7-Year-Old Persian Cat Survives 3,400 Mile Journey from Cairo to London in a Suitcase

Bisou a 7-year-old Persian cat was accidentally packed inside her owner’s suitcase and travelled 3,400 miles from Cairo to London in the plane’s luggage hold.

While Mervat Ciuti was packing her bag, Bisou hopped inside for a nap and was unnoticed by her owner and somehow managed to slip through security at Cairo airport. She was stacked into the plane’s luggage hold with hundreds of other bags for the six-hour flight.

When Ciuti received a phone call from her relatives in Cairo about the missing cat, she was devastated and didn’t think Bisou would have made it. She stopped the taxi she was riding in to check on her bag. “…when [the driver] opened the case they found that Bisou was happily curled up along with her clothes and enjoying a cat nap…. Vets said it was a ‘miracle’ the animal survived after its long journey in the cargo hold of a plane. But Bisou has not yet been able to return home as she has been put in quarantine for six months,” Daily Mail reported.

Bisou’s adventure was truly a miracle.

Bisou a 7-year-old Persian cat survives 3,400 mile journey after she travelled inside her owner’s suitcase

Cat survives 3,400 mile journey in bag

 from Cairo to London stacked in plane’s luggage hold

Cat survives 3,400 mile journey in bag

Bisou’s adventure is a miracle

Cat survives 3,400 mile journey in bag

Cat survives 3,400 mile journey in bag

Source: Daily Mail.

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10 Responses to “7-Year-Old Persian Cat Survives 3,400 Mile Journey from Cairo to London in a Suitcase”

  1. Its amazing that her bag did not smell. Glad that she is okay and will be at her proper home soon.

  2. Riola~ says:

    It’s amazing that the kitty was napping the whole way, you’d think with all the moving around and shuffling of the bag you’d hear a “meow” sooner! Some cats are just pure amazing. Bisou is just one of those amazing cats that go through something huge and gives the owner a near by heart attack or depression attack. Bisou is one hell of a lucky kitty~

  3. Mimi's Mom says:

    Consider the cat Nihao who survived in the ship cargo for 3 weeks from Shanghai to Los Angeles makes this look like a short sojorn. Still with the harsh environment in the cargo (oxygen? cold? loud noise?, what about the x-ray scanner?) I’m glad kitty made it.

  4. v says:

    So much for all the fuss with airport security and luggage checks LOL. Glad cat ok and may make it home one day after quarantine.

  5. vickie says:

    6 MONTHS IN GUARANTINE????that’s crazy!!!Let that cat go home…

  6. pumbie says:

    Bisou is gorgeous ans her eyes are like luminary lamps; let her return home!!.

  7. jule1 says:

    What a beauty! I can see why her owner is desperate to get her back. Can’t understand why she needs to be quarantined for 6 mos., though.

  8. Nancy Sandoval says:

    What a load of CRAP! The cat didn’t make any noise? Did you see in the video how the cat was moving around and (then it looks like they drugged it) in the next frame it is just laying on the gurney. That cat would not lay still in a suitcase like the one they showed. He couldn’t. At some point someone would have noticed the kitty. Plus, the x-ray machine at the airport. This story is just that: a story(not true).

  9. Iffat says:

    Wow, incredible story. Amazing she survived that LOOONG journey in a closed suitcase. Sounds like she didn’t even mind — she never “meowed”!
    Too bad she has to be quarantined now but it looks like a lovely facility & she is obviously being well-cared for.

  10. Vanessa says:

    What a fluff muffin! She reminds me of Colonel Meow.

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