A tiny black furball was found in the cold under a palm tree. This little man brought luck and joy to the family that saved him.

“On the 24th September 2010 whilst running back from the gym, my girlfriend noticed a tiny, bedraggled kitten huddled up and shaking under a palm tree, shaking and cold. We refused to leave it there so we picked it up, wrapped it in a towel and brought it home,” wrote Paul A. on his flickr.

“My parents adopted him and have named him ‘Buster’. He is now in a loving home where my parents treat him like the grandchild they will never have! He grows bigger and stronger every week and is a super member of our family,” added Paul.

On the day he was rescued… safe now

cute rescue kitten on day 1 sleeping

Buster is content

cute rescue kitten is content

Curious little one

cute rescue kitten curious and happy

Buster all grown up!

cute rescue black kitty all grown up

Photos by ©Paul A (flickr: pablito-uk, more photos of Buster).