Pip the Wonder Kitty Meets Izzy the Kitten: Both Special in a Similar Way

Pip is a special kitty with a ton to live for. He was born with permanently bent front legs. He army crawls, but it doesn’t slow him down a bit. He recently was introduced to another kitten who has a similar condition. Izzy, an adorable black kitten is also with permanently bent legs. They are her rear ones. They were somehow brought together and the two immediately bonded.

This is Pip’s story via Pip the Wonder Kitty (Facebook):

Hi, I’m Pip! I came all the way to St. Louis, MO from Kearney, NE, thanks to some awesome cat-loving volunteers. I made the journey so that I could be in the loving, gentle care of Tenth Life Cat Rescue (tenthlifecats.org or facebook.com/tenthlifecats). Since they specialize in cats with medical conditions and injuries, I knew I’d be in good hands.

I was born with permanently bent front legs (called bilateral radial agenesis). After seeing several doctors and getting lots of opinions on my little body, everyone decided that I was perfect just the way I am! DUH!

I love EVERYONE I meet – human, feline, even amphibian! My favorite things to do are: chew paper and distract my foster-turned-adoptive mama from getting any work done. :)

Izzy’s story by Tenth Life (Facebook):

Meet Izzy, a six-week-old kitten with very different back legs. They appear to be twisted or backwards, and as you’ll see from the video, she has figured out how to get around despite her unique legs. We will be leading Izzy through some simple physical therapy to increase her range of motion and strengthen her little muscles.

Tenth Life introduced the two lovely kitties in the same foster family. Now there is nothing but love in their home.

Pip the wonder kitty with bent front legs

cute pip the wonder kitty with bent feet

Little feline boxer

cute pip the wonder kitty with bent feet

Pip loves his foster kitties

cute pip the wonder kitty with bent feet

This is Izzy, Pip’s new friend who is just like him with permanently bent (rear) legs

Pip loves bathing his new furiend, Izzy

Amazing Pip (video):

Pip the kitty with permanently bent front legs, grooms Izzy the kitten with permanently-bent rear legs. Cuteness alert! (video)

Photos by Tenth Life, that saves stray cats & kittens in the St. Louis area, prioritizing those with special needs. Visit tenthlifecats.org and follow them on Facebook.

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10 Responses to “Pip the Wonder Kitty Meets Izzy the Kitten: Both Special in a Similar Way”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for sharing the adorable Izzy & Pip with your fans! We love them both so much.

  2. Amber says:

    LOVE! Thanks 10th Life! I’ll be watching on FB :)

  3. Shelly Lyon says:

    What a fantastic story. Love and long life to Pip and Izzy.

  4. Pip also seems to have extra toes. Very cute cats, how lovable.

  5. valerie says:

    i have a kitten just like Pip, too! his name is Bug and he is now 6 months old and has a FB page. and we just met another kitten on Facebook named Little Bear! it’s so nice to see other kittens like this out there living such good lives. bug came from Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society in MA and he is a constant joy. the condition is radial hypoplasia and they are also known as twisty cats.

  6. Noelegy says:

    What a handsome boy Pip is!

    Facebook cat lovers may be familiar with Willow, who has a similar condition of her back legs. She has a wonderful Facebook page (I think if you search for “Pretty Willow” you can find it).

    Izzy is melting my heart with her sweet little face.

  7. AngeliqueS says:

    ♥Pip♥ So true: every life matters

  8. Jessie B says:

    I love that people are giving special needs animals a second chance. I think all animals should be given a good home

  9. Jeri says:

    I think it’s awesome there are places out there that will take care of cats like them my mom used to have a kitten who was born with something similar with his hind legs and he was a wonderful cat who got around just as well as the other kittens although he had to be with someone all the time because his condition caused his little bum to have some issues too. Great story guys :)

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