Rescue Bengal Sketches Can’t Walk, But She is Full of Life

Sketches the rescue Bengal is special. She may not be able to move like other kitties, but she is extremely happy and active. A couple from California brought her home, giving her the best care they could provide while helping her look for a good home. After months of treatment and searching for a purrfect home, Sketches was adopted by the people who gave her a second chance at life.

cute rescue bengal sketches the cat paralysis paralyzedBeginning of the story by Andrew L. (Sketches’ Facebook page)

We were visiting our local ASPCA after a long day at the DMV, and there was a woman there who was hysterical. She had found the kitten on her lawn in a trash bag, and brought her to the pound to see if they could take her. The woman at the front desk said they would have to put her down, because she was “not normal, and in a lot of pain.”

I told the woman at the desk that she obviously was not in any pain at all, but the woman did not agree. I asked if there was any way for them to foster her because she was very obviously normal besides the apparent injury. And, the woman at the desk emphatically said ‘no, we will put her down.’

The lady at this point began crying, saying how she didn’t know what to do, this kitten was such a happy, carefree kitten and she didn’t want to put her down. Her husband had told her she could not keep her any longer because they already had four cats.

The couple, Andrew and Lizzie, offered to take the kitten. “We took her, had a slight panic attack in the car (realizing what we had just undertaken!), and drove to the vet for shots,” wrote Andrew.

cute sketches the rescue bengal paralyzed

The vet diagnosed that Sketches’s spine was injured, thus her back end is not functioning properly, causing her half paralyzed and slightly incontinent. Andrew has her wearing preemie diapers and has come up with a routine feeding schedule which works perfectly for Sketches daily needs. Lizzie is Sketches at-home massage therapist.

Since then, they have taken Sketches to see a neurologist and follow it up with acupuncture sessions. Over time, they have noticed a huge progess in her toes. “Little things like flexing her digits, stretching the leg out and reacting to my touch…. I like to think it gives her hope of regaining some movement down the road,” said Andrew.

The couple tried different ways to keep Sketches in shape. They experiemented with hydrotherapy, so Sketches could exercise her legs in a warm bath. Andrew built a wheel chair for the little Bengal, but she outgrew it in just a week.

Sketches moves her tail for the first time:

Sketches making progress, twitching and stretching her toes:

In the meantime they were looking for a perfect home for Sketches because of their living condition which made it difficult for them to keep her.

The adoption process had a few bumps. Sketches returned back to Andrew and Lizzie when the new home didn’t work out. It was a joyful reunion for the couple and when they saw Sketches again, they knew they could never let her go. Edit: In the meantime, the couple was still hoping to find Sketches a home that is right for her, as much as they wanted to keep her more than anything. The search went on.

Sketches is very clingy

cute rescue bengal cat sketches loves cuddles

Little Sketches then…

cute rescue bengal cat sketches then

Updates from Sketches foster family:

“The search was a quick one. A gracious and intelligent woman from Maryland contacted us asking if she could adopt the kitten. Her credentials were without parallel – she had invented, marketed and successfully sold diaper covers for special kittens like Sketches. She had raised cats like this before, and her last one had just passed away during the holidays. She worked from home, and had the means necessary to provide for Sketches what we could not. Lizzie and I agreed to let this woman be her new mom.

A few days ago after work, I drove the kitten to San Francisco International Airport (alone, as it was Lizzie’s birthday). It was, as many may expect, a very difficult drive. There was happiness about both providing this kitten a better life and giving this woman such a source of joy, but immense sadness from wishing I could have done more for the animal and spent more time with her. This tempest of emotion nearly got the best of me both as I waited in baggage claim, and as we exchanged the kitten and her belongings, but thankfully I maintained composure. The woman handed me a birthday present for Lizzie, one so sweet and so thoughtful that it caused the most concerted effort I’ve ever had in my life to not cry. It was a pink, stuffed cat, wearing this woman’s adorable diaper cover, and a cat collar with a tag that read “Sketches” on the front, and “I will love you furrever” on the back. “When Lizzie has her vet’s office,” she said, “she can put this on her desk and remember.”

Lizzie and I sat on my couch that night with teary eyes, tight throats, an empty bed behind me, 18 unused diapers in the bag next to me, and two big smiles. I was able to utter those words that every man so yearns to say, “I told you so.” With a big, sad, happy, cocky and truly humbled smile, “I told you we would find her a home.”

cute rescue bengal cat sketches now

Happy Sketches at her forever home!

Sketches stylin in her Favorite pair of Fancy Pants

Photos by ©Andrew L. (Sketches’ updates on Facebook).

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58 Responses to “Rescue Bengal Sketches Can’t Walk, But She is Full of Life”

  1. Tricia Rule says:

    What a wonderful story!

  2. Preston says:

    God bless you to for your kind heart to keep Sketches, she is a beautiful kitty and she knows you love her.

