Three tiny kittens survived the hardest time when they were just babies. A kind couple, Dan and Tracy found them and nursed them back to health.

“A year ago, we rescued five infant kittens someone abandoned at my wife’s workplace,” said Dan Carlson via reddit. The couple gave every ounce of love and energy to save the kittens. Eventually three survived and thrived. “The vet said that we’d be lucky if one made it. To have kept three is pretty incredible.”

They named them: Eleanor Rigby, Professor Socks, and Squints. They are all girls. “They’ll often cluster together for naps, or for climbing on me. As soon as I sit down, they begin the ascent,” Dan added.

Today these three beautiful grey kitties are as strong as can be. See their journey from tiny furballs to gorgeous cats today.

Eleanor Rigby

cute rescue grey kitten

Professor Socks

cute rescue grey kitten


cute rescue grey kitten

When they were three weeks old…

cute rescue grey kittens

At 4 months, they have grown leaps and bounds.

cute rescue grey cats

cute rescue cats eating

All grown up today, but one thing hasn’t changed: group cuddles with their humans.

cute rescue kittens then and now

Photos by Dan and Tracy Carlson (Follow their Instagram).