11 Responses to “Is That for Me?”

  1. Linda says:

    oh my gosh, the delight on the cats face is so adorable!!

  2. Colin Kee says:

    This is so cute!

  3. Denise says:

    omg he’s so happy!!

  4. Gary says:

    This little kitty is so cute and so expressive.

  5. vonneybeth says:

    What a darling kitty!

  6. pumbie says:

    Is he praying for a good fish?:)

  7. Fireshot says:

    That is one VERY happy cat!

  8. Fireshot says:

    That cat is just ultra happy :D

  9. Jenn says:


  10. Jenn says:

    Love that happy expression.

  11. Ai says:

    pretty white kitty :3

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