Tiny Rescue Kitten Made Amazing Recovery

A tiny kitten was rescued after being attacked by a crow. Her top jaw was fractured, and her throat, tongue, and part of her gum were injured.

The rescuer worked around the clock to keep the little one alive. The kitten was fed with a tube but she hated it and fought not to eat. So the family made her knitted jackets so they could help her get the food down.

With a lot of love and hard work, the kitten is turning around and recovering. She’s also made bonded with their family dog and a bird. The dog is very caring and protective of her and the bird keeps her company.

They named her Wasabi-chan. She’s put on a lot of weight and is doing very well thanks to the people and animals that never gave up on her.

She was found being attacked by a crow. The rescuer immediately grabbed the kitten and took her to safety.

Wasabi-chan rescue kitten recovery

She had trouble eating, so the rescuer fed her round the clock with a tube.

Wasabi-chan rescue kitten recovery

Kitty is making progress and recovering.

Wasabi-chan rescue kitten recovery

She’s also made friends with a big dog…

Wasabi-chan rescue kitten recovery

Wasabi-chan rescue kitten recovery

…and bonded with a birdie.

Wasabi-chan rescue kitten recovery

Wasabi-chan rescue kitten recovery

Wasabi-chan has come a long way since the day she was rescued.

Wasabi-chan rescue kitten recovery

She’s doing well today and is happy to have a comfortable place to call home.

Wasabi-chan rescue kitten recovery

Photos via Instagram. Her twitter and website.

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26 Responses to “Tiny Rescue Kitten Made Amazing Recovery”

  1. Vanessa says:

    OH MY GOD. That might be the cutest little baby kitten I have ever seen.

  2. Maysoun says:

    the pictures are so beautiful

  3. Linda says:

    Those first two pics are really sad, but the rest are some of the cutest I have ever seen. What a little doll. Bless the people who cared for her and for rescuing her little life.

  4. Angela says:

    OMG those eyes! So adorable! This is a wonderful rescue story. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Katie W says:

    Aw, she’s so cute. And I’m glad she’s not afraid of the family bird afer such a traumatic experience.

  6. Mimi's Mom says:

    absolutely adorable!

  7. Lee says:

    She’s so sweet! What a cutie pie, so happy she’s safe.

  8. carole says:

    god bless you

  9. katie k says:

    What a great ending to such a sad beginning. Glad she was rescured and is doing remarkably well, she is a cutie pie. Thanks for saving her!

  10. Rai says:

    o dear the poor baby!! thank you for saving her! :) God bless you

  11. Ashley says:

    Awww such a heartwarming story! And there’s a lesson in it.. Always be aware of your surroundings, just in case there’s a helpless animal that needs to be rescued. Wasabi-chan’s rescuer is truly an angel!

  12. HC says:

    Poor little baby. I’m glad she’s okay! Thank God for rescuers he sends to help these precious kitties, dogs, and other animals!

  13. ursulina says:

    what a lucky baby and wonderful family who took care of her.

  14. cindy says:

    Poor kitty and Bless the kind folks for nursing her back to health!

  15. Kate says:

    That kitten is even cuter than my rescue boy was as a baby, and Rocky was unbearably adorable! Still is, just bigger! God bless you!

  16. Tina Stockton says:

    Bless you for rescuing her, caring for her giving her a warm and loving home!!!!

  17. pumbie says:

    I love the picture with the little “paws up”, and so sweet making friends!!. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Caroline says:

    What a precious story. It is sad how people are vilifying the crow and giving it human attributes, such as being hateful and cruel. We are the only species capable of hatred and cruelty. Be more sad for people not spaying their cat which, unless the mom was a feral, was the reason this kitten was born in the wild and not in home.

  19. Susie Scott says:

    Wasabi-chan was Cover Kitteh for Caturday on fark.com (weekly event) started July 13, that drew 1181 comments (KiloKitty+!). All story photos there were of her in outfits. While cute & needed for her recovery from injuries, I prefer the photos here. FangQ for picking up the tale/tail (mrrow).

  20. Andrea says:

    What a sweet heartwarming story!!! Love the people that rescued this beautiful kitty! The pictures are so pretty too!!!

  21. rezgirl says:

    Just love the precious pictures of Wasabi-chan!! Thank you kind people for rescuing her and showering her with lots of love. This is what pulled her through. She’s a sweetheart ♥♥♥

  22. lisa says:

    What an angel!

  23. c says:

    Hooray for the baby, and many grateful thanks to her rescuer & family. :)

  24. Dorothy says:

    What an incredible story! Bless you for saving that beautiful baby. What eyes she has!

  25. Kristoffer says:

    She is adorable! One of those pictures makes her look like a little cartoon cat with those big eyes. So glad she was saved and is in a loving home. She will give lots of love in return!

  26. Linda says:

    What a sweetie!

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