Pregnant Cat Cami Travels from Kentucky to Minnesota for a Second Chance

Cami the cat was given a second chance when she was heavily pregnant. She is so incredibly sweet – a cat all the way from Kentucky ended up in the humane society in Minnesota. “I guess the owner of the humane society here (Minnesota) received a distress call from someone in Kentucky that this mama was on the euthanasia list there and would she take her. So she said yes and here she is! I still can’t believe they saved her all the way from Kentucky! I’m so glad she’s with me now and is safe,” said Lindsey the foster mom.

“She started contractions at about 2:30 PM. First kitten was born at 3:43 PM. It is a GIRL and looks to be a dilute tortie! She weighed in at 104 grams. Second kitten was born at 4:33 PM. It is a GIRL and I’m not sure what to call her color? A gray tabby maybe? She weighed in at 98 grams. Third kitten was born at 6:26 PM. It is also a GIRL! And she is a black tortie. She weighed in at 123 grams. (No wonder she took longer to be born, she was big!)” Lindsey wrote on her blog.

“Cami has only left their side a couple times, to eat and get some love from me. She seems so proud of herself!”

Cami the cat mama, sticking her tongue out while getting brushed

cute rescue cat mama gets brushed tongue out

Nom nom…

cute cat mama nursing little baby new born kitten

Cuddles after feeding

cute rescue cat mama cuddling with new born kitten to sleep

cute cat mama cuddling baby kittens to sleep

Photos courtesy of Lindsey. More at Diary of a Foster Cat. Sweet moment of Cami snuggling her baby kittens to sleep:

cute rescue cat mama cuddling with new born kittens

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24 Responses to “Pregnant Cat Cami Travels from Kentucky to Minnesota for a Second Chance”

  1. Gail says:

    What a good little mama Cami is!! What a wonderful person who took her. God bless you, ma’am.

  2. katie k says:

    What a long journey for mama, but what a wonderful reward. Thanks for the people taking care of them!!

  3. Liza says:

    Love all those pictures and happy for Cami!!! I agree with the above posts, thanks for taking her in and kittens also!

  4. Franklin says:

    This story makes me smile. :)

  5. Rene S says:

    Cami is a doll and her eyes are beautiful. I am glad she was given a second chance.

  6. Jane Ennis says:

    So lovely….beautiful family!

  7. shelly lyon says:

    What a gorgeous kitty! (and sweet wee ones) She is just lovely.

  8. C says:

    A million, billion thanks to the humane society in Minnesota!!! That is one precious sweet little family! And a huge shout out to the person in KY who knew Cami did not deserve the bad thing that was going to happen to her in Kentucky.

  9. lindal says:

    bless the new human mommy and grandmommy and bless that sweet Cami—Mama cats are so loving!

  10. Julee says:

    She is so beautiful and her kittens are so delicious. I love seeing pics of newborns. So glad someone was able to take her in and save her life and the life of her babies.

  11. Courtney says:

    So glad there was a happy ending. Thank you to the person who drove her from KY to MN!!!

  12. JL says:

    Beautiful family! Glad they’re in a loving home now.

  13. KellyAnne says:

    What a cute kitty family. I hope they all find wonderful permanent homes!

  14. Monica says:

    AWWWWWW what a sweet family!!!!!!!

  15. Shakira bte Abdullah says:

    What a beatiful cat! Cami’s fur colour is the same as my cat named Oreo. The colour is called
    smokish blue.

  16. beckyl says:

    loves <3

  17. beckyl says:

    i just looked at the blog of this litter and that black tortie has possibly the cutest face EVER (i’m including the furry loves of MY life, too). so happy cami is medically on the mend. i just love momma kitties. they will make incredible sacrifices to keep their babies safe! (i’m speaking about the pain she had to be in from her illness and subsequent surgery :-* loves!

  18. Sherry says:

    Beautiful family. The content look on her face says it all. I don’t understand how animals are put down let alone a pregnant one. So glad someone took the time to call and find her somewhere to go and be safe. Bless you all for helping her.

  19. Ingrid says:

    Oh my!!! Cami is just SO beautiful!!! Those orange eyes! Thank you for taking good care of her and her little family.

  20. JR says:

    Cami is so beautiful, as are her babies. love the tung sticking ouat.

  21. Ashley says:

    Oh my goodness!!! What an absolutely STUNNING & BEAUTIFUL momma cat with her kittens! Cami looks like such a good sweet momma & a wonderful future “fur” ever friend to any man/woman/family planning on visiting the Minnesota Humane Society to adopt a lovable shelter cat & give him/her a better life!! PLEASE a shout out from down here in Middle Tennessee (LaVergne): I know 1 of you kind, sweet & caring men/women up there in MN are looking for a loveable, good, sweet & beautiful cat like sweet, precious little
    Cami! PLEASE MN peeps head to your local humane association even you can only take 1 cat/kitten or even one of the poor dogs or pups awaiting adoption!! Let Cami, and SO MANY OTHERS LIKE HER see the joy, the pure bliss, the excitement & that look, the look of love & trust when they (the adoptee) can rest easy knowing they are going home & will now be FOREVER LOVED!! May the Good Lord our God please grant the unloved kitties & doggies forever life in innocent bliss! <3 :)

    • Ashley says:

      And the same to all 3 of Cami’s beautiful baby kittens once they have become weaned & ready for homes, PLEASE step it up MN men & women adopt those 3 little sweethearts once they are of age to leave mom cat!! <3 :)

  22. Sophie says:

    She is gorgeous…. And the Kittens are soooo cute!!!! ;-)

  23. Rezgirl says:

    I’m so happy Cami was rescued from being euthanized and given a second chance along with her bitty babies. Thank you foster mom and Humane Society in MN for agreeing to take her in.

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