Santa Clarita Man Saves & Cares For 6 Newborn Kittens

A litter of newborn kittens were left abandoned in a dumpster but saved by a Santa Clarita man who heard the kittens cries and came to the rescue.

0817_news_kittens_dw_02_copy“I got there around noon. I could hear them meowing from the dumpster,” said Richard Kerr, founder of Citizens for Sheltered Animals.

He took the kittens in and immediately started fostering. Baby kittens require feeding and caring around the clock.

“I’ve been sleeping on the couch pretty much every night,” he said.

“And then when I wake up my first thought is, ‘Kittens!'”

“These guys have really turned a corner. That first day it looked like some of them might not make it.

” Now all the kittens are growing bigger and stronger.

“The best part is that two weeks from now they’ll be flying all over the house,” Kerr added, as the little bottle fed kitten meowed loudly in his hand.

A Santa Clarita man rescued a litter of 6 kittens in a dumpster…

abandoned kittens get second chance

Richard Kerr took them in and immediately started caring for them around the clock

abandoned kittens get second chance

The kittens have really turned a corner and are getting bigger and stronger.

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8 Responses to “Santa Clarita Man Saves & Cares For 6 Newborn Kittens”

  1. Amparo says:

    Thank u for being an angel

  2. Sanye says:

    Such kindness renews hope

  3. thepetmuseum says:

    Bless you for having such a gentle heart and stout caretaking skills!

  4. Danielle says:

    What a great ending to a sad story. I hope they find the mom cat and get her away from the creeps that dumped these precious babies. They will probably do it again because they won’t bother to have her spayed. It is beyond my comprehension how someone could be so evil and it is so nice to see someone be so compassionate. Thank you.

  5. vanessa says:

    this man is a hero!

  6. carole says:

    God bless you and them

  7. McT says:

    WHat a nice guy. It breaks my heart how cruel people can be, but people like him give me hope.

  8. ZUCCHO ZUCCHO says:

    Way to go! We need more people like you, Mr Kerr!

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