Odin the One-eyed Cat Finds Family Who Never Gives Up on Him

Odin the cat had a hard life in his younger years, but he found a family who never gave up on him.

“Odin had a hard life at the beginning, born to an abusive, neglectful family, he was an outside cat who got more than his share of beatings from both animals and people nearby. Scars are apparent on his ears, and especially his nose, of past battles,” said Casey Hill on facebook. Odin wasn’t brought into the shelter until he lost his eye from a pellet gun.

The shelter removed the pellet, but couldn’t save his eye.

“I saw images of Odin (called ‘Winky’ by the shelter) on their website in March of 2008, and something about him pulled me. I begged my husband, who at the time didn’t want another cat, to at least let me go and take a look at him. He was about a year old at the time and still had the stitches in his eye when he was brought out to us. The woman handed him to my husband and he laid his head against my husband’s chest,” Hill wrote.

“Call it love at first sight, the next day we were taking him home. He was clearly hanging on. A strong cat, he pulled through another surgery to remove the abscessed tooth and we discovered through the vet that his blood work returned with his blood sugar through the roof, meaning that not only was he suffering from his ordeal, he was diabetic.

My husband worried for ages that he wouldn’t make it, but I kept hoping, kept praying. I applied medicine to his eye to help it heal and kept a close watch on the spot where his tooth was.

Now nearly a year later, he’s gained to a healthy weight, his eye has healed marvelously, and his blood sugar is still maintained through insulin shots. He’s well behaved, never once fighting me while giving him shots. He sleeps on my legs at night, and purrs nearly every time I touch him. I believe that love, more than anything, kept us going, and has allowed him to be this part of my life.

Even after everything he’s been through, he’s still beautiful in my eyes. Some may cringe, but I look at him and see an angel.”

Odin the one-eyed cat

rescue one eyed cat saved from abusive family

rescue one eyed cat saved from abusive family

rescue one eyed cat saved from abusive family

rescue one eyed cat saved from abusive family

Photos by ©Casey Hill. Like Odin’s Facebook page.

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50 Responses to “Odin the One-eyed Cat Finds Family Who Never Gives Up on Him”

  1. tracy says:

    he is beautiful!!!

  2. Mel says:

    I think he is a handsome boy and bravo to y’all for not giving up on him!!

  3. Amparo says:

    I dont know you personally guys but I LOVE YOU !! For loving this poor baby, for giving him a second chance, for giving him respect, for taking careof him !!!thank you !!!!!

  4. Kirsty Kitty says:

    You are right, he is absolutely beautiful, such a gorgeous furry boy and you are real cat angels for adopting him and showing him what a real loving home life is. Big love to you all xxx

  5. Dorothy says:

    Bless you both for your compassion!

  6. Rich says:

    He touched my heart, while reading his story..
    How anyone could mistreat him, is beyond my
    way of thinking. I truly believe he was sent to you
    and I wish you all the best things life has to offer!!

  7. Candace says:

    Bless you and your husband for loving him unconditionally. He is beautiful.

  8. Carol says:

    I see 2 beautiful Angels….Odin and You. Thank you for giving this beautiful cat a second chance.

  9. Jazzpjd says:

    Precious boy. lucky cat. amazing caretakers.

  10. jule1 says:

    He’s a lucky boy. I too believe that love keeps some animals going. W/out telling the (long) story, just let me say a cat of mine almost died and I lay on the bed beside him, petted him, and told him I loved him. He recovered and was with me for several more years. LOVE has a lot of power!

  11. landshark says:

    Ohhh, this is making me cry! Such a sweet, handsome cat. Thanks for loving him.

  12. Laurel says:

    What an amazing, gorgeous guy! You’re lucky to be able to spend your time together.

    P.S. I love the name! It’s perfect for him.

  13. Della says:

    Such a heartwarming story. Wonderful humans and a wonderful cat.

  14. McT says:

    It is so great that you are such a loving and caring family for Odin <3

  15. june says:

    Odin is so beautiful. Thank you so much for never giving up on him, and for loving him as much as you so obviously do. No doubt about it – your love for him is what saved him. He knows and senses instinctively he how very much he is loved. Thank you so much for sharing this half-heartbreaking-but-completely -uplifting-by-the-end-of-it cat tale. Love is the answer, most definitely.

  16. Scott says:

    My goodness.. I am very happy he found a home, after such a life of abuse. By every time I read a story describing abuse (of any extreme), it makes me angry. I seriously get upset, and sometimes cannot concentrate(about what I am supposed to be doing).

    I don’t understand people.. IMO it’s just evil to abuse beings, ESPECIALLY when they cannot defend themselves. I don’t care what said being has done (e.g. knocked something over, or whatever). I don’t care…

  17. Peggy K. says:

    Odin is beautiful! Thank you for saving this little kitty! Love conquers all…:)

  18. Wendy S. says:

    He’s purrfect! I”m so glad that someone found him and loved him through his challenges. I bet he’s far more wise and loving than some two eyed kitties.

