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  1. Maggie says:

    How about an article on Norwegian Forest cats? My personal favorite :)

  2. Amy says:

    That's a fantastic idea :). Do you have a Norwegian Forest cat? They are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. curious says:

    Does anyone make breath-freshening treats for cats, like they do for dogs?
    If not, would it be bad for a cats health to feed them dog treats?

    • lovemeow says:

      Hi thank you for your question. Dog treats are not suitable for cats because cats require a very specific type of diet which should be rich in O-mega 3 oil and high grade protein. Dogs are omnivores, so their treats are designed differently from cats'. There are various kinds of dental treats at the store, but almost all of them contain corn meal or corn related ingredients, so cats should not eat too much of that. The best way to improve dental health for cats is help them brush their teeth. It is not easy at all. It takes a lot of time to train and it takes lots of patience.

  4. D'Maris says:

    my cat is having trouble with hair balls he can not seem to bring them up can you please tell me what i can do for him

    • Rose says:

      There is a paste that you can get at any pet store. It comes in different flavours and IS FOR hairballs.

      It's quite THICK and what I do is smear it on my kitty's front paws…he takes off, licks the paste (sticky) off of his paws and is ok in no time.

      It is called PETROMALT and costs about $6.99 for a tube (comparable to a tube of toothpaste)

      good luck

  5. lovemeow says:

    D'Maris, did you try grass, petroleum jelly or melted butter? I have an article regarding how to get rid of hairballs. hope it helps Please keep me posted

  6. Andrea says:

    Hello, my boyfriend and I are considering adopting a cat with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. I've looked at the information on this website concerning the condition and it doesn't seem like we would have too much of a problem. However, it never hurts to have too much information, so if any of you could provide advice, information, special treatments, etc. I would be greatly appreciative.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Andrea, it's very kind of you to consider taking a kitty with Cerebellar Hypoplasia home. They are really wonderful cats who just need a little bit of understanding and help. They can live like any other cats. Here is an excellent article about kitties with cerebellar hypoplasia. It has great information and tips.

      Hope it helps. Thank you again Andrea :). My kitties are sending lots of purrs to you and your boyfriend.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I have a kitty who is about 17/18 years old name Tiger. He's been with me since I was a little girl, and has always been a very healthy kitty, until recently. I have taken him to the vet and had every test under the sun done, but all they can tell me is that he's getting old. He has started to loose control of his bladder, and leaks every day, but aside from this, he is still a very healthy kitty. At first it was just a little bit, but now it has gotten worse, to the point that he wets his kitty bed daily. My family and I have taken to washing towels daily just so he can have a clean bed to sleep on. And at night, I put down a plastic sheet on my bed covered in towels so he can sleep with me. I'm at a loss on what to do. The vet said he's just getting old and there isn't anything he can do. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or possibly some sort of solution? He's my baby and has been for the majority of my life, and it's breaking my heart to see him like this. Please help!

    • Chantal says:

      You can try stud pants (The kind that some breeders use for their spraying Stud cats) Google – Stus pants for cats.

      I'm not a vet but i don't think there's anyting that can be done for him, the vet is probably right in saying that he is just getting old.

  8. Flavia Carreon says:

    Hi. I have a new cat at home. He arrived a month ago, he was 4 months old at the time, and he was very scared. I have two older cats (13 and 7 years old). They accepted the new cat almost immediately, specially the 7 year old one. The problem is that he won't accept me or my husband. He spends most of his time hiding, and won't let us touch him. When I manage to pet him a little, he tenses up, and starts breathing fast. When we give them treats, he is the only one who won't come near, he stays far, and waits for us to back up. If we try to put our hand with the treat near him, he slaps our hand so we let the food fall, and then he will drag the bit with his paw to eat it. We have tried wit toys, treats, even playing with a necklace near him. He plays, but as far from us as possible. I am worried sick to never establish a bond with him, and that I will never be able to hold him when its time to go the vet for shots or when he gets sick. Can someone help me?

    • lovemeow says:

      I know it must be very hard, but don't worry Flavia. For some cats, it may take longer for them to trust people. It is either they had very little contact with people before or they had bad experience with people. It takes time for these kitties to gain trust from us, but it will happen. You will need a lot of patience. Let him take his time to get used to you. You can try to just let him sniff you. Sniffing is a very good way for cats to learn a new person or another animal. Cats recognize friends or foes through their scents. If something smells foreign, it will alert them. What you can do is stick your index finger out to let him sniff. Don't pet him until he wipes his face on your finger (a way to say that you are his territory now). My suggestion would be give him some space and time to get used to you guys. Feeding is a also great way to bond with your cat, so feed him food, but do not worry if he is not coming to you right now. Eventually he will. Hope this helps. Please keep me posted.

