Daniel the Cat with 26 Toes

Meet Daniel! He has two extra toes on each foot, for a total of 26 toes, which is only two shy of the world record. Amy Rowell from Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center, went to animal control to pick up another cat, when Daniel put his paws through a cage and hit her head.

“He was very clearly saying I need to be rescued, I’d like to be your friend, please pay attention to me,” said Amy.

Daniel and his big mittens

cute rescue cat with 26 toes

He has 26 toes

cute rescue cat with 26 toes

cute rescue cat with 26 toes

cute rescue cat with 26 toes
Daniel has helped his shelter raised enough money to secure financing their new building:

Photos by Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center.

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7 Responses to “Daniel the Cat with 26 Toes”

  1. Angela P. says:

    He looks like a chill cat. :)

  2. katie k says:

    What an angel face, he should stay at the shelter and be the mascot!

  3. pumbie says:

    OMG, what kind of fodder or wheat do they grow in Milwaukee?, I mean, to feed such a beautiful and strong cat!. Precious face!.

  4. Splash says:

    Check out the video, he IS staying at the shelter to be the mascot :D Great cat!

  5. sledpress says:

    I’d take him in a heartbeat (if he didn’t have a gig for life and if I didn’t have four already.)

  6. Hugsnkisses says:

    On no! Cats move one step closer to opposable thumbs and therefore world domination. :D

  7. natty says:

    Awwhh bless him, Daniel looks the image of my cat Tigger. I hope he finds a furever home soon.xx

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