Paramedic Revives Cat Rescued from Fire

Paramedic Shane Collectte of Rural Metro Fire revived a cat pulled from a fire by the firefighters by the use of a oxygen mask. initially the firefighters thought the cat didn’t survive, but Shane didn’t give up on the cat, and administered oxygen for 15 minutes, finally the kitty came around.

house cat rescued by firefighter

house cat rescued by firefighter

house cat rescued by firefighter

Watch video:

Photos by Rural Metro Fire via lifeiwthcat.

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34 Responses to “Paramedic Revives Cat Rescued from Fire”

  1. Rick says:

    Thank you kind sir for helping this cat. As a cat lover, they are part of our family and some of us treat them like our kids.

  2. Clare says:

    Such a caring person! Thank you, wish there were more like you. Xx

  3. Patricia says:

    this is a good man.

  4. tnpakrat says:

    God Bless you sir, for helping this poor kitty. It takes a special person to think of an animal in that way! You are a hero!

  5. dinah says:

    thank you Shane your a great man,anyone who loves animals has a beautiful heart.

  6. Lorna Faye says:

    That’s one lucky kitty, to have a guardian angel in Shane Collectte. Bless ya’ll.

  7. audra says:

    grats to this fine firefighter for saving a beloved family pet.

  8. Terri says:

    thankyou Shane for valuing this little guy. Your actions are deeply appreciated by many!

  9. Alli says:

    This is wonderful, thank you!

  10. caturday says:

    hats off… salute! ^_^>

  11. Dorothy says:

    REAL men love animals!!!

  12. Jane says:

    Great Story. I wish all firefighters could have the animal oxygen equipment.

  13. Cat should get checked out at vet, like with humans, smoke inhalation can have long term effects. I’m a vet tech, and have treated a # of pets rescued from fires over the years. Well Done, Mr. Collectte!

  14. Peggy K. says:

    Thank you Shane! You are an angel and a wonderful man!

  15. Lani says:

    I’m inspired now, we have lots of bush fires here in Australia and I am going to check and see if our local fire brigade have pet oxygen masks. If not, time for some fundraising. Great work Shane.

  16. jule1 says:

    It made me cry that someone would try so hard to revive a little kitty. Think of how much this must have meant to his owners. Great job.

  17. Ashley says:

    That is such a heartwarming story! Thank you so much Shane. Those pet oxygen masks are so cool! I didn’t know they had those..

  18. Linda says:

    Great story!

  19. Ellinor says:

    What a great guy helping that poor kitty.

  20. Legam says:

    May God bless you Shane! You’re a real hero and inspiration to all!

  21. Cindy says:

    Shane you are my hero!! So are the firefighters and people at the vet’s office. Well done everybody!!

  22. Lauren says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. Thank God that the kitty made it! God bless you Shane; you are a true hero! Prayers for the family that went through this traumatizing event!

  23. Hanna says:

    Thank goodness for those kind-hearted people! – the veterinary staff for donating the masks, and Shane the paramedic for having the benevolence and perseverance to save that kitty. :)

  24. Sue says:

    Helps renew my faith in humans. <3

  25. What a sweet guy!!! So wonderful to save the cat, too. <3

  26. sledpress says:

    I sent this to the local civic activist most involved in emergency services, so he would know about the equipment used to save this kitty.

  27. anne smith says:

    thank you your a fantastic man x

  28. Deb says:

    I’ve seen many a video of oxygen masks being used on rescued pets, with success I’ll add; but knowing there are actually oxygen masks designed specifically for animals – well that is something! I’m very grateful to Shane and his obvious love of animals for saving this furry family member. If I’m even in such a situation, I hope our furbabies are saved.

  29. Druscilla says:

    Firefighters are such heroes, because they save so many animals too, it’s like they won’t let anyone suffer such horrible death, including our furry friends! Amazing! <3

  30. Dee says:

    What a true hero…thank you for saving this kitty!

  31. jenn says:

    Thank you Shane so much for saving this kitty’s life. Also thank you to the vet office that donated the masks! You are beautiful people!

  32. andy says:

    God bless this man for helping the kitty, a true angel.

  33. Iffat says:

    Poor kitty must have been so scared. Thank you for saving her & reuniting her with her very loving family.

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