  9. Roxanne says:

    I have a stray cat that I adopted, but he is needing to stay outside because of my very protective indoor cat. I have noticed a large scab on the strays front leg and a large area of fur around the scab is completely gone. I applied triple antibiotic ointment to the scab then wiped it off after a few min. (so that he wouldnt try to lick it off), but I was wondering if there is anything else I should or can do to help my little friend.

    • Brittany G. says:

      Take him to the vets and ask him about the scab. When you want to take him inside, make sure the protective cat is not around.

  10. just curious says:

    I have an indoor cat and I would like to be able to let him outside more, but it every time I let him outside he immediately starts to chow down on grass. then when I finally am able to get him back in he starts barfing. He only barfs after he's gone outside so I don't think his stomach hurts.

    but is there anyway to break this grass eating habit?

    • Amy says:

      When cats do that, it usually indicates that they want to clean out their digestive system, whether it is hairballs or something else. However, it is also possible that your cat is drawn to the smell of grass. You can try feeding him some cat grass and see if he reacts the same way. If there is a hairball in your kitty, it is better to cough it out than keeping it in there. Because it could become an obstruction in the intestines and would require surgery to have it removed.

      • Debra Olsen says:

        Yes, Curious, cats eat grass in order to help rid themselves of hair impactions before they become a real problem possibly requiring surgery. When I hear my cats start to wretch indoors, I put a newspaper, paper towel, rug, etc. under them & help them to stay on it until the episode is over. Viola…easy clean up. Sometimes regurgitated food (not actual vomit) comes up because the hair *ball* is blocking the esophagus & the food cannot get down into the intestine for digestion. That is why eating the grass is good for them. A teaspoon or two of loose catnip that they can eat & roll around in is good for them, too…rub it between your fingers to release more scent. Plus it’s a blast to watch them having such fun! :-)

  11. Roxanne says:

    An outdoor cat I have seems to have developed ear mites, and I was wondering What brand of medication was best for it?

    • Amy B. says:

      The best way to treat ear mites is through the help from a vet because certain ear mite medicine can be dangerous if used inappropriately. Also, for some cats, their ear mites have gotten really bad that over the counter medication will not do the job to remove all the ear mites. Some of the over the counter medication can also be dangerous. I'd highly suggest you consult a vet if possible. Good luck.

  12. Roger says:

    Can my cat catch human Thrush of me

    She has been scratching and developed a bald patch under her chin but I have not seen any fleas She has been sleeeping between my legs on cold nights so she has had close contact!

  13. Alley says:

    My cat has been pregnant for some time. Don't know exactly for how long but I would say somewhere between 55 and 60 something days. She has not been coming to me for affection until today. She is also following me around. Also she is not a meower until today. How soon can she start to go into labor? Could it be hours or days?

    • Amy B. says:

      The whole pregnancy lasts for about 9 weeks or 65 days on average. when a cat mama is about to labor, you can prepare a box for her in a private area (a closet for example). It can take sometime (hours to a day) for the cat to deliver all the babies. Delay usually occurs if the mama cat is interrupted during labor. If you want to prevent future pregnancy, you can have your cat spayed at any veterinary clinic :). Hope it helps. Good luck!

  14. Chuck Erhart says:

    My 9 year old long haired cat, Mr. Rocky Rhodes, has developed a severe case of Miliary Dermatitus. The veterinarian said there is not a cure, only treatments to relieve the symptoms. Rocky is an antisocial rescue puss and treating him is an extremely stressful ordeal for both of us. He is very strong and giving him a bath only happened once; I went to the emergency room afterwards. Any suggestions would be helpful

    • Shiann says:

      Have you tried putting him on a leash and harness to keep him contained? Or maybe have someone help.

  15. sevencatmom says:

    To Elizabeth:

    I can understand your frustration and heart break over your cat's problem urine leakage. You must also understand that at his age of 17-18 it would be like a human being over 100 years old. There are some things that can't be fixed at that age- we all get worn out. I have had many older cats in my life and from the time they were kittens too. A couple started having health problems like that at a much younger age. A few got diabetes, cancer etc. They're all diffferent just like us. Some get very thin, start getting very weak, sleep more, barely eat and lose control of their urine and bowels as they age. Sounds like up until now your cat is not that bad though. I did my best to keep them comfortable and deal with it but sooner or later things will get bad enough that you know in your heart you must do the right thing and release them from any suffering. Yes,it will tear you up- it always does. Maybe one day you will be able to love and care for another one and also give him or her a wonderful loving life. It makes a big difference believe me. Mine are all over 10 now too but I recenly lost their mom, at 14 -she had a stroke. Good luck. Enjoy him all you can and keep him happy and loved.

