Beautiful Feral Cats

orphan kitten

Roeselien Raimond, an avid photographer who is also a huge cat lover, enjoys her pastime taking photographs of feral cats. She has made friends with many feral kitties including some in various places such as Greece.

An orphan tabby baby kitten was given to her and her boyfriend by a cleaning lady while they were on their summer vacation. The kitten was crying and Roeselien felt she had to do something about it. They took the kitten to two different veterinarians and both advised them to bottle feed the kitten every 3 hours, bring her back to the vet monthly and not to take her on a plane because the kitten might not be able to handle it in that condition. Roeselien tried to feed the kitten around the clock, but the little one rejected it every time. They were extremely desperate. [Also see story: Mel’s beloved kittens]

orphan kitten

They were not able to find anyone to adopt the kitten nor could they locate any animal shelter, Roeselien suddenly remembered seeing a mother cat who just gave birth to a litter of kittens near her apartment. She decided to give it a try and see if the cat would accept this orphan baby. She laid the baby down in front of the cat mother, then she saw the cat gently pick up the kitten, grabbing her like the way any mother cat does to their children, and quickly she ran home. Knowing the kitten finally had somebody to look after her, Roeselien felt a sigh of relief [see the orphan kitten pictures below].

The photos below are images of some of the feral cats Roeselien met in the past. You can see more photos by Roselien Raimond on her flickr site or her website.

A feral kitten from Greece

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37 Responses to “Beautiful Feral Cats”

  1. acsorrell says:

    Great story, and amazing photography!

  2. Wanda says:

    such cuteness!

  3. Phoebe says:

    These cats are darling! and the photography is FANTASTIC!

  4. Nadine says:

    my compliments – I am very impressed by your photos, the cats are so expressive!

    • lovemeow says:

      Hi Nadine, I am so glad you enjoy them :). The photos were taken by Roeselien Raimond. She is a very talented photographer and a HUGE cat lover.

  5. jebidiah says:

    is the little critter chewing on an old condom in one of the photos?

  6. MarkLax says:

    Great pictures!

  7. why says:

    awwww. poor kittys!

  8. why says:

    1 looks like nemo, my old cat. i miss him!

  9. vinicius says:

    meu deus, como são lindos esses gatinhos !

  10. Sandy Farley says:

    What adorable kittens and what beautiful photos. All kittens are adorable, however I seem a bit partial to the tabbies too. I read in a new cat book that all cats have the tabby gene in them! That might explain why there are so many variations of tabbies everywhere you go. All colors and all patterns. Fantastic!

  11. Elle says:

    All feral cats should be spayed and is horrible how many die of disease, in shelters, from cars,abuse. I'm appalled that people still breed cats/dogs for profit knowing millions die in shelters in the U.S alone every year. Adopt or foster a homeless cat or kitten. The pictures are beautiful and thank you for bringing attention to plight of cats and their kittens.

  12. Amy says:

    Elle, it's so true that there are thousands of stray and feral cats out there not to mention the unthinkable number of animals in shelters. Spaying and neutering cats will really make a huge difference. After all most feral cats come from stray cats that were once owned by people.

  13. Kathy says:

    These little guys are adorable!! I'm so amazed that you can get close enough to feral cats to take these pictures. I'm happy you were able to find a home for the stray kitten you picked up. Great story!

  14. BoonBoon says:

    With or with out us Mother Nature will always produce beautiful creatures, but its people like Roeselien that ensure the beauty is not wasted

  15. @Neji_luver says:

    I love the first kitty =] The eyes are so blue =] I agree that all of the strays should be spayed/neutered. I know first hand how bad it is =[ I volunteer at a shelter so I see a lot of strays and feral cats.

  16. tania says:

    help the pets around the world

  17. Jennoveve says:

    I have adopted an older one eyed stray, all my neighbors hated, he was a frightened Tom cat, after a month feeding him, he started smooching me, as he was so frigtened of human hands, i sat infront of him and scratched myself the way cats do. Took him to the vet, got him desexed, he is now the most loving cat, and won't go outside, Other cats also picked on him.. Happy now :) he also gets along with my bengal kitty :)
    Thanx for great pics and story

    • lovemeow says:

      What a lovely story, Jennoveve. You are so wonderful for helping him :). My kitties are sending you purrs and kisses!

      • Jennoveve says:

        Thank You- it makes me so happy watching him, he is slowly enjoying food, to start with he was timid to eat and gulped and ran, now he knows he is safe. Makes me really feel nice. :)

  18. elaine says:

    i love black cats and this cat is exceptionaly beautiful as well as conversational!

  19. elaine says:

    i surely enjoyed how the baby found a surrogate mom, but its a sad life for Ferals,and most recue organizations dont seem to want to help them…..all you can do is feed and TNR if possible,,,

  20. I saw a few ferals in St. Croix when we were there last week. In Christiansted, there's a Trap, Neuter, Release program, according to a shop owner who put out food for one of the cats on the street by her shop. The three that I saw at the resort we were staying at relied on the generosity of strangers, as they were hanging around the cafes….

  21. raine huggins says:

    Glad to see that the little one was adopted. We adopted a Feral about two weeks ago as the people that found her could not keep her.She has settled in so well and has become part of my "cat family".

  22. Rachel says:

    Poor guys… you can see evidence of ear mites in some of the pics. Hopefully some of them have found homes willing to take care of that problem.

  23. sarah says:

    love them all~!

  24. Lucy says:

    I just found out recently that most animal shelters will spay/neuter animals for a fraction of the price that vets charge. The difference is the shelter will not keep them over night – you pay to stay over night anywhere – same goes for pets.

    This applies to Cats and Dogs – please fix your pets!!! And spread the word!


  25. Rowena says:

    Wish I could take them all! x^,^x

  26. Judy says:

    How adorable! How can anyone abandon these little preciouses? If I could I would take care all of the little kittens in the world that were just thrown out. How could anyone pass up these cute faces!

  27. Gerry Wilson says:

    Beautiful Website! I have several feral kitties, and though I can never "cuddle" them, I love them just the same.

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