Cocomo the Cross Eyed Cat

Cocomo is a sweet 3 year old kitty who has eyes that she can’t uncross, but that makes her extra special and super adorable. She always looks curious about things and stares at them while investigating.

Cocomo looks intensively

Cocomo the cross eyed cat

You just can’t say no to that.

Cocomo the cross eyed cat

“I caught it!” Despite her crossed eyes, Cocomo is extremely accurate in catching her “prey”

Cocomo the cross eyed cat

Cocomo the cross eyed cat

Cocomo the cross eyed cat

Investigating a plastic spoon

Cocomo the cross eyed cat

“Really? You think I am cute?”

Cocomo the cross eyed cat

Really Cocomo! You are adorable!

Photos via Cocomo on Instagram (Her facebook page).

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8 Responses to “Cocomo the Cross Eyed Cat”

  1. Mel says:

    She is so cute! I have a siamese mix that also has the gray/blue eyes… her eyes however only cross occasionally…

  2. pumbie says:

    Cocomo’s foreground are amazing, like a movie star.

  3. Katelyn says:

    Adorable!!! It’s hard not to smile when you see Cosmo :)

  4. Brigitte says:

    A D O R A B L E !!! What a beautiful kitty!!!

  5. Della says:

    So cute!

  6. Ingrid says:

    What a cute cool cat! <3

  7. nanz says:

    cocomo is funny

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