    • Debra Olsen says:

      :-) Wow, just reading this…what wonderful advice. I’ve been in the same situation several times myself. My oldest was just shy of i8 yrs. & I had her (a seal point siamese) from the time she was an itty bitty kitty, 8 wks. or so! She slept with me, too & when I woke just her head would be sticking out from the covers, on my shoulder. I figured out she would first crawl under, then crawl out! She was a lot of fun. I’m Mom to four fur babies, presently…just rescued an adorable, starving, thirsty, young female whose calico fur was just filthy from living under someone’s porch for “two weeks”. I knew the minute I held her that she would be mine…had her for 3-4 wks now. She was quite scared & timid. I approach her SLOWLY & always approach her with my hand from underneath ~ never from the top as she cowers as though she was abused or neglected. She’s beautiful, doing better every day & NEVER LEAVES MY SIDE. (Heart)

  16. Madison says:

    What is a "triple purr", when it comes to Siberian cats?

  17. Hannah says:

    My cat continues to paw at the bedroom door late at night, or super early in the morning like 4-5am. My husband and I have tried everything from using a spray bottle, to tape, to blocking the door with pillows, to even a smack on the butt paired with a strong "NO". Still she persists, and even starts meowing occasionally. How can we get her to stop pawing at the door so early? We cannot lock her in another room, because our bathroom is in our room, and there is no other door in our apartment.

    I do not want to get up to feed her because I don't want to encourage her by "rewarding" with food. My husband doesn't want her in there to be on the bed. I want her to let us sleep at least until the alarm goes off. Help us please!

    • Chantal says:

      Poor kitty. The best advice I can give you is not to lock her up in the bathroom, she wants to be with you and not alone an the bathroom all night.

      • Debra Olsen says:

        Hannah, kitties LOVE to be on a nice, soft warm bed next to or by the feet of someone they love & who takes good care of them. Please, NEVER slap or hit your kitty…that will only make them confused & afraid of you. Cats do not respond to or understand that type of behavior. The water spray & the things you mentioned seem futile in the situation you describe. Something so simple & sweet as allowing a kitty to cozy up where she is most comfortable should be your goal. If I were you, I would work on your husband & show him how adorable & fun cats can be when given the proper attention they crave!

    • Sandra Wosk says:

      Cats are nocturnal..They sleep all day and up at nite.. but if they wake you in the middle of the nite its not normally for food. I have one that does it all the time. Try two things. 1. Waking kitty up regularly in day time so it will sleep at nite. 2. See if kitty wants under the covers. If hubby doesn’t want kitty in the bedroom you should never have gotten a cat. Cats and dogs are FAMILY members and if they are not being loved ALL the time then you should find a good home. Never be with someone who is not a PET lover. Sooner or later it causes friction.

  18. ashley says:

    I have a 2yr male cat. I have a straigh cat that comes by our windows, front door, and meows this deep wine and gets my cat doing it back. Well during this fest after we shoo my cat away from the door he goes and pickes on munch (my older cat) and starts to attack him and get mean. I dont know what to do and I hope someone haves some options for me. I tried spraying vinager around my outside door and window.

    • Chantal says:

      Is your cat neutered? If not then that's the reason for him acting that way. Males and females who are not fixed will call each other with that deep meow. He is attacking your other cat because he is trying to show his dominance and protect his teritory. So if he's not neutered then neutering him will be your solution.

  19. Richelle says:

    I have a wild kitten that we are trying to tame, but anytime we get close to him/her he freaks out and runs and hides… we have blocked all hiding spots but one. We have been feeding him and spending time in the room, but he will not come out if we are in there. He only runs across the room. Not really sure what to do. Any suggestion or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

    • esra says:

      What breed is it? if its a normal house cat that isnt a Savannah or Bengel, you should keep reading. if you got this kitty from a shelter, it probably was that it didnt have a good time in its old house and thought people werent as kind. cats have alot of energy, and kittens have even more!so it could be scared of you and all you need is patience,( if its a new kitty.)i already told u that cats have alota anergy, so it wants to play in a human free zone. hope u the best!

  20. Colleen says:

    I have two indoor cats, friends have suggested I have them declawed…is that necessary? Isn't it painful for the kitties?

    • Love Meow says:

      Please do not declaw your cats. Declawing is an extremely painful procedure that involves removing the last joint of the cats toes. It's same as amputation. The change can be very drastic to the cat and cause the cat to change their behavior or personality. Claws are part of their natural defense mechanism. Without them, they won't be able to survive if they somehow slip out of the door. What you can do is to provide plenty of scratching materials such as a cat tree, scratching posts or pads. You can trim their nails regularly. If your kitties don't like to get their nails trimmed you can do that when they are very relaxed. Reward them with treats every time. Click here to check out more alternative solutions.

