Pythagoras the Happy 3-legged Cat

Pythagoras is a gorgeous 3-legged cat who thinks he is the happiest kitty in the world. He is happy for the second chance he got and a wonderful place to call home.

cute rescue catA photo of him after he was rescued and brought to the shelter shows that Pythagoras was once a 4-legged kitty, but with a broken leg. The decision to remove the bad leg was tough but ultimately saved his life. Pythagoras was upbeat all the way through his journey to his forever home.

Three months after the surgery, he was adopted by a loving family. Even though he is missing a leg, he doesn’t think he is any different, nor does he have any trouble getting around the house. “He couldn’t sneak up on a blind wingless bird, but he is nearly as fast as the other 4 leggers in the house. I don’t let him outside for his own safety, though,” said Pythagoras’ human dad via reddit.

No matter how different these kitties may seem, in their eyes, they are perfect and happy.

Pythagoras napping on his dad’s lap

cute 3 legged cat napping dad's lap at forever home

Checking out what’s on the kitchen counter

cute curious 3 legged rescue cat whats on kitchen counter


cute curious 3 legged rescue cat whats on kitchen counter

Photos by ccmslave.

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24 Responses to “Pythagoras the Happy 3-legged Cat”

  1. katie k says:

    What a sweet kitty!!

  2. karen says:


  3. Audrey says:

    OH, I LOVE him!! He’s gorgeous.

  4. carole says:

    what a brave soul.

  5. Steph says:

    He’s precious. So glad he has a loving family.

  6. Deb says:

    What a lovely little guy. I’m so glad he found a loving furever home!

  7. nnua says:

    Oh he’s a beautiful cat!!

  8. Shelly Lyon says:

    So Adorable!

  9. siew eng says:

    great name for a special kitty!

  10. Catherine says:

    My cat, bill, is missing the same leg. We found him this way and immediately adopted him. He is a wonderful, normal kitty, and he rules the household. Don’t overlook a special needs cat in fear, they can add so much to your life.

  11. Myra Herscovitch says:

    What a little beauty. I love these stories with Happy new beginnings!!!!+

  12. C says:

    Glad that sweet little boy got a 2nd chance!! So cute!

  13. Franklin says:

    I’m so glad everything worked out for him!

  14. pumbie says:

    Pythagoras: what theorem are you going to discover?:) Wish you happiness!!!.

  15. Cinda says:

    They can adapt and it looks like he is doing great. God please his human.

  16. Claudia says:

    You rock boy!

  17. Jessie Nya says:

    How sweet :) <3

  18. Shauna says:

    What a gorgeous boy!! So glad he found a good home.

  19. KellyAnne says:

    I had a three-legged cat, and I miss him terribly! Love for all the three-legged cats of the world.

  20. Fireshot says:

    I love kitty’s big and small :) 3 legged, 2 legged, or 4 legged it matters not to me. I just love the kittys :D

  21. Orlando says:

    Awesome cat, awesome name, awesome people!

  22. june says:

    I always cry when I read stories like this one, but they’re happy years. I am so filled with joy that there are so many amazing, kind, compassionate and loving people in this world who will take in cats and dogs who are ‘special’ in one way or another, and give them love, affection, a loving home, a safe home forever, regardless of their special needs. what an absolutely beautiful boy Pythagorus is!

  23. Incendi says:

    Growing up I had a 3 legged cat named Peg. She and I were inseparable, and she was the most patient of cats (we have pictures of me asleep lying ON her).
    My mom happened to work at the vet clinic she was brought to, and took her home after the decision was made to amputate her leg (someone had shot her). She was with me and my family for 17+ years.

  24. CS says:

    A very brave cat :)

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