Rivers the Little Survivor from Buckshot, Recovering

This tiny tabby was found along with her litter mate by Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter. “A concerned citizen heard the shots, found the kittens and brought them to the shelter,” Bozeman Daily Chronicle reported.

Rivers has three broken bones in her legs. “Rivers sported a thick, purple bandage on her right hind leg and a pink cast, decorated with hearts and the message, ‘Get well soon.'”

Though Rivers may no longer have perfect use of one of her injured limbs, she is doing better each day and loving life to the fullest. “With two limbs wrapped, Rivers is not able to maneuver very far, but she is just as spunky as any young kitten, batting at the shiny scissors on the examination table with her left paw and nibbling on other objects of curiosity within her reach,” according to Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

The shelter just recently updated the progress of Rivers on their Facebook page: “Rivers is thriving in her new home. Her rear cast has been removed now that her hind leg is healed and her mobility increases daily – which includes navigating the stairs! What a loving home she is in – she has even become good friends with her (and HOV alumna!) Belle.”

Rivers rescued and given a second chance

kitten rescued from buckshot

kitten rescued from buckshot

Rivers thriving at her new loving home

kitten rescued from buckshot recovering

Source: Bozeman Daily ChronicleHeart of the Valley Animal Shelter

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26 Responses to “Rivers the Little Survivor from Buckshot, Recovering”

  1. Preston says:

    How cute. I wish I could shoot who ever shot her. Let them have the pain of a broken bone for a while. Some people aren’t worth the dirt they’re made out of.

  2. Norm says:

    What a cute kitty. Thanks for taking care of her! I agree with Preston!

  3. ViX says:

    Best wishes for her full recovery and a long and happy life. As for the shooters …..

  4. Izzy says:

    what a poor kitty :(

  5. Audrey says:

    I’m with Preston also! Some people are despicable. Bless whoever saved her. May she have a long and happy life with someone who deserves her.

  6. Winston says:

    Monsters… Who would do such a horrid thing?

  7. Preston, I have a online friend who is a vet and she would definilty agree with you. Glad that you have a good home Rivers and get well soon.

  8. Fireshot says:

    Who the heck could be so evil as to shoot a cutie like this?! Good greif the world is going downhill more and more all the time it seems…

  9. Shadow says:

    I just can’t fathom how some people can be so cruel and heartless. I’m just glad the poor little kitty was well taken care of and has a loving forever home now!

  10. Julee says:

    Can you imagine the person who would think shooting two tiny kittens is fun? Someone’s heart is about the size of a raisin.

  11. katie k says:

    Hope Rivers has a speedy recovery, he is in a loving home and that is what he deserves!!

  12. Fredericka says:

    Whoever coud abuse, neglect, murder an animal has no heart or soul. I hope and pray that Karma gets them all. Unfortunately, when it does, they’re probably too stupid to realize it. Blessings Rivers hope the rest of your life is wonderful.

  13. Christine Aspinall says:

    Also agree 100% with Preston. Sending love and hugs to ‘Rivers’. She is a sweet little girl! BAD karma to the scumbag who shot these kittens. The world would be a much better place without these sickos.

  14. Lisa says:

    What a cutie! And shame on anyone who hurts animals!

  15. Sue Bee says:

    I agree with you, Preston! What became of the litter mate?

  16. Cindy says:

    There is a special place in hell for people that hurt animals. Glad to hear that Rivers and her family are going to be OK.

  17. AngeliqueS says:

    Good to hear she is doing better

  18. Ingrid says:

    Precious bundle of love. Get well little doll!

  19. Shauna says:

    What kind of a jerk would shoot kittens?! I hope there’s a really hot place saved in hell for him/her.

  20. Linda says:

    What a sweet baby kitten. I am so glad she has found a good home! I hope she thrives.

  21. Tucker says:





  22. Ellen says:

    How wonderful that Rivers was rescued after some despicable scumbag injured her. She is amazingly adorable, with the cutest little casts ever! I pray that she enjoys a long, happy life, full of love. <3

  23. nnua says:

    Get all well soon, lovely Rivers! May the perp end up with a butt of buckshot!

  24. Kate says:

    Rivers looks just like my Rocky, who is supervising my writing even as I type. God bless you both.

  25. chris says:

    I am sure Rivers won’t let the acts of some sick and twisted person stop hime from having a full life. God knows what I am thinking about the _______that could do such a horrible act. I can only hope the person gets karma back at him.

  26. Gabrielle says:

    Poor cutie…hope he will recover soon, and won’t ever get hurt again. And some people are real bastards..

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