  21. Kristy says:

    Dear Love Meow:

    My roommate and I are having a problem with one of our two kittens. Both are approximately 7 months old and, until recently, had no problems using the litter boxes. In the last month we noticed that one of them had started pooing outside of the litter box. This doesn't happen every day so we thought that it was because we weren't clearing out the poo and pee enough. So, we switched from once a day to twice daily. That seemed to help for a while, however today I had just cleared out the box and not even 15 minutes later we caught our little girl trying to bury a poo she had just made outside the box. They had done one duty per box, but that was all that was in the boxes. We don't understand what is causing her to do this. She's been so good about using the box until now. We have two boxes and, as I mentioned before, we are clearing the messes out twice daily. I admit that I washed the boxes about a month ago, HOWEVER, we weren't having this problem before I had washed them. In fact, I seem to recall the first incident occurring about a week or so AFTER I had cleaned the boxes. I had washed each box with Dawn dish soap and filled them with their standard little (Arm and Hammer Essentials). Both boxes seem to have a good amount of litter. Beyond my washing them, nothing out of the ordinary has occurred. We are truly at a loss of what to do. Thank you for your time.

    • Rose says:

      Don't use dishsoap when washing the litter box. I use baby shampoo to wash it as a kitty/cat is VERY sensitive to smell. Their scent is heightened four times more than ours and so, maybe the dishsoap is the culprit.

      try that..and it should be ok..

      good luck

  22. Ann Camp says:

    My kitties have allergies. At least that's what the vet calls it. The get this places on their skin that must itch because they scratch and lick themselves all the time. The vet cannot tell me what causes it and the only treatment he can offer is a shot to off-set the scratching and antibiotics to help get rid of the places. Only one of our four cats have the allergies really bad. Any idea what causes this?

  23. Jennifer Witchcat says:

    Hi. I adopted a stray 13yo black cat. Are there any toys or activities that will be good for old boys like him? He doesn't seem to like playing with balls or those little mouse that you pull a cord and it moves.

  24. Lori says:

    Does anyone have an suggestions for a cat that keeps getting a rodant ulcer in his mouth,and has alot of allergies. ALlergy testing for a cat is extreamly expensive. He is on steroids now, but I hate to keep him on them

  25. jooles says:

    Hi All; Any helpful tips of best ways to help a stressy cat? He has always been a bit of a anxious stress kitty and has made great improvements in the 2 years we have had him but recently started spraying indoors. He is a CH kitty, with a difficulty controling his head to hear the direction noises are coming from which i belive is the main reason for the stress and anxiety and also why he has made such great improvements last 2 years-got used to all the household noises!

    But something is bothering the wee man and we would love to help him chill and relax more, we have a feliaway plugged in, cat nip is regularly used in bouts, lots of cuddles & attention and toys. We are multi cat household (all kittys CH), two toms (one a year older) and female (same age) there is no dominance issue from the other male, he is too easy going but a little friction from the female and the male- so hissing at times but just as often playing together, though after reading on this site Im realising the female has been blocking the toms from coming near me at times so there is perhaps more of a dominance issue than i realised and perhaps its this I need to address first? all help much appreciated.

  26. Nikki says:

    Does anyone know a cat sanctuary where my cats can be cared for if I pass away?

  27. Pam B says:

    Where can one get cat beds shown in this story?

  28. Michele says:

    My sister has a 2 year old spayed female tortie, up-to-date on shots. She has had the cat since about 5-weeks old (was born outside to a feral cat). She is a strictly in-door cat with only my sister living there. Yesterday when my sister came home from work the cat jumped at her face from the counter with a growl. My sister ducked and the cat landed on the floor where she proceeded to try and attack her again. I went over and the cat was lying on the dining room chair, under the tablecloth. She growled at me (which is not unusual for others as she only likes my sister)but did not move to come at me. This is the first time that anything like this has occurred but it scared my sister very badly. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  29. Frustrated says:

    My Norwegian Forest is calm, confident, huge & intelligent BUT a BIG bully – not classically aggressive – and definitely not defensive. His attacks other cats (male/female/doesn’t matter – even the dogs are wary of him) are unprovoked and it seems to be a sport to him. Very cute sometimes but cunning. He’s fixed, about 2 years old, has loads of space (even has two households – both of which he controls. He has trees which he climbs & everything…. but remains a terrorist …..
    I can’t stop his hunter-bully ways. Any ideas? welcome

  30. Greenzoo says:

    My latest group of kittens, all male, are sucking on each other. Vet said she has not heard of this before. Pooh Bear, Buttons, and Beau were 3 weeks old when they were found abandoned in a truck in 100+ degrees. I bottle fed them until they were 6 weeks old and now wonder if I should have gone a week longer. Pooh Bear and Beau suck on Buttons, and he seems fine with it. Has anyone heard of this happening? Thank you.

  31. linda says:

    My 10yr old cat has started urinating outside the litter box and on people as well. He does this on purpose and I do not know what to do about it. It is a recent problem and he does not do it all he time. It is like he is marking his territory but he has been fixed for quite some time. Any suggestions.

