Little fuzzy rescue ginger and her tuxedo littermate found a dog to be their new mom. “When we first got them, they were very dirty. The dark one is 4 weeks old and his name is Percival Luke. The orange one is 6 weeks old and her name is Clementine Leia,” said kitties’ human.

When they were found, they were very dirty and hungry, but now they are the happiest kitties they can be.

Clementine feeling warm and fuzzy

cute rescue ginger kitten wrapped up in towel

Percival getting cleaned after the rescue

cute rescue tuxedo kitten gets cleaned up

Are you my mom?

cute rescue ginger kitten kisses dog surrogate mom

Kitty protected by her new mom

cute rescue ginger kitten snuggles with dog surrogate mom

Getting stepped on by Clem

tuxedo kitten gets stepped on the head

Let’s play!

cute rescue ginger kitten and dog

Photos via reddit.