  3. Diane G. says:

    What a great story. She is adorable – and she totally knows that you are her people!

  4. Jeff says:

    You two have a beautiful precious ball of joy! You also have an express ticket to heaven by saving this precious little girl…

  5. caroline says:

    To believe that anyone wanted to put this sweet child down! this is why people are afraid to go to shelters and government agencies for help- their first solution to anything is euthanasia.

  6. vix says:

    It is a great story and luckily has a positive end, but some questions do arise. I mean, bengal kittens are extremely costly to buy from breeders (and, don’t get me started on what I think about breeders) and having such an expensive cat found dumped on a lawn in a plastic bag, with a spine injury… how does this happen?

    • claire says:

      I agree with you on breeders….one of my hypothesis is that the kitty was supposed to be sold by the breeder and got injuried( or had a defect) and the careless breeder could not sell her and didnt want to take care of a difficult kitten so he dumped her. The fate made it happen that the woman was kind and took care of the kitty then this couple and the woman. This kitty is blessed!

  7. Liza says:

    OMG! This story made me cry! Thank you for rescuing Sketches!

  8. Norm says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! What a sweet kitty she is.

  9. beckyl says:

    probably the cutest belly ever

  10. Elise Troudet says:

    This is just so heartwarming!!!!<3<3<3<3

  11. Lizzie says:

    Hey guys! Love the comments! Thank you so so so much for featuring lovely Sketchy!
    She’s now at her furrever home in Maryland with her new mommy who had recently lost her own disabled kitty, Rocko. Sketches’ new mommy, Terri, fashions little diaper covers for incontinent kitties to give them a little more flair!
    Although we miss Sketches, our hearts are so full knowing how happy she is!!!

    Thank you again!!!
    Lizzie (Sketches’ first mommy)

    • gabrielle says:

      OMG, Lizzie, it was all down to you guys and you owned up to the responsibility and gave Sketches a good life. Huge karma looks good on you two!

  12. carole says:

    what wonderful people you are to help a poor soul.god bless you

  13. anita says:

    You are so sweet Sketches. Bless you for taking such great care of her. And I voted for you!

  14. Julee says:

    What a sweetheart, and so lucky to have found you two. She deserves a good home and obviously is a sweet, special kitty to steal your hearts like she did.

  15. Karen says:

    Bless you both. Sketches is so fortunate to have the two of you. She is a beautiful young kitty!

  16. gizoomie says:

    wonderful people

  17. Angelique says:

    Sketches is very cute and i am happy that you’ve helped her

  18. KellyAnne says:

    So adorable! It’s not a surprise that you’ll be keeping her forever…I hope you have many happy years together.

  19. pumbie says:

    What a touching story; and Sketches seems lovable and full of life in her eyes.

  20. DenMag says:

    A wonderfull story indeed and a big Meow to the people who took care of Sketches. She looks so much like my Fino ( pronoucned Feeno)
    who had a toe amputated because of an infection and was so skinny, when i found hinm at the lake. you could see his bones. These cats are teaching us how to be patient and never give up.

  21. Peggy says:

    Wonderful story

  22. Azulacat14 says:

    Her name should be Briarlight in rememberence of Briarlight from the book series warrior cats. Briarlight was paralyzed in an accident, when she was small and she couldn’t use her back legs so she dragged herself around on her front paws. Sketches’ story reminds me so much of the furry cat, Brairlight. But also, I live in Maryland, just like Sketches. :D

    • Debra Olsen says:

      :-) Azulacat, Hello & thank you for informing me of something I had not heard of: Warrior Cats. I will definitely keep an eye (cats eye, that is) out for the series. It sounds good…always looking for something new to read. I’m assuming your name stems from Warrior Cat talesl Or is that tails? lol I’m from Upper Michigan-fortunate to have 3 kitties currently – one rescued stray is diabetic on twice daily insulin injections. IT IS OBVIOUS HE RECIPROCATES THE LOVE. MEEE-OWWWWWWWW

  23. katie k says:

    Very heart warming story, bless everyone involved!

  24. Deb says:

    Caused tears to flow freely – but tears of joy that this little baby has a furever home. I guess there are a few good people in Maryland – not many, but a few (I live in Maryland also).

  25. nnua says:

    Oh Sketches has a pretty face!! The name suits her very well. I am very happy she found loving hoomans to live with and hope she continues to do well!!!!!

  26. JR says:

    All involved with this beautiful precious fur baby will surley be blessed. Skeches is an amazing fur being.

  27. Katie G says:

    Aw, what a wonderful gift to give the people who helped raise her.

  28. Sylvia says:

    Encouraging news!

  29. Tucker says:



  30. Monica says:

    WOW, God had it planned that day for you two to be in the right place at the right time. I shudder to think if you hadn’t. BUT you were, and low and behold, here I am again… bawling like a baby!!!! So so so happy you cared enough to love her so much and hats off to the wonderful lady who gave Sketches her furever home. YAYYYY, I just wish they ALL could have a happy ending.