    • Love Meow says:

      Hi Linda,

      When a cat urinates or defecates outside the litter box, it can indicate a urinary tract problem. I would suggest you take your cat to see a vet to have it checked out. Good luck.

  32. Pam says:

    I have a stray female (now neutered) whom I rescued & cannot find a home for. She was about 5-6 months old when I found her, is 2 years now. Every night, after I turn the lights out, she meows and attacks & jumps on the walls; it seems there is something flying around, though I cannot see it. She is driving me nuts. I would love to find a home for this kitty, but so far no luck. Any ideas on rehoming? Any ideas on insects flying around only after dark?!

    • Shiann says:

      have you tried putting something up on ksl? You can also see if there are any no-kill shelters nearby. before you take it to the shelter, double-check to make sure it’s no-kill. You could also ask businesses or pet stores to let you put up flyers.

  33. Kathleen says:

    I just got a new male kitten and he is attacking my other cat constantly. She is a 12 year old female and very sweet and friendly, although she is still growling a bit when he invades her space. It has been 3 weeks and I have notices that he will literally jump on her and start biting at her neck and stomach and she hisses and runs away. How can I stop him from attacking my other cat?

    I feel like I want to take him back because he is giving my cat of 12 years such stress!!! Help please!

  34. casandra says:

    ny cat had a second fang and it just fell out i was looking at other cat teeth and they didnt have they second fang like tooth And when my cat was born she had bright blue eyes and looked kinda like a racoon weird huh

  35. Sara says:

    my cat gets too warm while laying on my lap, is something wrong with him?

    • Debra Olsen says:

      I highly doubt there is anything wrong with your kitty. Let him get up to do what he pleases, play with him, (some cats love to play “fetch” with a lightweight cat toy, mouse etc. Try some catnip toys or tie some loose catnip into the toe of a clean worn out sock or the corner of a handkerchief . Rub some between your fingers to release the oils & sprinkle it on a cloth or the carpet. They will lick & eat it & roll around on it on the floor. (It’s actually good for their digestion to eat a little bit of it.) I’ll bet your kitty will want to come back to your lap again after he’s all tuckered out from playing, when the weather is cooler, he has a nice full tummy, always has a bowl of fresh cold water in a clean bowl (mine enjoy ice cubes in theirs.) That is just typical cat behavior. Enjoy him & his uniqueness & you both will be happier! (Hope this helps) :-)

  36. Mandie says:

    I have four cats and one dog. The first one I got about a year or two ago, and months later I got her a companion. Even though the vet told us her companion was too young to mate, a while later out pops two more bundles of joy. Anyways, now I have four cats, all indoor and all males fixed, since I plan on taking two to college with me. The babies are about 3 months and we’ve just moved. The father hates the babies as he has had limited contact with them since we’ve been in the process of moving. I planned on introducing the babies to him now that I’m settled but the mommy cat has suddenly flipped the day she arrived at the new place. She terrorizes the daddy cat and her babies, even the dog. While she tolerates the daddy cat enough to stay in the same room with him, I can’t get her to get along with her babies. I’m having trouble introducing them all now that she’s decided to reject them. I’ve been giving her special attention, thinking that maybe she’s just felt left out, but she shows no sign of becoming less of a terror towards the other pets in the household. As it is a small house, I hate having them run at seperate times but I’m afraid someone will get hurt. Is there anyway I can get them to all get along? I’m buying more toys and a climber thing soon, but it’s been really stressful.

    Please help,

  37. Alex says:

    I need some advice. I have a cat that is absoultely everything to me, I love her with all my heart, but she lives with my ex-boyfriend; He got her for me four years ago. We have lived together and been in an “on and off” relationship. We dont live together anymore and when were are “off” he doesnt let me see her. ( I cannot have pets where I live btw). I am planning on getting a new place where I can have her when my lease is up. My question is– would it be wrong of me to have her live with me and take her away from her cat friends that she has been around her whole life? If she were to live with me, it would just me and her.
    Im really confused on this one. :(

  38. Tina says:

    I miss my cat. :( I want my Siamese cat back. :( If I get a new one, what kind do you suggest?

    • esra says:

      get a cat that looks like your old cat and has the same personality so it remindes you of your old cat.

      hope you luck at finding one!

  39. Jessica DeHoyos says:

    My 2 month old kitten touches her nose to mine, she does it quite often. I’m just a little curious as to what she may be implying by doing this. I’m sure it’s some sort of kitty-communication haha. I heard something about it being a sign of trust. Is that accurate or is there another reason or other possible reasons?

    • Shiann says:

      From what I’ve experienced, my cats would do this after I gave them a treat or held or pet them. It’s a sign of trust and love. :)

  40. Nazira says:

    I have two cats, a male and female (both 6 months old & siblings)…last night we woke up to noises, not sure whether there was another wild cat that came through a window, but now my female cat seems to be incredibly aggressive towards the male cat that she hisses at him. Why is this?

