Stray Cat Decides to Live in Backyard, Man Builds Him a Shelter

Charlie a scaredy stray cat decided to settle down in a family’s backyard, so the father of the family built him a shelter which he claimed as his home.

The daughter said: “My Dad e-mailed me that picture with the title ‘cute on all levels.’… We have two cats already who even have a cat door into the backyard. The cats all get along fine, but this dude is terrified of people. I guess, if he ever changes his mind, he can let himself in!”

“At first, we weren’t sure if he was a neighbor cat or not, but once we saw how scraggly his fur was, we started feeding him. And I should also mention that we make sure he stays well hydrated too! As you can see, Charlie has abundant fur. It bothers my mom on a daily basis to not be able to comb him,” she added.

Shelter built by the family just for Charlie the stray

cute feral black cat taking shelter on a rainy day

Here’s Charlie and the family’s two cats playing together.

cute feral black cat plays with house cats in back yard

Photos by goodgriefbrown via reddit.

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25 Responses to “Stray Cat Decides to Live in Backyard, Man Builds Him a Shelter”

  1. Sandy says:

    I made a shelter out of a Nutrisystem insulated container! I lined it with a chenille bath mat and my stray liked it. We have bad winters!

    • Julee says:

      Sandy, can I tell you that it’s recommended not to use fabric in outside shelters, because apparently fabric freezes, then thaws, and that makes the fabric wet (and cold)? I learned that a few years ago after making that same error. Hay, as in the hay bales you see in garden centers in the Fall, is recommended. It is warm, it doesn’t rot, and doesn’t freeze/thaw like fabric does.

      Just an FYI.

      • Fiber Follies says:

        Not hay! Not ever hay. Hay can spontaneously ignite when wet. Please don’t make that mistake. If you’ve ever seen a barn burn because of wet hay you would never forget it.

        Use STRAW. It’s a different thing. Its hollow stems help to actually wick wetness out of a cat’s coat. It’s truly warm, too.

  2. bettina says:

    Does charlie get a monthly flea treatment?

  3. levi says:

    that’s really nice…Bless your family!!

  4. The cat looks just like my Samson with the same bush tail. Samson is all black with a few stray white hairs.

  5. Audrey says:

    Charlie is a very handsome boy!

  6. Jane says:

    Awww he’s beautiful! Eventually, he may warm up, especially if he sees the others with you. He’s probably been through a lot. Bless you for reaching out

  7. C says:

    That is such a great story of the stray kitty getting his own home with two friends to hang out with and a family making sure he is comfortable. That is such a nice family!

  8. Donna B says:

    We found a stray that looks just like Charlie. The first time I touched him he hissed and growled at me. He was terribly matted, which is why he was was not a happy boy. He was in so much pain being so matted. After we got him cleaned up, he was a little better. It’s been 9 years now and he’s such a sweet cat. He follows us around the house and snuggles with us. He’s the love of my life. Charlie is lucky to have found you. He’ll come around, it just takes patience. He’ll need to be brushed though.

  9. Cindy says:

    You don’t live in Lincolnwood, do you?

  10. ctti87 says:

    What a handsome boy! Your parents are lovely people for taking such good care of him. I’m glad he gets along with the two family cats!

  11. Fiber Follies says:

    He is so beautiful! I hope you plan to neuter him. He might be more willing to become a member of your home after neutering. One of our longhaired ferals did and he LOVES to be brushed!

  12. fernanda says:

    Aaaaw… I think he will let y’all get close one day :)

  13. katie k says:

    Great story, soon they will all get along!!

  14. Gigi says:

    I love that his snuggle hut has a jaunty little roof over the doorway. Great story and an awesome family :)

  15. joanne says:

    Doesn’t rain pool inside the lip of the lid and soak everything inside the container? Wouldn’t it be better if you sit the container right-side-up?

  16. Noelegy says:

    Oh, look at that big ol’ head! What a handsome boy.

  17. JR says:

    Charlie is so hansom. you all are angles for taking care of him. if you get him fixed he will probably become a loveing boy.

  18. beckyl says:

    aww, too bad he’s afraid of people so much. i’d love to see him brushed out – looks like he’d have very luxurious fur :-) it’s awesome you made him a shelter and he seems to want to stick near your house and other kitties – that’ll keep him safer…

  19. Christy says:

    I am glad they are taking care of him.

  20. Maremma says:

    Thank you for helping this poor boy!

  21. Julia says:

    thats really nice and cool!

  22. Iffat says:

    Love the pic of the 3 of them together, precious!

  23. Susan says:

    I am glad you took him in and built him a very creative shelter!
    My cat PUDDI KAT came up missing last spring after he accidentally escaped from the house. He was afraid of all people too. Just liked only me. Give him a can of Friskies shredded beef for me?

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