Charlie a scaredy stray cat decided to settle down in a family’s backyard, so the father of the family built him a shelter which he claimed as his home.

The daughter said: “My Dad e-mailed me that picture with the title ‘cute on all levels.’… We have two cats already who even have a cat door into the backyard. The cats all get along fine, but this dude is terrified of people. I guess, if he ever changes his mind, he can let himself in!”

“At first, we weren’t sure if he was a neighbor cat or not, but once we saw how scraggly his fur was, we started feeding him. And I should also mention that we make sure he stays well hydrated too! As you can see, Charlie has abundant fur. It bothers my mom on a daily basis to not be able to comb him,” she added.

Shelter built by the family just for Charlie the stray

cute feral black cat taking shelter on a rainy day

Here’s Charlie and the family’s two cats playing together.

cute feral black cat plays with house cats in back yard

Photos by goodgriefbrown via reddit.