  41. Barbara Glamser says:

    I have three cats aging in range from 12 yrs to 7 yrs old. They are Siamese mix females. They are all indoor cats that have been spayed. They still have their claws.
    I just recently (Aug) adopted another female cat that is already 5 yrs old. She is also spayed, but her owner had her front paws declawed. My cats are beating her up. She gets scratches on her nose, and sometimes by her eyes. I am worried she might lose an eye. I keep them separate. I wish I could get them to tolerate her. She has a strong personality as does my 12 yr old.
    Can you suggest how I can make them stop hurting her and keep her. She is a beautiful all white female with green eyes. Very affectionate with me.

    Need HELP to keep her.

  42. Lina says:

    What’s the best way to introduce my cat with my boyfriends dog?

    • Katie says:

      This is what I would recommend: Let the two cats get used to eachothers scent by seperating them by a door. They will paw eachother under the door and probably hiss or growl for awhile until they get used to eachothers scent. Do this everyday until the aggresion seems to disappear between them. The next step would be to put one cat in a open kennel or carrier in the same room with the other cat. Make sure the cage or carrier has a open view so the other cat can see him or her fully. AT this point there will again probably be hissing through the cage. Keep doing this stage until the cats can be in the same room together with no aggression. Be patient this could take up to a month. Once they can be in the same room together then at that point open the cage and let the other cat out. While you are doing one cat in the cage and the other cat in the room if one cat gets extremely upset take the cat in cage away for a few minutes don’t let either cat get too upset. This is a slow process but once they can stand to be in the same room with each other then you have the problem solved. If by chance the cats get into a one on one fight in the room have a spray bottle of water handy to seperate and make sure the claws on both cats are capped so they can’t hurt eachother before you let the two cats together. One more tip while the two cats are separted by door and cage pet one and then the other carefully let them sniff and explore the scent if they are going to strike you then of course lay off for awhile and keep trying again. Good Luck…If one cat stops eating and is not excepting the other cat you may want to stop trying to introduce them until the cat settles down.

    • Katie says:

      Okay just realized this is a dog you can do it the same way as I recommended the two cats. It should work that way too.

    • Katie says:

      The cat is the one that will probably need to get used to the dog in this case. Just use the same process I described above. It really should work.

  43. saima says:

    i have 4 months old kitten .she is having fleas .how can i remove it? can u suggest any product for it?2nd can i give her boiled chicken or boied liver ?

    • Katie says:

      As far as feeding kittens – I have heard it is wise to use combination of dry and wet. I would not feed the kittens human food but wet cat food along with dry cat food. The dry cat food is good for the teeth and the wet food has oil in it to help them go POO POO. Don’t mix the dry and wet together keep em seperate. If they will not eat the wet take the dry food away until they are hungry then switch back to dry and so forth. I feed my cats nine lives wet and the nine lives dry as well. They love both. As far a fleas my cats are a year and half I use frontline and put it on the back of their necks. As far as kittens you need to ask your vet the best kind to use for your kittens age. If you start giving your kitten a bath at a young age it gets the cat used to being bathed and cuts down on the fleas.

  44. saima says:

    hi .plz help me .my cat is too much lythargic now after the attack of another cat ,she was no sighn of bleeding any where ,she didnt take any food or lequid ,plz help me wat to do ,?

  45. bob says:

    I adopted 2 feral 3 month old female kittens. They love to play but one will not let me touch her. I got one to let by starting to pet her while she eats, the other runs away and would rather go without food then be pet. What else can I try?

    • Katie says:

      I would suggest setting a trap that will not hurt the cats. Once trapped start handling them with special gloves that they can’t pierce or hurt you through simply petting them talking to them. Try hand feeding them. Try putting them in a small room with a litter box get cat treats. Go into that small room and sit in the middle quietly tapping your hand saying their name sweetly holding out cat treats. If they start using the litter box and coming to you then you are on the right path. If they refuse the litter box and will not come to you and you have patiently been trying for months you possibly may have to turn them loose to be wild. Some cats you can domesticate and tame there are some you can’t. I found a feral cat(named him smoke) under my house all covered in mud.. I cleaned it up he used the litter box and started coming to me but then went wild biting me and messing up my carpet by spraying and be very rebelious I finally had to turn him loose realizing he was not going to be domesticated. Then I had a cat (named Ebony for 15 years) that was used to being outside and I domesticated to completely an inside cat and it was the best cat I have ever had for 15 years until her stomach gave out on her and I had to put her down. Now I have two orange tiger tabby cats from the same litter they are more adventurous so I have to take them outside on supervised outings in my backyard to calme them. I never let them out alone but they are turning out to be great cats as long as I give them a chance to run a little bit in my back yard (always attended never alone). Ebony on the other hand domesticated into a wimp cat never wanted to leave my side or go outside if she did she begged me to pick her up crying. My tiger tabbys on the other hand would love to rome very adventerous but I don’t allow it for safety reasons. By the way tabby cats are GREAT CATS.

