Kitten Saved From Cactus Patch, Nursed Back to Health

This little kitty is a trooper who was rescued from a cactus patch by a kind person and eventually nursed back to health. This is his story to recovery:

Kitty’s human wrote via imgur:

This little guy was born in a cactus patch. The mother would not let us get near them. The siblings did not make it, but this baby did and we eventually got him out of there. We had no pictures of him before we took him to the emergency vet because we were sure they’d have to put him to sleep. The next morning we picked him up and he looked 100% better than he did before. We call him Cactus Jack!

He was about 3 weeks old when we saved him, but very skinny. His eyes and nose were completely swollen and crusted shut, and he still had hundreds of cactus needles all over his body (even in his tongue/gums!). The Vet removed what they could, but they were tiny needles that blended in with his fur. I spent hours every morning picking more out of him. He sat patiently for it all, and even started purring. When Jack started opening his eyes, we were pretty sure he’d be completely blind. He was also very weak and malnourished. The veterinarians who saw him all said “You might lose him at any moment.”

Luckily, with some love and care (and lots of medicine).. Jack regained his strength and most of his vision. Jack is basically a normal kitten now. Aside from being skinnier than other kittens and having a bit of visible eye damage in his left eye, you could never tell he spent the first 3 weeks of his life being tortured by cacti. Jack is now 7 weeks old. He loves to cuddle and play with my other cats. He cries if I leave the room for more than a few minutes, and he sleeps curled up with me.

He is also a ham for the camera!

Rescued and safe…

cute kitten rescued from cactus patch

cute kitten rescued from cactus patch

cute kitten rescued from cactus patch

Road to recovery…

cute kitten rescued from cactus patch

cute kitten rescued from cactus patch

Video of Jack:

Photos by whereitsbeautiful via reddit.

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49 Responses to “Kitten Saved From Cactus Patch, Nursed Back to Health”

  1. Preston says:

    Thank you for saving his life. He is so cute.

  2. Nicholas says:

    Awwww poor little thing! Its a sad story but its good to know that he has one chance to live in a good home with ppl that would take care well of him.

  3. Blue Wolf says:

    This is such a sweet story!! Cactus Jack is so adorable! Thank you for rescuing him and giving him a home of his own! Looks like he loves his soft bed and buddy!

  4. Jackie Phelan says:

    We need more people like you out there. Thanks for being so caring – wish more people would be and then Jack wouldn’t have been born in a cactus patch.

    He’s absolutely gorgeous.

  5. Priscilla says:

    I’m so happy you where able to get to him and rescue him. Awesome story behind his name. He must of felt loved to work so hard to stay alive.

  6. Patsy says:

    Oh goodness, love to read at least one of these heartwarming stories a day. What a love bug. I rescued a kitten once who was in a thorn bush. How he got there I have no idea. I think someone just threw him out and he landed there. He happened to be close to an area where I was feeding some ferals and I heard his meow. Toonces, as I call him, was one lucky baby.

  7. Ariel says:

    I’m so glad he was saved, what a sweet face!!

  8. Karen says:

    What an adorable little guy. H e is lucky to have you. I love his name!

  9. Shelley says:

    What became of his momcat?

  10. caroline says:

    Sweet boy! Grow up healthy and strong, tiny fighter

  11. kowaii says:

    God bless for helping this kitten. Any idea what happened to the mom?

  12. vix says:

    Thank you for rescuing him and restoring his health – he’s so sweet and precious. So sorry for those that didn’t make it. Their mom must have been in quite a state if the cactus patch was her best option, poor thing.

  13. JenAirz says:

    God bless all people like you who has wonderful and caring hearts for animals.

  14. Franklin says:

    Thank you for taking care of him! I hope the mother’s all right too.

  15. Laalaa says:

    Im so happy that you saved this little kitten!
    His is very lucky <3

  16. Barbara says:

    What a cutie pie you are Jack~ Thank you for saving this cute little kitten~You showed him the love and care he so much deserves and you can see how Jack is getting bigger and what a cute face. You truly are great for what you did~Thank you and lots of kitty kisses sending your way Jack~

  17. pumbie says:

    What a nice story!; please, let us know how he is doing in the future!; Congrat., Jack, you’re a sweet pretty baby!.

