Rescue Kitty from Hopeless to Hopeful

This kitty has had an amazing transformation from a hopeless stray to a kitty that is very spoiled and loved by her family.

cute rescue calico kittenShe was found by a stroke of luck. Kitty’s dad said: “I was having dinner with my girlfriend a few blocks from where we live in Makati, Manila, at a nice Italian joint. While walking there we heard a small animal squeaking incessantly… it sounded like a bird, it was so high pitched. My girl thought it was a cat, but I scoffed at the notion, I’ve never heard a cat sound like that!”

After dinner they went back but on the opposite side of the street. The sound got louder as they walked and finally they saw a teeny little thing. “It was a cat, a very very tiny little kitten (2 weeks old, according to the vet who treated her the next day). I have had 2 cats already but both were older than 6 months when I got them, I’ve never even seen a cat this small in person before! It was soaking wet, completely filthy, severely dehydrated and underfed,” he said via reddit.

They fed the kitty water and some food. “The first photo [on the left] was taken right after that. We were extremely fortunate to locate a 24 hour animal clinic just 10 minutes walk from our place, which really made the difference. There we found out ‘it’ was a ‘she’, and she was dewormed, prescribed antibiotics, vaccinations, and basically got a new lease on life,” kitty’s dad wrote via reddit.

Tiny kitty after the rescue

cute rescue calico kitten then

All grown up now! Happy and spoiled!

cute rescue calico cat now

Photos by indorock via reddit.

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37 Responses to “Rescue Kitty from Hopeless to Hopeful”

  1. delrvich says:

    How fortunate!

  2. Terra W says:

    What a heartwarming story! Gives me renewed faith in people when I read stories like this. God Bless You!

  3. Susan says:

    God must have sent you to rescue that sweet little kitty! You both are so blessed to have found each other.

  4. natasha says:

    im so glad he/she is ok.

  5. carole says:

    what a touching story.thank you

  6. Donna says:

    God bless you!

  7. Amy says:

    Wonderful transformation to a beautiful, happy, healthy kitty – I’m so glad you were and are there for her!

  8. Lisa says:

    My kind of people!

  9. Enchntress says:

    She looked so pitiful :( Now, the picture of health!! Thankyou for doing what needed doing. <3

  10. Sherry says:

    She’s beautiful. Bless you for taking her in and giving her a wonderful home.

  11. Janet says:

    Gorgeous, spoiled little girl :)

  12. Patsy says:

    Oh my look how gorgeous she is. God bless those people who rescued her.

  13. Chris H says:

    She’s a beauty. You are BOTH lucky!

  14. Shelly Lyon says:

    Thank God she was saved. She looks like she’s smiling!

  15. Laalaa says:

    I’m so glad that you save her!! what a lucky kitty <3

  16. Blue Wolf says:

    oh my!! Thank you so much for paying attention to the poor baby’s wailing! She looked so pathetic! She is beautiful!

  17. Franklin says:

    Aww! Thank you for saving her!

  18. Janet Brown says:

    Sweet story! Pretty kitten!

  19. vix says:

    Thank you for sharing such an inspirational story of love. Proves that people with big hearts will always make the best difference in the world!

  20. nuomineko says:

    Thank you for saving her! There are not enough people who care about cats here. I’m also from Metro Manila, and all my cats are rescues. When people hear that, they always tell me I’m nuts, that I’m wasting my money. Its always encouraging to hear stories about people caring enough to save helpless creatures. May your tribe increase!

  21. Shadow says:

    What a beautiful little kitty! Bless you for taking care of her and giving her a loving home!

  22. Audrey says:

    Wonderful story, wonderful people, gorgeous kitty. Bless all of you!

  23. Rozy says:

    I’m so happy reading stories like this. Thank you for the time to stop n to save the kitten. You are rewarded with eternal love.

  24. ella says:

    Bless you for rescuing this amazing soul!!! You are wonderful people that we all can learn from, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

  25. lindal says:

    bless you and keep spoiling this beautiful kitty!

  26. Luv2Nest says:

    Renews my faith in Humanity. With all the awful things going on in the world it’s sooooooo nice
    to hear a beautiful story about such kindness. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.

  27. katie k says:

    happy ending, thanks for taking the cat home and spoiling it, it deserves to be spoiled!!

  28. Noelegy says:

    She had just enough energy to cry out and let them know she needed help. What a sweet story, and what a beautiful girl she grew up to be.

  29. nnua says:

    Poor little thing when she was just found – I thought she had grey feet until I saw her all grown up. Her feet were so dirty they looked grey. She looks happy & relaxed all grown up with her hoomans:)

  30. Dan Ackermann says:

    Many thanks to her rescuers!

  31. Anna says:

    Story melts my heart.

  32. Liza says:

    I agree with the above posters. Love stories like this and the photos. Heartwarming story!

  33. Cats are my life so my eye get teared up when I read this article.

  34. Claudia says:

    Oh! How luck you´re girl!

  35. Angela says:

    You guys are awesome for doing this! Thank you for sharing your story.

  36. Deb says:

    What a beautiful kitteh you have there. May you have many wonderful years together.

  37. C says:

    Tears in my eyes. I’m so glad you guys took her in. She’s a beauty!

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