  46. cat lover says:

    sorry i mess up in the message above yea what i really meant was is there thing call cat years and what is cat years please just tell meeeeeee please

    • Katie says:

      yes lets say a cat reaches one year old it is actually seven years old. It is seven to one year. If a cat is 5 years multiply that by 7 the cat is 35 years. A cat can live to 20 years or more if really taken good care of that means they would be 140 in human years actually. take 20 x 7 = 140

      Most outside cats don’t live past 10 or 11 years.

  47. Gabriel says:

    my two cats never spit out hairballs,my first cat’s name is Lady(stupid name,i know,don’t you look at me! i’m not the one who named him! blame my sister!)was an tomcat,who died when his collar got stuck on a wire,choked,then died two years ago,he never spitted not even a single hairball.My second cat’s name is Phoenix (cool name huh? i’m the one who named him)was just a kitten when we found him at the zoo,he was an abyssinian (do not know spelling of it)is with me here on the computer sleeping never spitted a hairball,what is the cause?

  48. Kathryn says:

    Hi. Some background: Last year I adopted a kitten from the RSPCA. She’s a special needs cat, as she has muscular dystrophy in her back legs: she has weak back leg muscles and little to no feeling in her tail (although she’s gradually gaining some feeling and movement in it). She also seems to be genetically prone to urinary tract infections. We’re talking 1-2 UTI’s a month due to struvite crystals. However, we more or less have this under control now due to a new uti diet. My question is this: Due to her disability and frequent uti’s, she’s adopted putting her front paws in her litter box and leaving her back legs out and peeing all over the floor as an acceptable method of toileting (My guess is it comes from a fear of it hurting when she pees and associating the litter box with that/getting used to ‘only-just-making-it) How can I train her to use the litter box properly? Its not as if she goes everywhere. She knows to use the litterbox…Tilly just doesn’t use it correctly! Thanks x

    • Shiann says:

      Have you considered using “pee pads”? You could even just get a couple and place them around the litter box so she doesn’t mess on your floor. My aunt had to do that for a while with her kitten, and eventually it caught on. Your Special needs cat might not be able to get into the litter box on its own, either. try stairs maybe?

  49. Carlos says:

    Hi. Recently my cat had mange. We were able to get rid of it but I am afraid that the mites still live in his carpeted cat tree. Is there a good way to clean this cat trees?



  50. Shiann says:

    I really want to adopt a cat. The only problem is that I would have to put it outside. I am actually 12. Me and my dad have allergies and the cat can’t be inside. I want to build a “catio”, (outdoor cat inclosure) but I haven’t been able to get my dad to help me. Do any of you know and easy and quick way to build a catio?
    All replies greatly appreciated!

  51. Lisa Cox says:

    Is there a way to stop cats from chewing on plastic? (Like grocery bags, or soft packages)
    I have at least two cats who do this, one who likes licking the plastic as well as chewing it.

  52. saima zia says:

    my cat lost her sence of smell .plz anybody tell
    what to do?she did not take food .

  53. Bret Weiner says:

    We just spayed our 8 month old in house female tabby cat. We want another cat.
    Our choices:
    A. There is a 1 year old stray male cat outside that we can have fixed before bringing him inside.
    B. There is a 2 month old female cat in the shelter that will be spayed.
    Is either a good choice ???

  54. jane says:

    hi im 35 weeks pregnant and i touched cat urine and put my hands in my mouth is this dangerouse to my unborn baby please xx

  55. lucky says:

    I just went to scoop my cat’s poop, and I think there’s a worm in it. It’s coiled up in the poop, I would say if it was elongated it would stretch to about an inch. My cat is 16 years old, on no medication and actually just visited the vet yesterday for a general health check and annual booster, and they said he’s perfectly healthy!! What should I do and is he unwell? I’ve also noticed today his right eye is streaming a bit, but I had just brushed this off as a side effect from his injection yesterday.

  56. Erin says:

    Help! My 9 year old cat Finnegan has started deficating on our rugs instead of the litter box. He recently had some stomach issues when I switched him to diet food (too much fiber)- I had the stool tested and it was completely normal. The vet gave me some anti-biotics. They helped him and I also put him back on his old food. Everything seemed back to normal. He just recently started deficating again on the rugs however, these stools are normal and solid, not like the ones when he was sick. Nothing has changed in our house at all. I have no idea why he’s doing this – could it be from the trauma of not being able to hold it when he was sick? He is acting completely fine otherwise. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  57. Xelly says:

    I just recently rescued a stray ginger tabby. I found her outside my apartment on the ground floor under our fire escape ladder. I haven’t found any other members of her family, but I’ve become rather determined to care for her. The vet told me she’s about 6 weeks old and that she can eat canned food now, but I think she is having trouble digesting it. Plus, I feel like she doesn’t drink enough water which might be part of the problem. I might be fretting too much, but my sister also called me at work today reporting that the kitten had hiccups and that she suspects it might have thrown up. Can I be feeding her something that won’t be so rough on her tummy, but will also be appropriate for her age?