  19. Mimi's Mom says:

    what kind of unhuman would hit a cat with a pellet gun, and in the eye! It should be done to themselves! Thanks for taking care of this little angel with that one beautiful eye!

  20. cate says:

    What an amazing story – he looks such a gorgeous boy and to have gone through so much :( Thanks to his new family, wonderful people xx

  21. vonneybeth says:

    Wonderful story, wonderful people, and gorgeous Odin.

  22. Nani says:

    This story makes me cry. So touching and so heartwarming.

  23. Isabelle says:

    At the beginning, I was so angry. I don’t understand how human can be so crual toward animals. And then, I felt all the love you gave Odin and your gesture made me smile… and cry… Thank God you were there to give Odin the love he diserves. Such a happy ending. Wonderful!

  24. Sweet says:

    God bless this couple for saving this cat :)cat has one eye but that makes him even more special :,) I almost cried reading this story

  25. Ingrid says:

    What a beautiful, beautiful boy! Thank you so much for giving him a second chance <3

  26. Miriam says:

    What a sweetie….I can see the love in his eye!

  27. Tucker says:





  28. Kate says:

    Love and blessings to you for seeing the true beauty of Odin.

  29. Derp says:


  30. Tracy says:

    You are a beautiful person and Odin is a beautiful cat! You are a reminder that there are good, kind people in this crazy and violent world we live in. God bless you.

  31. pamela says:

    This story brought tears to my eyes, and i just will never understand how humans can be so cruel to any animal. It is wonderful that you have given Odin a chance to enjoy life and a family to adore him. Bless ya’ll for opening your hearts to him.He is really a sweet looking cat!

  32. winwin says:

    Your cat is so beautiful! You are very lucky to have Odin. Thank you for giving Odin a chance to appreciate the beauty of having a family, a friend and true love. Please kiss and hug Odin for me! God bless you!

  33. Tony Q says:

    All cats are beautiful and deserve a good home. Glad Odin got healthy and is enjoying his.

  34. Diana says:

    Handsome boy he is! What marvelous new humans he found! Wishing them all the best!

  35. Nancy Sandoval says:

    Odin has a beautiful eye. See the color of it? No one would ever look at him and cringe. He is one good-looking cat.

  36. Loves LoveMeow says:

    I love this site. I LOVE these happy endings too!

  37. Margarita says:

    You guys are amazing for saving and making room for this little guy in your life and in your hearts! No doubt, he will always be grateful to you for the second chance! ALL the best to you and yours, always!

  38. Iffat says:

    I think sweet Odin is a handsome boy! Thank you for giving this poor kitty who had such a rough start in life a new & happy one.

  39. jr says:

    Odin is handsom and very debinier. bless you for never giving up on him. i have no doubt he loves you both

  40. Joanna says:

    He’s so precious. such a cute boy. Loads of love to him and his pawrents

  41. Debra says:

    Odin is Beautiful. He is so lucky to have pet parents like you.

  42. Linda says:

    God Bless you and Odin. You all are true angels. Cats give unconditional love. Humans could learn a lot from them!

  43. Aisyah Arif says:

    My cat, Usher also had one side-eyed. I rescued her at her age 2 months old. Now she going to 2 years old. She walk & came to my house with her very bad conditions. Now she is happy to live with us, me and the other 2 dogs, Connie & GG. And I’m happy to have her.

  44. The Cat Whisperer says:

    I have a rescue one-eyed cat, another who is almost totally blind, another who is mostly blind in her right eye, a rescue hit-by-car cat who is slowly regaining use of her right rear leg, another rescue hit-by-car cat who survived brain damage, & in the past I’ve had other blind, partly blind, 3-legged, paralyzed, or otherwise “special” kitties, dogs, and other species. All are or were delightful & captivating, all loved life, adapted remarkably, and never let anything get them down. Special kitties (kitties with disabilities) deserve the chance for life and a good forever home too!

  45. iNovaa says:

    God bless you! Odin/Winky is so cute and never deserved what he got from the old family!

  46. Christy says:

    He is beautiful, and looks like an absolute sweetheart! He also looks a lot like my kitty, Abby, that I used to have.

  47. Cynthia says:

    What a great story, I see not only a Handsome cat but a survivor! He is blessed to have been adopted by two great people! Enjoy your cat and long live Odin!

  48. Kate says:

    I think God has a special place for this wonderful, loving family. You made a whole new world of kindness and love for a cat who had endured far to much suffering and torture. Bless you and Odin. He is truly beautiful.

  49. Kate says:

    Blessings prayed for Odin and his fantastic family.

  50. Guillaume says:

    Funny, I have given the name to a one eyed cat.

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