Woman Runs 30 Minutes Through Traffic to Save Kitten

This is a story of a woman who runs 30 minutes through traffic to save the life of a tiny kitten.

woman runs 30 minutes through traffic save kitten

Josie T Liem from Bandung, Indonesia just came out from a job interview and was on the road with her co-worker just halfway home.  “He lives in an apartment downtown, in a legendary street called Braga which has endless row of hotels, pubs and other sorts of night entertainment. The location is surrounded by one-way roads, and since it’s the city center, the street and the surrounding areas are always dense, if not tightly packed. The problem started when I heard a kitten’s panicked meow,” Liem wrote on Whiskers Syndicate.

“From inside the car, I saw a box right at the lip of the heavy traffic at a bus shelter. At the side of the box I saw a white tiny kitten yelling endlessly in terror, calling for its mother. I hate that moment the most. I couldn’t jump out from the car, I couldn’t help the kitten and I couldn’t do anything to resolve the situation. The best I could muster was to go back to the bus station as soon as my associate dropped me off in front of the apartment building; and during that awfully long 30 minutes, I begged and prayed that God would take care of the kitten until I returned. When the car finally pulled over, I jumped out, politely declined his courtesy of a cup of tea, showed my sincere appreciation of his willingness to drive me all the way and hit the road. I told you that the area is surrounded by one way roads right? If I took public transportation, it would go around and take a long time, not to mention the traffic jam, so I put my bag onto my back and did what I always do when I need to act fast. I ran.”

Liem followed the kitten crying and ran with all her might for 30 minutes. “I ran against the flowing, honking, speeding, uncaring cars and motorcycles. My ears were filled with the sound of the kitten’s pleading, and I prayed Hail Mary out loud just to keep my mind focused while continuing to run against road flow. Half an hour later, I was panting right in front of the bus stop, but the box was gone. It was getting dark, and the only hope was the faint meow that I heard from the bushes behind the bus shelter, so I fell on my knees and started to crawl. To heck with people who think I’m crazy. This time, I am,” she wrote.

She got one – a tiny calico who had been crying for help all along.

The kittens got out of the box and one succumbed to the exhaustion and the cold and one went toward the relentless road, where cars sped up “like it’s the end of the world.” Liem was heart broken when she find out only the little calico survived, but it’s a life that is worth saving. She tried to stop a bus in the middle of a busy road to get home. “I saw a bus coming, and wave my hand to stop it; but as soon as the driver heard a kitten crying from inside my jacket, he closed the door before I stepped in and went rushing ahead, brushing my arms. I am not surprised.  Bus drivers or other public transport had been rejecting me all the time when they know I bring a cat with me…. so I just stood there, for who knows how long, waiting for the kitten to get tired and sleep. Then I took a bus ride home.”

“The new baby is called Monday. I want to keep her eyes shining. I want to keep those small breaths blowing, I want to keep her little step going, I want to see her make it through. I want her to know that because she asked, it will be given. Because she knocked, the door will be opened. That in one hour, two prayers went to heaven, and both were answered. One hour that changed the lives of two. One hour that will last forever.”

woman runs 30 minutes through traffic save kitten

woman runs 30 minutes through traffic save kitten

by Josie T Liem at the Whiskers Syndicate in Bandung, Indonesia. See full story. Brought to you by The Great Animal Rescue Chase (facebook).

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41 Responses to “Woman Runs 30 Minutes Through Traffic to Save Kitten”

  1. Edgar says:

    Such a brave woman! At least she was able to save one of them.

  2. Kimmy says:

    “I want her to know that because she asked, it will be given. Because she knocked, the door will be opened. That in one hour, two prayers went to heaven, and both were answered. One hour that changed the lives of two. One hour that will last forever”

    Beautious !!!!!!

  3. Mysty says:

    This brought tears to my eyes.

  4. Alicia says:

    Why didn’t she just get out of the car right away? I would have been out the door, box in arms, back in car. If you’re going to do crazy you might as well go all out.

    • Mimi's Mom says:

      That’s what I thought, too. I know she probably wanted to be polite and not burden her coworker who gave her a ride, but she could got out early and walk back the 30 min. But whatever she did was already beyond asking and I appreciate her effort. I made a promise to myself to do the same in the same situation.

    • The Cherry Tree says:

      In some countries, such as Indonesia & Thailand, the traffic can be so bad that it’s impossible to just stop along the road unless you’re driving a bus & can use the bus lane. Even then, some roads don’t even have proper bus lanes. She probably had to wait for him to get to the apartment building where the traffic wasn’t heavy, so she could finally alight & reach the kittens on foot. If you think about it, it WOULD have been more convenient for him to have dropped her off by the roadside near the bus stop but he probably couldn’t, due to traffic conditions.

    • Poiq says:

      I agree, it is VERY odd that she waited 30 minutes to go back for the kitten. They could have stopped right then and saved the kittens. It was a bus stop area, not a freeway…of course they could have stopped the car there. Or around the corner or a 5 minutes away or… This story is odd.

