Warm & Fuzzy Foot Hugger

“[I] woke up to a warm & fuzzy feeling on my foot. She’s becoming a lot more affectionate towards me. I hope she does it again,” said kitty’s human mom.

cute cat cuddling big foot

cute cat cuddling big foot in the morning

Photo by MC_Suly via reddit.

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7 Responses to “Warm & Fuzzy Foot Hugger”

  1. shelly lyon says:

    So soft and fluffy!

  2. dollycat says:


  3. Maysoun says:


  4. C says:

    My feet want to feel such sweetness!! I hope the baby keeps it up for you!

  5. katie k says:

    Such a warm and fuzzy feelig!!

  6. pumbie says:

    Many cats like to touch and play with feet!.

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