Bub the Toothless Dwarf Kitty with Bulging Eyes and a Happy Face

BUB is a very special kitty with a unique face – a pair of big green eyes and a tongue always sticks out. According to the Lil Bub page, she was the runt of a litter from a stray outdoor cat, and came with numerous mutations. Her foster family had a hard time finding her a good home, but one guy from Indiana took her in and now feeds her only the best food and treats her like a queen.

cute bub the dwarf kitty toothless tongue out

“BUB is a ‘perma-kitten’, which means she will stay kitten sized and maintain kitten-like features her entire life. She is also a dwarf, which means her limbs are disproportionately small relative to the rest of her body. She has very short, stubbly legs and a weird, long, serpent-like body. Her lower jaw is very short compared to her upper jaw, and her teeth never grew in (thus, she’s toothless), which is why her tongue is usually hanging out…. BUB is a polydactyl cat… in her case, one extra toe on all of her four paws. Her front paws each have two opposable thumbs. And then of course there are her big, bulging, wonder-filled green eyes. Some think she can see into the future with those things,” said on Lil Bub’s FB page.

Despite BUB’s “deformities”, she is rather healthy and happy. “She may not be able to jump on and off stuff, but she manages by climbing using her 22 claws…. Even though she has no teeth, she has a fierce appetite, and can take down half a bowl of dry food without any problems…. She is just one of nature’s happy accidents.”

Bub the ‘dwarf’ cat with stubby legs and bulging eyes

cute bub the dwarf kitty toothless tongue out

cute bub the dwarf kitty toothless tongue out

Bub loves yogurt! [Video]

She got one extra toe on each paw

cute bub the dwarf kitty polydactyl cat

She is a very happy cat

cute bub the dwarf kitty

cute bub the cat toothless tongue sticks out

Photos by Lil Bub Facebook page, Bub’s store.

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72 Responses to “Bub the Toothless Dwarf Kitty with Bulging Eyes and a Happy Face”

  1. Maysoun says:

    she is a beauty for sure…

  2. karen says:

    She is beautiful!

  3. Kimmypage says:

    … she’s a result of selective breeding… cute, sure, but wrong… :(

  4. Mary says:

    What a pretty little princess! :)

  5. Marcia says:

    She’s beautiful and a very special kitty.

  6. carmela says:

    oh my what a adorable Kittie, so cute just want to hug him!!!!♥

  7. Diane G. says:

    She is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  8. DDi says:

    She is sooooo cute! :) she reminds me of the Japanese cat for luck :)Thank you to the person who took her in. He is really a kind heart!

  9. Lorri G. says:

    How many pet owners have wished that their little bundle of cute would forever stay a little bundle of cute? This guy won the lottery!

  10. ursulina says:

    So glad Bub found a happy, loving home with someone that obviously loves this kitty like no one else.

  11. Deb says:

    Of course he treats her like a queen – for she must rule his home for sure. What a lovely, and very lucky, little girl.

  12. sue says:

    she s adorable… love her… want her

  13. beckyl says:

    the same thing happens to me when i eat yogurt, too! we must be kindred spirits ;-)

  14. Preston says:

    Oh my goodness she is soooooo cute.. What a sweet baby. Thank you for seeing her value.

  15. JuJu says:

    Precious. She looks perfect to me. I would love a kitty that would stay kitten size. The tongue hanging out makes her even cuter. Lucky guy who has her.

  16. Noelegy says:

    Nothing more beautiful than an obviously happy, healthy, and loved animal. Sweet Bub and her human are both very fortunate!

  17. pumbie says:

    ¡Qué simpático!; how cute and “strange”.?: these last few days some “strange” kitties are being uploaded here?.

  18. vix says:

    Who said you can’t love a goofy face! Bub is just as precious and worthy of love as every other cat, IMHO.

  19. winston says:

    A cute kitten

  20. Lissy says:

    While it’s fantastic to see such loving care… I wonder what strange combination of factors affected bub’s DNA so hard.

  21. Dawn says:

    What a sweet little girl….aw……thank goodness she found a loving home.

  22. One she is totaly adorable. Ben likes to lick the cat food can in the morning. There are times he will get some on his face.

  23. jule1 says:

    Bub sure found her prince charming! She doesn’t know there’s anything odd about her and she seems so very happy — she was lucky to find such a good home.

  24. KellyAnne says:

    This cat is a star. All over the internet this past week! Smiles to Bub and her human.

  25. katie k says:

    What a sweet face she has, so glad that she has found a loving home!!

  26. Ashley says:

    Awwww it warms my heart to know there are other people out there that would gladly take in a cat like this. All cats are beautiful and they all deserve loving homes!