  58. Dianna Smith says:

    I have a 1-yr old female siamese. I’ve heard that siamese are very vocal.. mine never meows.. very quiet. Is that normal? Also she loves.. loves to lick my face, wakes me up all the time to clean my face.. what could this mean?? Just love her though..

  59. Melanie says:

    My cat Angel just had her 4th litter of 5 and she is being so mean. She moved her kittens in the shed (a window was open) it gets to hot in there during the day. I moved them back into the house where she had them. She killed one of the kittens. I have her out in the living room with me so I can watch her and them. She has tried to take off with 1 at a time and I bring them back. I have looked up these behaviors and I have tried to pet her in her new area and to help make her feed them. She wont stop with the meow like she is in heat. Her mouth is always open. I dont know what to do….. The kittens are a little over 24 hrs old.

  60. Dede Wampler says:

    I have a 4 year old female cat that has started wetting outside the litter box in different places of the house. Any ideas

  61. Cindi says:

    I have a 7 year old short hair male cat. Sheds year round. I have notice on top of his back,,looks like matted hair.. but when I try to brush it out it wont come out. He has had never had matted hair as he is short haired. Could it be something else.. medically wrong

  62. carolina says:

    hello, i have 2 male persian cats, and they are the same age but i bought one first and then 6 months later i bought the second. at first they didnt like each other, but then they could at least be in the same room without making that noise. but i go to work everyday and i find sometimes chunks of hair all over and i think they fight….i see when they wrestle and i cannot know wether or not they are fighting or just playing…help me please?

  63. Wanda Luger says:

    I have a 17 yr old female cat that takes a poop in my carpeted bedroom floor. She has 2 litter boxes. She some times goes in them but more often in my bedroom. What can I do about this problem?

  64. Heather says:

    Last Saturday my fiancée and I adopted a wonderful cat. He’s about 5 months old. We initially separated him from his brother in hopes of only having one cat. After a while, we started feeling bad and I’ve gone back to the shelter since then. I adopted his brother too. When I reunited them they both instantly began to play. I worry though, our new little friend wont let myself or my fiancée anywhere near him. Will this change once he adjusts? He was completely opposite at the shelter

  65. elizabeth says:

    Okay i have a quick question. Im really worried because i caught both of my cats drinking a cup of sweetened green tea with cinnamon. before i noticed almost half the cup was gone. maybe im just paranoid but my cats seem to be acting weird. could this be really bad for my cats? I feel bad.

  66. Valerie says:

    Hi, I am going to adopt a cat I saw on line which is georgeous. The question: What ages are considered young for cats? This one is 3-4 tears, is that young?
    Thank you

  67. Kayla says:

    Hi I have two wonderful adult cats they 5 years old but the one cat love licking plastic bags but the second cat is terrified of plastic bags and I mean TERRIFIED!!!!! but now he will go to a a bag and start eating the handles off the bag and it ticks me off cause he pukes it after. How do I stop this and yes I do put all the bags away so this wouldn’t happens but he tends to find them. Even though he’s afraid of them he is afraid of them cause of the noise….. why is that? I got him when he was 4 years old so it must of been something in the past!
    This would be great if someone can help me out and give me great answers thanks a bunch

    From the Cat Lover!! <3

  68. Chantal says:

    Hi everyone.

    It's been 2 weeks now since the new kitten arrived and Mesha's behaviour totally changed towards the baby.

    She now acts like a mommy with her, follows her everywhere, sleeps with her, grooms her and is VERY protective towards her.

    Looks like I went into panic mode too quickly.

    She is also allowing us to pick her up again and pet her. And for some reason she is actually more relaxed towards all the other cats than before we got the new baby.

    So, looks like a very bad situation actually turned into something good.

    I'm so happy for her; I hated seeing her so stressed.

  69. Love Meow says:

    We are so glad to hear that Chantal. Sometimes it just takes a little time for the cats to get to know each other. When we brought our kitty Lucy home from the shelter, she wasn't close to anyone. Shadow, our black shorthaired, was hissing and growling at her for about 2 weeks, but things just got better over time. Right now they are best friends and Shadow can't get enough of her :).

    My kitties are sending a lot of love and purrs to your fur babies :).

  70. esra says:

    Somtimes it does take time for cats to get to know each other, or other times its because of its memory, mabey the neutered adult male cat remindes her of her dad, and that probably means her dad did not like her,if she hated the new small boy kitty, it means it might remind her of her brother, probably they had a fight,check her at the vets to see if shes a normal happy cat, or if she doesnt seem well, hope u the best!

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