under bed

cute spider cat crawling under bed

When she discovers a toy…

cute spider cat crawling under bed

…gravity takes over…

cute spider cat crawling under bed

Photos by guremike.

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15 Responses to “Spider Cat Lurking Under the Bed”

  1. Thats my Samson, he has managed to make his presence known by scratching at my box spring. He likes to do this in the morning when I am trying to sleep.

  2. beckyl says:

    ha! my cat, breezy, used to fly around under the couch on her back that way. so much so that she ended up rubbing fur off her back! after that i put blocks under the couch so she couldn’t do it anymore, but she tried! i guess it’s really fun 😉

  3. Nana says:

    OMG. He’s so so cuteee!!! I Like! =)

  4. Nita says:

    Too cute! My first kitty when I was a child would do endless circles under one of my mother’s chairs. I adored that cat; she came into my life when I was five, lived twenty years, and her name was “Pookie”.

  5. shelly lyon says:

    How hilarious! What a beautiful calico kitty!

  6. C says:

    I am scared of spiders, but not this cute fluffy baby. She is so cute!

  7. Kitty says:


  8. pumbie says:

    Yes, lurking is cat’s speciallity, as we all know..but our “spider cat here” is really cute and funny: ¡qué belleza gatuna!.

  9. Cheryl says:

    My calico Marlee does the same thing, under our couch, during her nightly freak out ritual. So cute! >^..^<

  10. katie k says:

    I had a calico that did the same thing, behind the couch, from one end to the other, too funny!! This calico baby is so adorable!!

  11. Marcia says:

    This actually seems like a very neat way to make sure the underneath of beds, sofas, chairs, etc. gets dusted on a regular basis!

    My cat also used to do this under our bed!

  12. linda says:

    spidey hidey…….kitty version of planking

  13. c says:

    Planking Kitty!!!! HAH!

  14. Thunder says:

    Spider Cat, Spider Cat, does whatever a Spider Cat does.
    Can she swing from a rope?
    Sure she can, she’s a cat!
    Look out, she is the Spider Cat!

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