  27. kitty kat says:

    oh man she’s so adorable. Love love love her round eyes O.O I’m happy her owner adores her and treats her well! such a wonderful story :)

  28. carole says:

    her eyes r so big and beautiful.thank god she found someone to love her

  29. Mika says:

    I love to read such happy ended stories:) She’s beautiful <3

  30. Shadow says:

    Aww, what a little darling! It’s great that she was found a wonderful home, with a person who not only loves her, but treats her like a little princess! Just look at that customized bag! It’s very clear that she’s one happy, and spoiled little kitty!

  31. Pam says:

    Sweet baby, deserves the best, God bless her owner.

  32. JR says:

    Lil Bubs’ houman is very lucky to have such a beautiful sweet baby. Looks like Bub is a very active baby. just goes to show you love will conger all.

  33. Merryla says:

    Thanks a million that we have people like you who took this cat.She is adorable+loving,i am sure.

  34. Monica says:

    She is very cute, but it is sad, look what is happening due to all the manipulating caused by humans. Peaople who do all that breeding experimentation only care about the almighty dollar. Especially look at those poor little dwarf cats with the stunted legs. I just think that is so cruel. How can the poor things jump and run normally? That ought to be banned. Im just saying….

    • pumpmar says:

      nobody did this to her. it says she was a born to a litter of a stray cat. sometimes mutations just happen

  35. Mary says:

    she almost looks like Simon’s cat. Thank goodness for men like the one that adopted this adorable cat.

  36. Shelly Lyon says:

    So glad this special little lady found then perfect match. <3

  37. Jackie R says:

    With all of the horrible news we hear throughout the day, this story gives hope. There is nothing better than a positive example being displayed. I hate to admit it but most of the men I know would have said she should be killed for being a freak. Thank you Kind Sir for loving this cat.

  38. nnua says:

    Bub is born to be cute. She just lowers my stress level when I look at her smiling face. If in Japan, Bub would have been the new Hello Kitty!

  39. Anna says:

    Of course her hoomin treats her like a queen. I would expect nothing less. She’s a doll and deserves the best just as much as the rest.

  40. Hanna says:

    What a cutie pie! She has an awesome name as well. Thanks lovemeow for sharing her interesting and special story, I enjoyed reading it. :)

  41. Hilda says:

    She is BEAUTIFUL

  42. Lashantina says:

    she looks like YODA!!

  43. Nana says:

    Arrrghhhh!!! This is toooo cute i could cry!!!!!! :D

  44. indee says:

    dear little girl. thank you for giving her a loving home. I don’t understand why humans have to mess with animals’ genetics.

  45. Jeri says:

    God bless you! Bub, you are God’s beautiful little cat.

  46. Felicie says:

    She is just too precious! And a living example of the joy that adopting a “special needs” animal can bring. Humans could learn a lot from the spirit and resilience she shows.

  47. Maysoun says:


  48. Denise says:

    very sweet

  49. Patricia Brown says:

    just a match made in heaven…

  50. Kahkashan Afrin says:

    God is great! <3

  51. C says:

    Bub’s dad is so special…he loves the sweet little girl so much he videos her & lets us watch the videos & smile! And such a long tail for the precious little girl! Even though she’s stunted, her tail kept growing.

  52. Franklin says:

    I’m so glad she found her forever home! :)

  53. Jessie B says:

    That is the cutest cat I have ever seen. The little tongue sticking out is so cute. I love all animals but this cat is the cutest one (outside of my own cats) that I have seen so far.

  54. Denise says:

    what a sweet kitty

  55. carter says:

    topcat topman for taking care of pusss!!!

  56. ida says:

    she looks like yoda… but very cute

  57. Tom says:

    She is very cute, I have a mini-cat too, she is about the size of a 6 month old kitten, but is five years old, but, on my Charlotte, everything is proportional, except for her tail, which is extra long, so she can wash the last few inches of it without any problem. I found her in my garden in 2007 and has the sweetest personality of any cat I’ve ever met or had, but she is extremely shy to anyone other than me.

  58. Potato says:

    Thank goodness she doesn’t have anything fatal.

  59. Shadow says:

    awww so special :D

  60. Alicia says:

    Man, Lil Bub is a sweetie

  61. iNovaa says:

    Bub is the cutest thing in the multiverse, her eyes are like fancy diamonds, i would adopt her if I could!!

  62. angel says:

    She is darling! And so happy with daddy.

  63. Aishah says:

    That cat is so derpy and cute!

  64. Angela says:

    She is so cute, I love her!

  65. Gail says:

    i’d give her a home in a heartbeat. and her daddy treats her like a queen because she IS!!

  66. Bobbi says:

    One thing they do not mention in the article about Lil Bub is how she and her dude travel the country helping various animal shelters.
    Only my cat “Sapphi Ann” is cuter than Lil Bub but if I did not have “Sapphi Ann” I would love to have Lil Bub.

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