Stray Cat Becomes Loving Fixture For Soldiers Deployed Overseas

A ginger stray cat named “Goldi” has become an office cat for the US soldiers deployed in Afghanistan, providing them comfort and a sense of home.

Goldi’s Rescuer says:

Our little “Goldilocks” came to be part of our family after the area we work in was expanded and a new fence line fenced her and her family inside the new parameter. We had seen her and her mother scurry in and out of storage container located around our work site, foraging through our trash for what food she could salvage. We never saw her around the office area.

That all changed one day when we got to the office and entered the maintenance bay and found her resting in a container on top of a trash can. No one messed with her and let her stay. When she decided to get up it was like she lived there her whole life, she took the place over and has been with us ever since. Now when people enter the maintenance bays she greets them as if to show off her new home.

“Goldi” has become a loving fixture. Surprisingly she gets along well with everyone she comes across. Now she loves to sleep on the office chairs and on sits on our desk in front of the computer monitors. Where she once shied away from people she now loves nothing more than to be around them.

If and when the scheduled draw down happens we are all concerned of what will happen to our “feral” little friend. We have a good place for her in Arkansas, she will be a great addition to our farm family and always be loved.

Goldi, a stray ginger cat became part of the family of a group of soldiers deployed in Afghanistan.

rescue cat in afghanistan nowzad

She is a loving fixture, providing soldiers there with comfort and a sense of home.

rescue cat in afghanistan nowzad

“Where she once shied away from people she now loves nothing more than to be around them.”

rescue cat in afghanistan nowzad

Goldi is getting help from Nowzad so that she can go to her home in Arkansas. Nowzad is an US/UK registered animal rescue organization that takes in stray & abandoned animals in Afghanistan. Follow them on Facebook.

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6 Responses to “Stray Cat Becomes Loving Fixture For Soldiers Deployed Overseas”

  1. carole says:

    what a beauty. good to see that she will be rewarded for all her work

  2. c says:

    I love these stories where our soldiers are found by a sweet animal & the animal takes the soldiers on as family. And the soldiers love the animal!

  3. pumbie says:

    What a lucky family you all form!; Goldi is a precious kitty and gingers are told to be the sweetest:)

  4. Gerry Pinion says:

    What a truly heart warming story about a kitty who was needed and the soldiers who needed her. I am so happy that she will be in a forever home in Arkansas. She really deserves to be rewarded for her kindness to our brave men and women…….a beautiful story thank you and God Bless all involved!

  5. TMay says:

    Glad they know about Nowzad, a good organization to give to.

  6. Connie says:

    I am happy for Goldi too. I just wish some of her litter-mates had some sort of happy ending

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