Ragdolls are beautiful, lovely, affectionate and gentle cats that have captivated so many people’s hearts. They go limp when you pick them up, which is why they are called the Ragdoll. These furry angelic creatures love to take naps. Tom Poes, a super Ragdoll lover from the Netherlands has taken numerous photos of his kittens when they are asleep.

These fluffy delights can sleep almost anywhere. They like to cuddle with their litter mates, rest on their owners’ body, use another kitty as their pillow or just sleep on any soft, comfy spot. You can visit Tom’s website to meet all the Ragdoll kitties.

I am nodding my head, falling asleep
Sleep is good

Warming each other or using each other as pillows
Dreaming about chasing birds
Keep sleeping despite the extra weight
Crossing my heart or giving myself a big hug
Hooman makes a good bed
Falling asleep while making biscuits
kissing while sleeping
my tail is cuddly
Hooman makes an excellent bed

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