Man Rescues Cat Mom and Kittens Born in Hurricane Sandy

A litter of newborn kittens found their way in an Ocean Avenue alley in Brooklyn, New York during the harrowing Hurricane Sandy, but were saved by a man who walked more than a mile in the brewing storm to bring the kitties to safety.

It was Monday afternoon, while Spencer Service, the 26-year-old Prospect Park employee, was awaiting the biggest storm to hit New Year City, he spotted a few kittens and a cat moving around in the alley.

As the storm began to gain force, Spencer and his roommate rushed down with a cardboard box, hoping that would provide them a shelter. Once the shelter was set up, Service thought something more needed to be done. He went back to his apartment and brought with him a cat carrier. The next challenge was to lure the protective cat mother inside.

To his surprise, the cat mama went right into the carrier after he threw in a treat. “I picked each kitten up by the scruff of their necks, and made the hike,” Service said.

The entire feline family was safely taken to the Sean Casey Animal Rescue where they were dried and given warmth and food that they desperately needed.

“I am planning on taking one of them,” he said. “I can’t not.”

Cat mama and her newborn kittens found during Hurricane Sandy

Spencer gently picked up the kittens and put them in the cat carrier

He embarked on a trek to the Sean Casey Animal Rescue

The cat family safely arrived in the shelter

Source: Windsor Terrace Kensington Patch. Photos by ©Spencer Service.

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66 Responses to “Man Rescues Cat Mom and Kittens Born in Hurricane Sandy”

  1. Tina1649 says:

    This man is a hero!!! Bless them all!!!!!!!!

  2. Syunichi says:

    Thank god everything is well. God bless you Spencer :) , god bless.

  3. Carol Ann says:

    God bless him!! He will be a great Cat Daddy, too!!

  4. steve says:

    Best story evar <3

  5. Eileen says:

    It is SSOO nice to see such compassion for animals…especially for cats and kittens. Thank you for saving all of them and for leading by example!!!!!!!

  6. Mama Roxy! says:

    Love love love love love this story!!! <3 Thank goodness there are good people like Spencer who care.
    Spencer, THANK YOU!!!

  7. Caroline F says:

    What a true act of kindness. and by the look on the mommy cat, you can tell she is so fearful, knowing that something bad is coming (Hurricane Sandy) but obviously Spencer had more than treats to lure the cat to his car. It’s apparent that his kind soul came through and showed in most likely kind eyes and the cat knew she was in good hands. Well done Spencer!!

  8. Kimberly says:

    You are a hero Spencer! Thank you for risking your safety to help innocent & helpless kitties during the worst
    storm to ever hit out east coast. I hope they all find loving homes, mama cat, too of course! You will make a great cat daddy!

  9. Jazzpjd says:

    bless you Spencer. Momma knew she could trust you. That speaks volumes of your spirit.

  10. caturday says:


  11. Jeff says:

    Spencer just got his express ticket to heaven

  12. Shelly Lyon says:

    Love you, Spencer! Thank you, and thank the rescue that took this precious family in. Way to go!

  13. Tracy Boyd says:


  14. Demitria says:

    Bravo, Spencer!!!

  15. bitten says:

    the world needs more Spencers like you, bless you young man.

  16. nnua says:

    You’re wonderful, thank you Spencer!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Jenny says:

    Some good to come out of that disaster! Awesome job!

  18. Linda says:

    your new name is Super Spencer. wow, my definition of a real man, a truly wonderful man.

  19. Revenwyn says:

    Hopefully the shelter didn’t put the kittens down… too many will do that because they don’t have the resources to take care of the really little ones… and hopefully they will give mama cat a chance or at least TNR her.

    • Koala says:

      Highly doubt the shelter will put them down as there is a big story connected with them, and Spencer was smart enough [thank goodness] to bring mom along. Momma, if feral, would probably get TNR but the little ones have every chance of adoption because they will be socialized.

  20. beckyl says:

    glad the mom came along

  21. Rezgirl says:

    Now that is a kind man with a BIG heart!!!! I really hope the rescue place is a no kill center. The mama and the babies deserve a chance at life. I pray they will be spared.

  22. Anna says:

    Thank you Spencer, you’re wonderful x

  23. Franklin says:

    Thank you so much for making sure that they’re all safe!

  24. Debbie says:

    Much respect for you Spencer – a true gentleman :)

  25. Haunani says:

    God bless you for rescuing them. I wonder how many more are out there – defenseless pet victims of hurricane sandy.

  26. Maysoun says:

    good job

  27. pumbie says:

    Spencer, you have a place in cat’s heaven, where I want to go. BTW, cat mama and kitties are precious!.

  28. katie k says:

    What a remarkable person you are for saving that cat family. I hope that you are ok during this difficult time and you get to take one of those kittens home when the time comes. God bless you and stay safe!!

  29. Wendy S. says:

    It’s so wonderful to read a story like this when there is so much sadness and horror at what Sandy wrought. Thank you Spencer!

  30. C says:

    Thank you, Spence, for saving that entire kitty cat family!!!! Not that many people woul’ve even thought to do that!!! =^..^=

  31. Ashley says:

    What a man. God Bless Him.

  32. Catladyjes says:

    Great & welldone Spencer!!!! Prayers be wit u!

  33. soo says:

    What a great person to save the cats and a clever cat to let herself be saved!

  34. Lauren says:

    Spencer, you are a wonderful man and a true hero. God bless you for saving these kitties, doing the right thing even if it meant risking your own safety during the storm, and walking that far in it! Often we forget about the animals. I hope that the entire family gets a good and loving home, and I also pray for the safety of the shelter, you, and the cat you choose as your own. I am so glad that the mother cat trusted you enough to take care of her and her kittens. Some cats do not let humans near their kittens. She must have known that she could trust you, and that you were trying to help. I have always said that animals can sense things.

    On a non-cat-related note, my aunt was affected by this storm. Her workplace was flooded. :(

  35. June says:

    How wonderful of Spence to take care of these precous babies and their momma. God Bless you sir……Made me cry to know there are good people out there that do not harm a cat…..

  36. Brenda Arnold says:

    The Goddess, Bast thanks him for rescuing her children. That is so wonderful of him for doing that. Very few people would even bother. I hope he gets the pick of the litter!!! Love ya!!!

  37. Hilda says:

    What a special man, thank you for saving this gorgeous family!

  38. MARLENA says:


  39. Jeff says:

    thank you for that amazing deed, i decree good fortune will follow you all your life!

  40. Cindy says:

    Great job guys!!

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