RAPS Cat Sanctuary

RAPS cat shelter pic

Richmond Animal Protection Society in British Columbia, Canada has a beautiful cat sanctuary that homes hundreds of cats rescued on city streets, in alleys and industrial areas. The organization was founded by a group of cat lovers back in 1989. They trapped cats, spaying and neutering them, and providing veterinary care.

The cat sanctuary provides a comfortable and safe permanent home for more than 800 animals. Cats can freely roam in a fully fenced backyard and lounge comfortably by the well, on a deck, on a bench or simply on the ground. The cat sanctuary is like a paradise to so many formerly homeless kitties. Volunteers have created a loving, cozy and stimulating environment that is truly a home for the animals.

If you want to adopt a cat or make a donation, you can click here to visit their website. All the photos are taken by ©Barbara Doduk. You can find more pictures of these beautiful kitties at Barbara’s flickr account.

RAPS cat shelter pic

RAPS cat shelter pic

RAPS cat shelter pic

RAPS cat shelter pic

RAPS cat shelter pic

RAPS cat shelter pic

RAPS cat shelter pic

RAPS cat shelter pic

RAPS cat shelter pic

RAPS cat shelter pic

RAPS cat shelter pic

RAPS cat shelter pic

RAPS cat shelter pic

RAPS cat shelter pic

RAPS cat shelter pic

RAPS cat shelter pic

RAPS cat shelter pic

RAPS cat shelter pic

RAPS cat shelter pic

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34 Responses to “RAPS Cat Sanctuary”

  1. Jacky says:

    I think you're doing a 'fantastic' job, all the cats look so happy and healthy, absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could adopt all my cats I look after in the same way that you have by creating your own 'peaceful' surroundings. Keep up the marvellous work!

  2. Amy says:

    awwww Rei, thank you so much for sharing this.

  3. Ask Fisher says:

    What a wonderful cat sanctuary! Someone was even smart enough to add a few cardboard boxes for the kitties. When all the bells and whistles are there, it's the cardboard box a cat love most.

  4. Rei says:

    I am leaving in Penang Island Malaysia now. My family love animals but the situation here is terrible for all the animals.
    Dogs are chained under the hot sun or tiny dirty space, cats seems to have freedom but traffics are extremely dangerous for them. I only manage to adopt 2 cats in my small apartment and few at my restaurant back door just to feed them.
    My daughter can not close her eyes if she found dead cat on the road, she does not mind the traffic coming on and pick them up and berry them. this is the only thing we can do. dead cat also have a right to sleep peacefully not to be smashed by on coming cars. SPCA here can keep homeless cats for only few days. I visit there once but facility is very poor. If I can wish for one thing, I will have a cat sanctuary just like Richmond!

    • Ciel says:

      Wow, so far, I've never really met anyone who does the same as myself in Malaysia yet. I guess the only thing we could do for now is that maybe we could inspire people around us to do the same. Most of my friends, after knowing me for some time has started treating stray dogs and cats differently when they see one. :)

      Maybe, one day, we could actually do something about a cat sanctuary here. :)


  5. I thanked you on Facebook, but figured I’d thank you here too… I am so happy to let you use my photographs to show case Richmond Animal Protection Society’s Cat Sanctuary. It is a lovely charity and deserves much love.

    • lovemeow says:

      Barbara, thank you so much for the photos. I am so happy to be able to show my readers how wonderful Richmond Animal Protection Society is. I hope more shelters will be able to build a cat sanctuary like the one in RAPS.

  6. Thank you for using my photographs, and for highlighting the great work Richmond Animal Protection Society does.

  7. GiggleBlizzardsMom says:

    If i had to envision a "rainbow bridge for cats here on earth" THIS IS WHAT IT WOULD LOOK LIKE!
    This is absolutely amazing! What an awesome job these cat lovers have done! I love how free and healthy the all look !

  8. Anya says:

    Puddy heaven one earth, and they deserve it – each and every one! God bless those involved with this!

  9. Rita Reimers says:

    What a lovely place, this is the type of cat santuary I dread of one day opening myself…. Bless you all for what you do!

    • Michelle Schafer says:

      I have had a dream of saving cats for a long time, but the city I live in isn’t very big, I don’t have the money to start anything, BUT i would really love to open a cat sanctuary and save cats like hese people have. I currently have saved four into my home, but not allowed anymore. How to start?

  10. Hanne says:

    oohh what a fantastic place, this have to be better than heaven for them :) I love it.

  11. Cathy says:

    Where on earth is the litter box? Extremely cool, but have only 2 myself and can't keep up!

    • Stephanie says:

      there eare hundreds of them! I know, I help scoop them (for the past 9 years). Sometimes they don't even bother to use the litter boxes that are scooped 2 x a day! But we love them all just the same.

  12. Marilia says:


  13. Ellen says:

    I've seen many cat sanctuaries in my time, some of which were very well designed and run, but none to compare with this one! Congrats on an amazing job!

  14. Maude Duncan says:

    Wow it looks beautiful, Can I move in.

  15. Rochelle♥ says:

    Yeah,I would also love to move in with those cats!This is the place where I would love to spend my life at! Good job!

  16. jeri hibbs says:

    i can be done..thanks for showing us this clean healthy enviroments.. god bless you and all the lil furballs =)

  17. Paula says:

    I am just so very thankful when I see sanctuaries such as these for these wonderful caring animals, for it absolutely breaks my heart when I think of how many of these very same sweet animals are being euthanized each year…

    Thank God there are Angels on earth that care enough to take these wee souls into their loving and protective arms, until, in some cases, they cross the rainbow bridge, while in other cases, I would hope to say that they find homes for them….

    The bottom line is that they are safe, happy, and being cared for by the finest people in the world as far as I am concerned, and I rather imagine that they are receiving some rather fine "feedback" from their "inmates" even as I write this, God bless them, each and every one. (Needless to say, I am a cat lover…have four of my own),

  18. sue says:

    what a fantastic place and such dedicated people. cant help but wonder where do all the cats go poo poo n pee pee??????

  19. Ciel says:

    The best cat shelter I've seen and I could imagine. :) Superbly well done! I wish I had the land and money to do the same too… :(

    Bless you all, bright souls.

  20. bel says:

    Look at their ears, I think every single cat appears contented & relaxed. Sign of a wonderfully run sanctuary. RAPS is creating great karma!!!!!

  21. rosalia says:

    thats a very nice place to live… its great! cats look so happy!

  22. ran says:

    ilove it so cool

    drem land

  23. ran says:

    Barbara Doduk thank you vary much

    you are beautiful lady

    Thank you for your kindness

    I hope that I do like you

    You are a good example

  24. tiffany d says:

    I would pay admission to just be able to sit in there and enjoy a cup of tea while petting your wonderful kitties!

  25. jackie says:

    wow, i am truly in awe, I would love to visit this place some day.

  26. amber says:

    this is a beautiful beautiful place how clean and lovely, what amazing people you are!! truly god bless you.

  27. Jae Hye says:

    What a gorgeous sanctuary….it is extremely heartwarming to know that there are humans who care for the homeless animals to this extent. My only wish is that the homeless cats I will have to leave behind in the very near future could be so lucky. Thank you for having BIG hearts. I sincerely hope you will be well rewarded for your love and kindness. Those are some beautiful VERY lucky cats.

  28. Vanja Essy says:

    Very nice place for the cats, I did see some green grass as well ;)<3

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