The Face Kitty Makes After They Save Him from an Alley

This is the face they saw after rescuing the little one from an alley downtown.

Kitty’s story by GJones26:

A couple months ago my dad noticed 3-4 stray kittens by his office in downtown Atlanta. After my dad informed me, we made it our mission to trap these little guys in a catch-em-alive trap we had. We intended to catch them, make sure they were healthy and find homes for them. It took weeks for us to catch one. Partly because we had to set the trap in my dad’s chain link enclosed parking lot that a cat could slip under but a human might have a bit of trouble.

We set the trap here avoid homeless man from stealing the trap! Unfortunately, despite our efforts we did lose one trap to a thieving homeless person who noticed the trap behind the bushes, but no matter we got another and kept trappin! FINALLY after checking the trap religiously every morning we caught this little guy!

My mom and I immediately postponed our plans for the day and took him to the vet. All of his tests for feline leukemia, AIDS, and other diseases came back negative. He was however; covered in fleas and bouncing all over the wire cage made one vet think we should just release him because he was too “feral.” We were thrilled that he was healthy and despite the vets opinion we took him home. This is one of the pictures we took of him after getting home from the vet that day. And while the teary eyes are from him having a cold he is now fully recovered! He was a bit drugged up for his photo shoot but even after the drugs wore off he was still so sweet! We decided to keep him because honestly how could I give up such a sweet little loving baby? Today, three months later he is still a sweetie pie snuggling sweetheat!

Kitty thankful for a second chance

cute rescue ginger hugging rescuer new mom

They said he was too feral, but he’s proved them wrong

cute rescue ginger hugging rescuer new mom

Photos by GJones26 via reddit.

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58 Responses to “The Face Kitty Makes After They Save Him from an Alley”

  1. Donna Kay McNorrill says:

    Love can work miracles! I have a little 2 year old furry angel named Geoffrey that I scooped up and rushed to the vet after I discovered him curled up asleep and barely responsive. My vet said to not get attached because even though all the tests came back negative he had an upper respiratory infection, was 2 months old, and weigh less than a pound. He sent him home with me and told me…”Keep him warm, keep him feed, and get his medicine in him!” He not only survived, he is thriving! Love can do amazing things!

    • irene says:

      Love is the most powerful force in the universe…I have a C. hyperplasia cat that was a rescue at one day old along with her momma. The distemper virus killed all the kittens except this one and she was “damaged” from the virus. I took her on because the rescue wanted her placed with someone who could handle her not being puuuurfect, but, puurrrfect is subjective. She was purrfect for me. Her disability was worked on. We did so much together. I always yield to her “disability” telling her “that’s part of the agreement.” From the moment I got her she slept on the bed with me and still does. We have been together 4 years and she is the most wonderful, intelligent being of light and love I have ever known….some times not puuurrfect is puuurfect! God bless the critters

  2. Hanah says:

    Thank u so much!! lots of love from all my kitties~ :’)

  3. Nancy says:

    Wonderful story, and Bless you. He is beautiful and clearly a very special boy. I want a big orange boy cat so badly! Keep us posted on how he is doing, an if you have any problems with his behavior, ask for advice.

  4. Kitty says:


  5. Linda N says:

    You are both very lucky to have found each other. <3

  6. Evs says:

    awwww looks like my orange kitteh!! he was saved from the streets too. he was probably just super scared in the cage not feral at all. what a love bug.

  7. Deb says:

    Congrats! You’ve given a lovely kitteh a great furever home and in return, you’ve got a furever furend – you lucky human!

  8. indee says:

    Meatie reincarnated!!!!!!

  9. beckyl says:

    love the sleeping pic – so sweet indeed!

  10. ursulina says:

    what a lucky kitty! Thank you for your patience and for dad noticing.

  11. Sarah says:

    Love this story! I caught 6 feral kittens a few years ago, sort of a similar situation. One of them in particular was “too feral” to be adopted, but I kept her, and 3.5 years later, she is the biggest love-bug lapcat in the world. :)

  12. vix says:

    Great story, even greater people! Thanks for being the change we want to see in the world.

  13. katie k says:

    I’m glad that the poor kitty had a second chance at life. You and your mother are life savers!!

  14. C says:

    He has such a sweet, contented look on his little catface in the last picture. So cute!! Were you able to trap his little siblings?

  15. Moheem says:

    A beautiful story!! you should be Proud!!

  16. Rick says:

    Precious! Thank you for saving him. What about his siblings?

