Cat Reunited with Owner a Year Later at Local Shelter

Petting cats at a local shelter turned out to be a reunion between this girl and her missing cat. It was a heart warming moment when the two met.

“My friend just went to pet cats at our local animal shelter, and found her cat that had been missing for over a year. She called her name (princess) and she came running,” said sweeetniblets via reddit.

missing cat found in shelter reunited a year later

Happy to be home!

missing cat found in shelter reunited a year later

missing cat found in shelter reunited a year later

Photos by sweeetniblets via reddit. More photos here.

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67 Responses to “Cat Reunited with Owner a Year Later at Local Shelter”

  1. Tracy says:

    BEAUTIFUL~!!! SO happy for you!!! Wow..

  2. Denise says:

    how wonderful

  3. Dawn says:

    What a wonderful story!!

  4. mizi says:

    She’s lucky too hv back her cat, my neighbour throw away my cat, i can only hope my baby can survive, im still hoping i cn find my baby back..

  5. june says:

    That is so wonderful! I am so happy for you and your sweet little Princess. Absolutely delighted. You must’ve cried buckets of tears of joy when you first saw her there. The universe conspired to bring her back to you – I am so happy for you both, that now I’m weeping for joy, too.

  6. Christine Aspinall says:

    WOW! What a story! So happy for Princess and her owner. A year is quite awhile so it really is miracle that they found each other. :)

  7. Rezgirl says:

    This brings tears to my eyes. So wonderful for you espcially for Princess. I know she was missing you.

  8. Rezgirl says:

    One more thing I to add: Please get Princess microchiped, it does not cost much and it’s worth it.

  9. Gretchen says:

    That’s wonderful.

  10. Jeff says:

    What a great outcome! I would be a total basket case if any of my 3 kitties went missing….I agree with comments above me. Get you baby girl microchipped. Also keep her indoors. Domestic cats do NOT need to be outside. They aren’t equipped mentally for it. My 3 are indoor only and they are the happiest goofy, playfull cats you’d ever meet

  11. karen says:

    Wonderful! What a great story!

  12. Sherry says:

    So happy she found her baby! Love both of their faces!!!!!

  13. beckyl says:

    omg, i’ve got tears!

  14. Sue Bee says:

    Yay! Everyone should go to the shelter to pet the kitties. You never know what you could come away with!

  15. Margarita says:

    OH man! How wonderful!!!! Love happy endings!!!! Nearly cried with joy! So happy, both, for the girl and Princess :) Live long and prosper ladies!

  16. vix says:

    What an excellent story – good luck to you both!

  17. Starr says:

    I love the first picture of your face when you are petting Princess. How wonderful that you found her.

  18. Nana says:

    Such a lovely story! I’m sooo happy they managed to reunite!

  19. Fernanda says:

    Lucky! Both of you! :)

  20. James says:

    This is such a happy story :-) congratulations to the human, and her kitty master for being reunited 😀 (that first photo sums it up.. “my long lost cuddle buddy!!”)

  21. Yvonne says:

    How wonderful! See, miracles do happen!!

  22. pumbie says:

    The fate reunited them!. Congrat.!!.

  23. katie k says:

    So glad that you went to the shelter and are reunited with the love of your life. very happy ending for the two of you!!

  24. Leishka says:

    I’m so happy for you two! So much love! This is real love.

  25. Val says:

    Such an inspirational, sweet story!!! So very happy they found each other!!! Blessings on them!!!

  26. Debra Olsen says:

    :-) Wonderful story…wish that would happen every time a cat goes missing!

  27. Michelle says:

    Incredible story! Makes me want to run home & hug my kitties!!!

  28. Cinda says:

    What a happy ending. Indoor is best for cats. In the arms of a loving owner forever is the answer to a prayer.

  29. Tucker says:






  30. Dee Bianchini says:

    This is such a beauiful heart warming story! And one i can relate to.. you see my story is found mine also. but, i got 2 extra babies for the price of one!!! Still with me today!!

  31. Mary says:

    She looks a lot like my beloved Lorie. She was one of the most sweetest cats ever.

  32. Maysoun says:

    heart warming

  33. Potato says:

    If only all the cats were this lucky.

  34. Jeri says:

    Happy dance! God bless you both!

  35. Iffat says:

    Oh, I’m so glad & want to cry t the same time.
    So wonderful that they were reunited! What a happy ending.

  36. Corrine Moore says:

    I love this story….Princess looks like my kitty Cheyenne!

  37. nnua says:

    Such a wonderful story!!! Very happy they are united again, its fate!!!

  38. JR says:

    She did a good deed and was truly reward with the fur baby she loved back in her life. so amazing.

  39. C says:


  40. Fireshot says:

    It is a wonderful sight to see a kitty and their human get reunited after ending up seperated from each other for a very long time :)

  41. Emily says:

    This makes me unbelievably happy. <3

  42. steve says:

    That cat truly loves her, and she truly loves the cat. So beautiful :3

  43. Shelly Lyon says:

    This is a wonderful story. Because this young woman went to the shelter to do something selfless, she was reunited with her darling cat. Such a great story!

  44. indee says:

    i am so glad you found your little girl.

  45. victoria risko says:

    what a great story! made my day

  46. Fern Porras says:

    This proves that if your pet becomes lost, keep checking at your local animal shelter. Quite a few animals that are adopted end up back in the shelter after a period of time. I’m glad this had such a happy ending.

  47. Franklin says:

    Aww! I’m so happy for the two of you!!!!! I’m so glad that you found each other and are back together :-)

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