  18. Enchntress says:

    He’s a real cutie!! Can’t believe mum had her kittens in a cactus patch!?!

    Kudos to you for taking the time to end his suffering. Long live Cactus Jack!! <3

  19. nnua says:

    oh poor little thing, he went through literally a bed of thorns for the first few weeks of his life. I am so happy he found his loving hooman!!!

  20. jazzpjd says:

    Jack is lucky to have found a patient and loving momma in you. Thank you. What a sweet little boy you have gotten in the deal!

  21. kitty kat says:

    this is a sad/happy story. Sad that the siblings didn’t make it… but happy that this little guy made it! *** question: where is the mother cat??? ****

  22. Deb says:

    What an adorable baby – and so very lucky to have been found, and rescued by such loving humans. I hope you’ll keep us updated on his continued recovery.

  23. Amparo says:

    What an angel u are! Thank u for saving this little kitty!! God bless u

  24. Sherry says:

    The video is so sweet!!! Bless you for saving him. He is a tiny angel. He has been through so much for someone so tiny. He has the greatest Mommy now….

  25. Tucker says:





  26. Sue Bee says:

    Thank you and bless you for being up to the task of rescuing this sweet kitty. How cute is it that he cries for you when he can’t see you in the room with him!!! Live long and prospurr, Cactus Jack!

  27. Marty says:

    God Bless You!!! OmGosh, thank you for saving this little guy! What a horrendous start in life, and you given him a breath of life in a loving home! Blessings!

  28. Maysoun says:

    so happy he made it

  29. kathy v says:


  30. Mary says:

    this shows how the desperate the mother was when she was about to give birth. How desperate a cat can be that the only place to have her kittens is a cactus patch, poor thing. I am so glad that you rescued this kitten. What happened to the mama cat??

  31. Ann says:

    Poor little baby. So glad you rescued him.

  32. Maria Grobbelaar says:

    Thank you for saving this little boy, being so patient and good to him….what happened to mom? So sad about his siblings…Bless his little heart always…love you Cactus Jack!

  33. verna says:

    Yay Cactus Jack!!

  34. cellogic says:

    It’s so saaad
    But I’m happy he made it until now!
    He’s soooooo cute!!!! X3
    But I’m wandering what happen with his mother? :'(

  35. elizabeth says:

    God bless Cactus Jack.

  36. elizabeth says:

    I love you, Cactus Jack.

  37. Potato says:

    I just wonder why the mama put them there.
    Jack’s such a cute little baby.

  38. La Boule ( pseudo) says:

    Oh that is such a beautiful story, you did such a good job. Congratulations and thank you. Even if he started in a cactus, I’m sure Cactus Jack will have a wonderful life with you. Now we can say he’s a lucky Jack!

  39. JR says:

    Jack is so adorable. Those who saved him are angles. He is a fighter and a trooper for all he has gone through. would love to see him again.

  40. elsa says:

    Ah, Jack is a sweetie ~ so glad you saved him. How fortunate for you that you found and saved his little life!
    I had a cat named Jack and he was the sweetest of them all.

  41. Cindy says:

    awwwwwww sad story but it turned out great! thank u 4 taking him in & saving his life!! he is adorable!!

  42. monica holley says:

    so glad u were able to save him! I feel for the mama and the babues that didnt make it, tho… But we do have 1 happy ending thank goodness

  43. nina lyn lansa says:

    cute…thank u for saving his life

  44. Laurie says:

    OMG, this is so sweet, you are the nicest person to take the time and save him, he is adorable, God Bless you for your kindness!!

  45. indee says:

    oh my gosh he is so tiny and fragile. God bless you for caring for little CJ. I hope he continues to thrive and grow and you have a long happy life together.

  46. Maremma says:

    I am so sorry you were unable to save Jack’s siblings. I understand that heartache. Thank you for working so hard to save Jack!

  47. Claudia says:

    So cute he is now! God blessed for saved him!

  48. rachel says:

    Good on u for saving this precious being, but what happened to his mama?

  49. rachel says:

    What happened to Mama?

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