  17. Sue Bee says:

    You wrote your story so beautifully, it brought happy tears to my eyes, too, just like your kitty had when he realized he hit the jackpot being found by YOU! I wish you many happy years together with your new furry friend!

  18. Lashantina says:

    tears in my eyes for the second pic. They thought he was feral…but look!

  19. Ninidori says:

    Awwhh! This kitty looked just the same as my Woody!

  20. Julee says:

    It makes me want to cry, those beautiful pictures. Thanks for being so caring and rescuing those kittens from the streets. You are a wonderful person and this cat is very, very lucky to have been taken in by you.

  21. Druscilla says:

    Feral or not, every cat just wants security and love :] great work!!

  22. Patrick says:

    I think that’s great you helped him out and had faith to want to see him through. :) I’ve done the same with many cats over the years, the most recent for 13 years.

  23. Cathy says:

    Oh this picture made me cry. THANK YOU for saving this little boy!

    • Jillian says:

      Me, too! Why is everything so blurry? *sniff* Such luck for both of you; now you each have a friend forever.

  24. Dottie says:

    Sometimes the heart knows more than the educated doctor. My Miss came from a rescue. The lady there was very kind ans assured me that I could bring Misletoe back if she didn’t warm up. She might be “too damaged” to ever be a lap cat. Even though part of me wanted to switch to a kitten then and there, my mother was convinced Miss was the one for me. Once again Mom knew best. After a couple of weeds, Miss started to come out from under the bed when I was awake. Now it’s been ten years and while sometimes she gets nervous, she rarely hides, but instead she uses her voice to let us know she disapproves.. Love finds a way.

  25. Georgia says:

    Thank you for saving him! He’s a sweet cutie.

  26. Debra Olsen says:

    :-) Thank goodness it all worked out-terrific job. He looks like a sweetheart! :-) :-)

  27. Jessica says:

    so sweet.. the sight of thankful and gratefulness to happiness and love in that cat’s expression nearly made my eyes water (‘:

  28. Mary says:

    such a sweet story. What happened to the other kittens??

    I do not remember where I read this quote:

    “Saving one cat won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that one cat”. Anon.

  29. Ellen says:

    What a wonderful story of redemption and love! Clearly the efforts to save this precious baby were priceless, as shown by his trust and affection. Beautiful! :)

  30. JR says:

    what true love can do. bless them for sticking to it until they cought one. what a beauty he is.

  31. Svetlana Moore says:

    You two are precious together! I love it! ♥ Bless you for taking care of him. :]

  32. Shelly Lyon says:

    My Elmo was supposedly feral. he loves nothing more than to be carried around while he hugs my adult daughter.

  33. Claudia says:

    Oh! Glad for thouse lovely cats! They´re feral with some people who don´t treat them well. Animals have a powerfull 6th sense!

  34. Koala says:

    My Tigger was a baby “feral” and just missed being culled at the shelter. He is now ‘mommy’s moose’ at 20 lbs and so affectionate…but shy around strangers. It is incredibly hard to trap cats – congratulations!

  35. whata lovely 2nd pic, the sleepy cat pic, shows that too feral gets changed with a lotta love. I have one of 5 i saved that only allows me to hold her for up to 40 secs, in onyl one way, andthen growls begin. she sits near me, and i spoil her by s;ipping her tiny bits of my dinners, some fish pieces, steak, chicken. She gets closer & closer, but not near sleeping with me. The others do fine, but not there yet with her. A guy gave her up and brought her to AC cause all she did was hide. here in my apt, she hid in 3 closets for 6 weeks and i began to think it wont work, then she stayed out of the closets. A wrking person would not have been able to give her the time or the love it needed, but i’m home as a disabled vet and she loks like my old friend, a calico black with orange stripe on her nose, identical to my favorite when i had 4 cats 25 yrs ago.

    Gld you saved your orange baby. Be careful you dont catch a homeless man next time.

  36. Rita says:

    I’m so happy to see happy endings for fur babies. I try to help when I find one. Right now I’m spending my vacation giving most of my attention to my sweet 16 year old Munchkin. She doesn’t have many days left because of oral cancer. She has been a source of great joy. I can’t imagine life without her.

  37. Potato says:

    What about the other kitty’s?

  38. delrvich says:

    It is wonderful to hear these kinds of stories restoring my hope in humanity.

  39. Ardie says:

    Such a precious photo: “You saved me!”

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