Then & Now: If It’s Warm, I Sit

One thing never changes for this odd-eyed beauty. The computer is for him to sit on.

Kitty says: If it’s not for sits, why is it made of warm?


cute white kitten stands on computer then


cute white cat stands on computer now

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7 Responses to “Then & Now: If It’s Warm, I Sit”

  1. Mel says:

    What a pretty boy and those eyes…

  2. venus_k says:

    Gorgeous cat!!

  3. Audrey says:

    Beautiful boy! Of course the keyboard is for him to sit on!

  4. delrvich says:

    awww sooo sweet!

  5. Jenn says:

    *heart melt*

  6. Nana says:

    Pretty cat!!!

  7. Tina1649 says:

    So cute!

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