  5. Ingrid says:

    Thank you! I feel deep sadness for the two who didn’t make it though… :'(

  6. rowan says:

    perhaps she cold had saved them all, but in a time when ur not thinking clear, it’s hard to say. I am greatful she at least saved one

  7. Yvonne says:

    Such a wonderful story and you are a wonderful person! Something like this happened to a friend of mine, the kitten even looked like your Monday. She was walking her 2 big dogs (one a is a Rottweiler)and this tiny kitten comes out of the bushes, not afraid of the dogs. I should add, the dogs are very cat friendly, in fact the rotty is very friendly and babies kittens! She scooped the kitten up and took care of it until she could find a home for it. Such a wonderful story! There is hope in the world!!

  8. Peggy K. says:

    Thank god at least one of the babies was saved. Bless the woman who went back and saved her. Story made me cry!

  9. You are a angel from heaven. Something I would do.Bless you and your new baby monday.

  10. Bonnie C. says:

    Even if people knew what she was doing, I’m sure a great many people would have treated her like she was crazy or like her priorities were out of whack. Which is part of why I am so thankful there are people like her! We were all weak once… it’s wrong not to protect the weak, needy and innocent. It’s so encouraging to see someone doing something that most people wouldn’t, just because they knew in their heart that it was right. God Bless Liem and Monday <3.

  11. Tina1649 says:

    Bless you for rescuing the calico!

  12. vix says:

    If you can save a life – do it. She’s a heroine! Best wishes to both of them.

  13. lilia says:

    ” I want to keep her eyes shining. I want to keep those small breaths blowing, I want to keep her little step going, I want to see her make it through. I want her to know that because she asked, it will be given. Because she knocked, the door will be opened. That in one hour, two prayers went to heaven, and both were answered. One hour that changed the lives of two. One hour that will last forever.”

    This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard. Brought tears to my eyes.

    Thank you for doing what you did.

  14. anne smith says:

    i would have done the same x

  15. I wish you all the luck you need! God bless you both!

  16. Starr says:

    This story brought tears t omy eyes. Thank you sweet Josie for going back to help these kitties. God bless you.

    PS: Stupid bus driver.

  17. jule1 says:

    Wow. Amazing. So very glad you were able to save one of the kittens. What a lucky little calico.

  18. Angel says:

    Oh my God.. I am really crying…. =( Thank you for being a hero…

  19. victoria says:

    She was amazing!,sweet, and caring!

  20. Lauren says:

    I will be praying for little Monday to thrive! This is a beautiful story. God has certainly answered your prayers, Josie, and though I am saddened to hear about the other two kittens, this one was obviously meant to be with you. God put you there at just the right time to hear the kitten’s cries, and you are so wonderful to have heeded that call to jump into action and save this sweet little life. You are a heroine and an angel on Earth. This calico kitten is just precious. God bless you and Monday. She will be forever grateful to your kind action, and the Lord surely has a special place in Heaven for people like you. I hope that your life with this kitten will be full of happiness and good fortune.

  21. Heather says:

    Thank you for people such as this lovely caring woman who was considerate enough to go back & search for the kitties. For not giving up, for doing all that was needed to save this cute adorable kitten. True story in life.. when you do good, good returns!!! No good deed goes unnoticed. I think the grateful people posting thank you’s on here just shows that too. God Bless you and your new kitten and cherish the memories you build with your new companion!!! Hugs.

  22. Anna says:

    Josie you are a beautiful human being xxx

  23. Elizabeth says:

    What a sweet story! Now she has a new little friend :)

  24. Shaft says:

    Awwwwwww what a sweetheart

  25. Sandra L. says:

    Beautiful story of a woman who did all she could to save a lonely soul. I am sadden by the news that the other two didn’t survive but alas one was saved and brought to warmth and it’s a blessing!

  26. Sue says:

    Makes me like people a bit more after reading this. I am so glad she saved at least this little one! Bless your heart and kitties too!

  27. Andrea says:

    this is beautiful

  28. Linda says:

    Sweet kitty and sweet poem!

  29. vagabond says:

    You, lady, are an angel! That was a very kind and dangerous thing you did- I wish you and little Monday many happy years together!

  30. Gail Clark says:

    May God richly bless both you and the baby that you saved. You will one day see the babies who did not make it at the Rainbow Bridge, and they, too, will be so grateful for your heroic effort on their behalf. I also love the lyrical way that you describe the whole experience. There is going to be a wonderful reward for you for your kindness and selflessness.

  31. jrleg says:

    This brave, careing, loveing woman will be blessed to overflowing goodness.This beautiful fur baby she saved will brigh happiness to her and all who know it.

  32. karen says:

    you are a beautiful lady, we are of different faiths but may Jehovah God look out for you for the beautiful and selfless rescue you made. You restore the faith in humankind. I read your story to my two furr babies Apache Hiawatha and Spekkula Wilhemus we all had tears down our eyes, the furry babies kept placing their paws on the pictures. thank you

  33. Deb says:

    God bless you. It is sad that two of the three didn’t survive, but I’m certain the one that has will enjoy many joyous years with you.

  34. Iffat says:

    What an incredible rescue story. Thank you for your unbelievable persistence.

  35. Nancy Sandoval says:

    This is the second time I have read this. Its made me cry both times. I don’t mean to sound to corny but, what a WONDERFUL person, rather “Angel”
    I hope you and the kitty have a very, very WONDERFUL life. : )

  36. Dorothy says:

    Many bessings to you, Josie! You are a special angel.

  37. iNovaa says:

    I hardly ever cry, but now I’m crying like insane. God bless you both!

  38. Sophie says:

    What a rescue, we need more people like you in this crazy world !!! :-)

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