  31. debra says:

    You did a wonderous thing taking a soul into your home. All living things have souls. She in a loving warm kind joyful loving home now. You are one good soul yourself. Thanks for caring like you do.

  32. Maysoun says:

    wonderful story i cried

  33. C says:

    Tears in my eyes! Sketches is such a beauty!! Mean looks @ the lady who insisted the baby be put down. Sketches has a good life with a mommy who loves her.

  34. Blue Wolf says:

    This has to be one of the sweetest stories I’ve ever read. Thank you Andrew and Lizzie for taking such good care of Sketches so she could go to her forever home. You both did a very brave and generous thing by letting Sketches go to a new home.

  35. Druscilla says:

    This story made my eyes teary too… You people are freakin amazing, you should be proud for everything you’ve done to save her life and provide her with a great living! As for putting disabled animals to sleep…might as well euthanase all the disabled people so they won’t bother us too! And one must never forget that so many animals are suffering and being killed daily, and that so many won’t ever have a chance, so I say – keep the disabled kitty. She may live 15 years or 6 months, but atleast she will live, unlike sadly so many others. Great work guys! Good luck and the love to you, Sketches! <3

  36. Druscilla says:

    And btw, she looks just like my cat too <3

  37. Evs says:

    made me weepy :( i can’t believe someone put her in a trash bag!!! so awful, but now she has a happy home that will take care of her special needs. i LOVE the diaper covers. she looks very fancy now.

  38. Gizmo's Mommy says:

    My cat Orion was shot by the neighbor. The bullet knicked his spine and the vet told me that he probably would never regain use of his back let or tail again- they discussed amputation, but I wanted to give him a chance to heal first. Eight months later he runs around the house like a little bunny- his leg works fine but he still has problems with the tail. There is still the problem with using the litter box so I usually have to express his bladder. But otherwise he is a happy, loving kitten. Special needs does not mean that they have to be put down- they are the best pets in the world and despite their problems still manage to love unconditionally. Orion is a joy!

  39. vickie says:

    My sister had a cat with spine injury..In time and many massages the cat walked…She is still young..time will tell..meanwhile she will have a wonderful life..and deserves it..She changed your life ,too…wonderful story!!

  40. Ana says:

    Adorable! Thank you for being so special. I’m so happy Sketches found a lovely forever home.

  41. Michelle says:

    This story just made my day … and what an absolutely gorgeous kitty!!

  42. Kitty says:

    i almost cried!

  43. Cinda says:

    I cried at the cruelty of somebody dumping this beautifal can and I cried with happiness at the kindness of those that took her in and cared for her until she found the purrfect home.

  44. indee says:

    what a beautiful little kitten. I cannot believe this story. Let’s all of us believe there is hope that Sketches will walk. Thank God she is safe and loved. Bless your sweet hearts.

  45. Heidi says:

    Crying :* ( What a sweet story <3 poor little baby had a rough start, but that couple really loved her and gave her the life she deserved. Furever homes for every kitten :)

  46. Debra Olsen says:

    :-) This story is inspiring beyond belief. Little Sketches looks so much like one of my three (formerly stray diabetic “Dolly”. Dolly is not a bengal, but a male grey tabby (long story) with the same huge, adoring, expressive “black eye liner” eyes. I’m sure I can speak for all animal lovers everywhere, you are to be commended for being so dedicated to Sketches :-) :-) :-) Keep up the good work!!!

  47. Christy says:

    This story is so sad and yet so sweet. I have loved cats since I took my first breath. There are so many people out there who are cruel to animals, and so I have to thank all of the kind people in this story who helped this kitty. I wish there were more people like them in the world. I pray every day for all the little animals. I love them all so much!!! May God bless & keep you, Sketches!!

  48. Fiona and Bert says:

    Bert my ginger tom with a gimpy front leg is now pawing the screen in support of sketches! Go Sketches! life is not always about four legs!

  49. Montse says:

    OHHH!! I feel so happy for this little and cutest baby!!! I thanks to god for the existence of people like this,people who cares, understand an loves this special bebys. Well i’m crying … and my heart feels warm of joy
    I hope Sketches has a wonderfull and happy life … and thanks for this awesome, inspirational and beautifull story
    And thans for save an love Sketches … People like that make this world better

  50. Sara says:

    That is the cutest story, a little bit sad but I am glad this little girl went to her forever home where she will be loved and cared for…

  51. Maureen Mendohlso says:

    Sketches is so cute! I hope she can recover form this. A shame if it cannot be corrected.

  52. Ardie says:

    OK. I’m crying! What a precious story. I will head to the Face Book page for ‘the rest of the story’.

  53. Iffat says:

    What a sweet baby boo, thanks to her new mom!

  54. The person who is taking care of Sketches has closed the youtube account.

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