Three Rescue Black Kitties from Bush to Home

Luck sometimes comes with three tiny black kitties.

These fuzzy furballs came out of nowhere from a bush near a house. The cat mother was nowhere to be found, but luckily the kitties weren’t the only ones there.

“We were changing an alternator at a friends house last night at about 11pm. We heard some noises in the bush so we shined the light at the bush. Out came one kitten, then another, and the last one,” said prezbenz via reddit.

The kittens were less than 2 months old, but they were already claiming their new home and wreaking havoc. These rambunctious little ones are going to make their new home a very happy place.

“I took the kittens to the vet. It was the best $150 spent to get them cleaned and fixed up,” prezbenz added.

Intense look

cute rescue black kitten blue eyes


cute rescue black kitten blue eyes

All three rescue kittens

three cute rescue black kittens

Photos by prezbenz via reddit

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17 Responses to “Three Rescue Black Kitties from Bush to Home”

  1. Liza says:

    I love the middle picture” roar!” Dusty, Smokey, and Blackie for the names?

  2. Elise Troudet says:

    where was mommy I wonder ?
    I was thingking names more like Shadow or Bagheera (from Mowgli…) and I haven’t found a third one yet, but…
    they’re really sweet… I have a black kitty that was found by neighbors but who chose me as is mommy (LONG story, LOL)
    well done saving them <3

  3. Anna says:

    Black kitties are the best! I have three of my own and one who is black & white.

    Kowali, Simba, Larrikin. The last is defined as “a mischievous or frolicsome youth”.

    My three are called ShotsZee, Apollo and Athena. Zeus is the black & white one.

  4. Anna says:

    And very well done in saving them! It is a fact that most black kitties are put down when turned into animal shelters as most people don’t want them. If only they knew that those kitties seem to work harder at keeping their human “moms” and “dads” happy. All three of mine love to be near me, greet me at the door and just look into my eyes. Zeus does also, but the other three do it more.

    • Meera Abdul says:

      I have 4 bombays,black kitties age 7,5,4 and 2.Chang-EE,Ethan,Marcus,Zachary.Awesome group,entertaining and always busy and up to something,i love them,I am happy for your kitties :)

  5. Alex says:

    I have many a black cat I have used names like Midnight, Stormy, Luna, Willow, Black Pearl, Skye & Scooter. Most of these are still with my now :)
    For the Roar kitty King might work (king of the jungle) Names will depend a little on gender and personality also.
    Some thoughts also Gypsy, Ebony, Noir, Hunter I could go on but these are a few to think on.

  6. beckyl says:

    love black kitties!
    i’m thinking Larry, Mo, and Curly 😉

  7. T says:

    black fur blue eyes.. how precious

  8. JR says:

    3 smart furbabies. they knew who would love and care for them. they are beautiful.

  9. jule1 says:

    They are too cute! Black cats have a special magic!

  10. C says:

    I’m so glad a nice person found these little cuties!!

  11. Faye says:

    After seeing those photos I don’t wonder this kind person decided to keep them. Such precious little “House Panthers”

    The New Orleans Kitties

  12. nans says:

    amazing you rescue them god bless for you and for the kittens

  13. aalis says:

    Halloween gift???

  14. ursulina says:

    I have 2 black babies, sisters. The third in the litter, another female, went to another home. I’ve always wished I could have had their sissy.

  15. jule1 says:

    So sweet. What a lucky surprise!

  16. Christine Aspinall says:

    Gorgeous wee kittens! <3

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